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wild star

sweet night
candy dreams are hopeful
for this wild star to be rescued from someday
let another maybe someday
be preserved fresh to become this day soon and maybe sooner
sweet night
this wild star does not know her place in the sky --so adrift with someday soons

And it is upon the wild stars I wish
my every someday dream come true
faster than maybe.
Because in one place a wild star cannot stay always wishing for tomorrows to become todays. Let someday be todayand if maybe can be sooner may it become now.
For this wild star.

- lovechild writes '98 -'05

fair maiden

fair maiden
in this chaos
the golden challis
tips and spills
the unrequited will
to quench their thirst

and warrior souls
word drawn
traces a razor edge
along my heart
the golden challis
collects a scarlet reservoir that now
reflects the face of two
the unrequited
disappear inside their empty cups
and the fair maiden laughing, regains her innocence

copywrite: lovechild writes '98 - '05




She’s been forgotten
By society
But not forgotten by God
She’s sitting on cold concrete
Surrounded by graffiti
Alone beneath the bridge

In the streets she hears
The screams of the lost
forlorn, she clutches her
Bible in fetus style and
Cries for her mom.

But mom’s been gone
A long time in heaven and
Dad’s doin’ time in jail
An only child with nothing
But bad luck as her tale.

She’s been forgotten
By society
But not forgotten by God
Searching for an angel
Praying for a miracle
No, she’s just not gonna give up

© 2005 lovechild writes


She's Finding Her Voice...

Today I sat and composed a most awesome tune by the grace of GOD, inspired by this great book I'm reading about the saga of women in country music, more like the history of these great ladies.

It reminds me of us, the women of today, grinding out a living, squeezing minutes we don't have out of our very souls, to make time, to serve needs. The needs of our families, husbands, careers, friends and kids, with little bit left over for self.

But, women, are we self serving? Mostly not. There's no time to be.

YOu know....the manicure that you keep postponing until...when? When will be convenient? It's always, well, after we do this or that for someone else...or someTHING, needing our attention.

Time that we find our voice...find our voice, because when we cry aloud, we cry from the songs in our hearts...bubbling up from the core....we sing out for answers....question....wonder....the notes arising from the hearth. Yes, the hearth.

What is YOUR voice, meaning, YOUR place, YOUR purpose? What is YOUR VOICE? Beyond the drone of another whining for YOUR attention....

Listen to YOUR voice.

Find your voice.

What is mine? Well, I'm still crying out in song. So, I'll let you know later...


You Don't Fit the Format: Miss Motorella is a misfit.

I was told that my music doesn't fit the format. Miss Motorella didn't quite know what to say.

Lots of artists don't fit the format and make it, because they didn't fit the format. I wonder if angels who sing on high are told, you don't fit the format.

I've never fit in any format. I've been a geek all my life. Yes, folks, a coke bottle eyeglass wearing geek. But I have contact lenses now. For all my years I've been this miss motorella, misfit misformat. miss thang.

Bikers don't fit the format of anything. I should rephrase that. People who seek freedom and escape from the formats of life, the routine, the same ol, and ride a motorcycle as their vehicle to meet their truth in the wind, don't fit a format.

Motorcycle shows became wildly popular because none of the folks have a format, except the basics of mathematics to build and make a schematic of a bike.

So, I write music about life, motorcycles, love, God. Anyway, here's a song that I wrote and demo'd for my beautiful brothers and sisters of the lifestyle.

I was going to sing it at the Academy of Country Music Awards Motorcycle Rally in Las Vegas, but I had to get a sponsor to get me there and dough for the charity, but was unable to find the support, so since I'm an unsigned artist, I was as low as low a priority could be. Even if I am a lover of the lifestyle, a participant. Live and breathe by the ride....you know.

But, not in God's eyes am I a low priority. That's cool. And you all are super high priority in my eyes. U R LOVED.

Here, friends, someday soon I hope you'll hear my music on the radio, on the TV, on the internet so that you can always feel like living & riding free at any moment. God bless you precious friends:

copyright 2004 Road Diva Music ASCAP/Gompson Songs BMI

Don't look for me baby
I've disappeared in the wind
I'm a rockin' N a rollin' down the highway
motorin' to places I've never been

I wanna taste freedom
feel the wind in my hair
trippin' off to paradise
some will call me crazy but I don't care

i love to rock it
i love to roll it
i love to ride my motorcycle like I stole it

rock n roll
n motorcycle soul
grab a hold
rev it up n let it go
rock n roll
n motorcycle soul

gonna ride ride ride my motorcycle
all day and into the night
every party that I find I'm gonna stop
have myself a real good time
do you wanna feel some freedom?
feel the wind in your hair?
come on ride along now
there's plenty of road to spare.

and we can rock it
we can roll it
we can ride our motorcycles like we stole 'em

rock n roll
n motorcycle soul
feel the rhythm of the road
deep inside your soul
rock n roll
n motorcycle soul

isn't that what life's about?
kickin' back n hangin' out?
you and me ride this land of liberty
hittin sturgis and we're just livin' free! oh yeah!

repeat chorus out.


God's gentle reminders.

God will gently remind His little ones that he is near. God loves us so very much; our ratter tattered selves, so fragile. So whimsical. So serious at the same time.

This weekend I experienced a most blessed event. In fact, I thought I was dreaming the whole time. I was flown into Los Angeles by a dear friend and I stayed at a very fancy hotel on Sunset Blvd. Now, folks, here I am scrounging around to keep myself alive working night shifts and then days on my projects, toiling away to make my dreams come true, and then in another second, there I am lounging at this pool surrounded by people wearing diamonds and several thousands of dollars worth of fancy skimpy clothes. Meanwhile, I'm happily sipping a glass of white wine with a tore up cowgirl hat, holey jeans and a tank top that says Rhinegold Beer.

I had a meeting with regarding a new magnificent project which I can't say much about here, but it was really great...a loving team and talented as could be. Girl power.

The person that flew me in to spend time with me and help me to meet with these project folks is a person that is most definately a soulmate to me. Someone who I treasure and adore so much I almost can't take a deep enough breath when I'm around him.

Oh, if you read my book, you know him. My how he's changed over the last decade. The Lord works miracles and it was a miracle to witness the adoration that this person has for me. He's truly concerned about my wellbeing.

And this was God's gentle reminder for me this weekend. That HE works as HE wishes. He will work miracles as HE feels it is according to HIS plan. I've decided to take a big step back from the relentless pursuit of all things music right now. I've put it all out there, as best as I could. I am now praying that the loving truthful team of folks now will step forward to the plate, as they have already, and then carry the project in a team leadership role. I pray this will happen, if it's according to HIS plan. Indeed.

God has gently reminded me tonight, as I sit at my overnight job here in Times Square, that HE is not far away. That HE is right here with me, holding my heart, my dreams, my incredible efforts are valued.

Last week I worked four days straight on ten hours sleep. Then ended up in a luxury hotel, unexpectedly. I slept curled up on a mattress 'neath a beautiful tree, right next to that fancy pool. My hat flopped over my boots that were stacked next to the mattress. The fancy folks surrounded me in their fanciness and all stared wondering who this ratter tatter chick is? I just was hoping that no one saw the drool pouring out of my mouth while I napped in such luxury.

God's gentle reminder to me was that all things are possible with HIM. Even the most unexpected. And dreams do come true. I still haven't finished pinching myself from what happened this weekend, Thursday to Sunday, after that intense week of no sleep and burning that candle at both ends.


Shifting Gears

Ever notice that sometimes life is going either super slow or warp speed? And that you just are moving at your own pace, snail or rabbit?

I've been moving at warp speed these past few days. Like a rocket.

I want to slow down. No, really, I do. Just catch my breath.

So I went on the stair master thinger. But it's not really a stair master, it's like a high tech version where you can work your arms out too. That's where I could catch my breath today.

Oh, yeah. A space to be alone with no cell phone, no interruptions. Just me and the head phones. Learning new songs for a few gigs upcoming.

The only way to shift gears was to just break away and rocket over to the gym.

And breathe heavy.

That deep breathing was a great escape. Took me away. For a little while anyway.

Shifting gears. I shifted my mindscape too. My mindscape was on overdrive to the point that I almost couldn't follow through on a thought. I was overload. Over drive, in the landscape of my mind.

So I had to escape. Shift gears. Low gear. Straight to the gym.

For a little heavy breathing.



I just got back from Nashville yesterday. Yes, this motorcycle songstress was there meeting with beautiful, wonderful music folks who get it. They get it. Need I say more oh those who live and breathe the open road. I didn't have to explain. They understood.

Nashville is a great town filled with an artistic energy similar to NYC but certainly NOT as frantic. It's also got this hospitality vibe that makes you feel so loved and welcomed in someone's "home" -- meaning their "space" -- whatever that may be.

The riding is spectacular. I had the pleasure of a motorcycle jaunt with the handsome and talented guitar player of the MuzikMafia, Chris Sorenson, who is a musical and moto bro to me. We rumbled and rocked through Nashville on his custom H-D Fatboy. It was a fender squat for me....ol' skool, no pillion pad. But I made it work with a leather jacket and folded up towel under my buns.

Folks. While I was in Nashville, I carried the brotherhood and sisterhood of riders in my heart. Thought about how we all have this common love affair with the open road; how the road changes up and lures us to follow our hearts and be ourselves. The road helps us to solve problems and dream up solutions, take different routes away from the routine potholes that may plague our lifes.

My songs represent this. I write from the unity of our hearts and our road experiences and life experiences. This summer and fall I will be on the road to see you not only as the ever roaming journalist and photographer, but as a motorcycle songstress with a high octane kicking country rock band, to sing the songs of your heart, the shared common bond: our love for riding and the open road and our life experiences.

Nashville was a wonderful trip because they understand what that love is because, they ride hard and live free, too.



What's up with SOMEDAY?

I've been thinking. What's up with SOMEDAY?

I mean, you always hear accompanied with a heavy sigh: "Well, SOMEDAY, I'd like to....."

SOMEDAY is now. SOMEDAY generally means never to folks and it's sad.

SOMEDAY I'll .... [fill in the blank] and that blank is usually something related to a heartfelt passionate activity that someone longs to achieve. And it gets postponed to never never land.

I suggest the following new thought


If YOUR SOMEDAY is merely a wishful thought...it ain't happening. ACTIVITY is the only thing that sweeps your SOMEDAY into drive.



hey guys.

guys. hey you guys.

just wanted to let you know not to be afraid to ask out a gal, ever. don't ever be afraid to ask her to dance or take a motorcycle ride with you...

although lots of gals claim independence, they do love chivalry.

chivalry is not dead. it's very much alive. just watch a gal's eyes sparkle when you do sweet things for her; the little things matter very much.



Is there a F&*king end in sight? Sigh. Due paying.


Today's subject is paying dues. For a long time. Too long. Burnt. Cooked. Next?

I walk around with my prayer books all the time because I'm a diamond in the rough kinda spiritual girlie. Rough around the edges, trying to be GOOD all the time. Oh, I've just gotta pray to get me through these stupid tough times, so that I can give GOD glory!

But today I thought, in a very human mindset, mind you: is there a FU*KING end in sight with this due paying path? I mean, at least a really great achievement around the corner so that I feel like, ahhhaaaahhhh, I did it. To give me a little balance, sense of peace, maybe.

It's all in motion. Like I said, I feel like the example of Malcome Gladwell's Tipping Point....teetering on the edge of success....all the ducks are lined up and quacking.

Still I'm bleeding, and sweating and tearing....every day to see my dreams come true.


What are my dreams?

Who do they benefit?

Why? Well, because there's nothing more I want to do. I want to live and work at what I enjoy.

While I do dig the people at my part-time pay the bills kinda job, I can't hang here for much longer. It's really tough burning the candle at both ends. You know what I mean. I work gangbusters all day long then go to my night job. It's stupid on the nerves, but what can I do? I've got to hang in there. I must! Keep it all together. Right now, my eyes are totally darkened with circles, my voice is trashed to the point that I could sing a whole set of Janis Joplin songs right about now. I'm deliriously tired and my shift doesn't end until 6:30am. Then I've got to get up a few hours later and prepare to see the accountant who chuckled at my return. Yep. The numbers were just above poverty. It's not really that funny.

What are my dreams? Why the heck am I so diligent to achieve my dreams? Because the alternative sucks. My dreams are about writing, music and riding. There you go. Everything to do with all three things. That's my passion. Hardcore.

Who does this benefit? Sure, it gives me a whole different way of living to actually enjoy what I love to do for a living. It's the best...heaven...bliss.

Just think of me as the oldest kid in the family with the hardest path to cut so that ya'll know not to give up and keep on going. Because I will prevail. I'll be alright.

Due paying goes through stages. The stages are, well, this is okay, I can do this for a time because it's only temporary; then the temporary goes on for longer than expected so it's a little bit too much, but you want to climb that mountain; then you get to the drone. what the eff do I live for thing where you start rethinking your entire purpose and just bagging all your dreams and chucking them in the ocean of lost hope; then you get burnt, discouraged, pissed off at the world, you hate everything and just do destructive things like drink too much, sleep too much, cry too much, you know what I'm saying here; then there's I'm not going to let this get me down, I'm going for it, I'm going to dig myself out of this due paying hell, this due paying gutter; then you're where I'm at which is, when the F*CK is this going to end? So you burn the candle at both ends. What else is there to do besides that and pray. You work to pay the bills, and then work to keep the dreams alive and ACTIVE. GOING FORWARD!

Everything is going really interestingly well in the dream become reality department. Amazing opportunities surround me, beyond my wildest dreams. But it takes enormous effort, enormous physical, mental and spiritual activity to provide the basis for GOD to work HIS wonders in my life. Use me, let me be your will. Tall order. Real tall, but not too tall for this 5 foot 2 chick.

Yep. All this great stuff is happening, but, I'm broke as shit and living off minimal food per week, and folks keep saying "my you lost weight!" It's great that I lost weight, but I wish it was more due to refreshingly healthy foods and time in the gym.

This summer I'll be performing with a bunch of mega superstar artists, yep, but since I'm not a signed artist yet, I don't get the sweet treatment. I'm still the runt of the pack. The little outlaw. But runts are cool, too. Runts often times turn out to be pleasant surprises.

Who needs the fancy stuff? I'll just arrive on my Harley and sleep on a friend's couch or in a damn tent. It'll be more fun anyway and then maybe all these big stars will want to hang with me and my friends anyway. Keepin it real.

I've got all these books to be published, got all this music I'm writing and demoing for future recordings, I'm performing with various bands now and the Gotham Rodeo starts officially soon, so I'll be gigging ALOT. Thank God.

Then I've got these film projects I've been sweating out, trying to make real, got the things green lit now it's a matter of planning, you know? And it's a matter of the lords of the entertainment business to trust, to believe and have faith in my abilities, even though I don't have all the $$$$ to complete these projects by myself.

I won't give up. No I won't. I'll be an example for all of us working slobs and dream chasers, to never give up. Because the runt of the litter will prevail. But faith is key.

I want this F*king due paying to end so that I can fully enjoy my life completely engaged with my livelihood and talent, so that I can share bliss with you, enjoy bliss with you, and blissfully and abundantly pay my bills and experience life as I would like to, to the fullest!

viva la dreams!



Tuned In

"Nothing can come into our experience unless it finds something in us with which it is attuned...." e. fox

Are you tuned in? Cool. I began to contemplate the thought of being tuned in, or tuned out. So, my mind spun a symphony of thoughts. About being tuned.

Everyone of us is like a fine-tuned instrument. When you play life in tune, it's a jam fest like never before, especially if everyone else is in tune. Dialed into the harmony.

But a bunch of folks walk around way out of tune. Strings broken, loose, too tight. They're not in tune. So they tune out. If you tune out, then you're only jammin through life to a real ugly tone, real ugly melody, well, there wouldn't be a melody. You'd have no song. If you're tuned out, you're missing out.

Everybody has there own song, too, when they are tuned in. Sometimes, though, we get out of tune. We experience those days and times when nothing seems right. We get in a jam, but not the kind of jam where it's a sweet gathering of great tones and tunes.

I have this new thing where I like to be tuned in to my life. I like the concept of being tuned in, because we are instruments, after all, like I said. Tuned in is to be utterly aware of your surroundings, goals, relationships with people, places, nature, well, everything.

I wake up in the morning and I have to check my tuning. I want to be tuned in. Be the unique instrument, producing the unique song that God sang me into creation with. I'm a movement in that grand symphony that God masterminded...so I've got to be tuned in with the entire orchestra: the brotherhood and sisterhood playing their parts in the whole of the symphony, including nature as a whole.

In addition to being tuned into others, I want to be tuned into my heartfelt desires, that soul calling, the purpose of why I'm hanging out in this music jam called EARTH. We're all instruments. Instruments that need to be in tune with one another, with nature, with ourselves, and most especially in tune with our CREATOR.

...stay TUNED.



Okay. I was jonesin for a ride. Last week in February. I forgot to tell ya'll about this.

Well, I take the subway ride and 1/2 mile walk out to Queens to fetch Tigerlily where she was staying for a little bit. Tigerlily is my Harley-Davidson motorcycle, in case you didn't know.

It was freezing that day and windy. But I had to go get her, and I wanted to ride. This was the first time I had ridden her in awhile and my heart was aching.

See, I get really out of sorts, or out of tune, without my Tigerlily wings roarring beneath me. I have to ride to live. Honestly. Riding is my breath.

Anyway, look, it's freezing cold and my hands within blocks are ice blue cold in my thinsulate leopard gloves. Though, I've got my fleece on, leather pants, leather jacket, scarf...I'm warm everywhere else BUT my hands and in NYC, honey, you are using your hands A-lot because you've got to do the dance with the clutch and the break in this insane traffic.

Well, I got caught in traffic at the 59th Street Bridge...and there is NO where to go. Enroute to the bridge, me and Tigerlily nearly tumbled into all kinds of road crators and I kept wondering where the hell the metors were and why weren't they reported when they hit the pavement out here in the borough, and then I thought, oh, wait, these are potholes.

But, my girl bike Tigerlily is such a traffic diva, she just dipped and dove around those gullys while we laced through the kissing bumpers surrounding us. But my hands were COOOOOLLLLLD. So, when we'd get to those scarlet lights, I'd place me hands on her engine and defrost the paws. I did this at every stop light. The feeling was draining fast from my hands in those cold temps. BUT OH WHAT FUN TO RIDE RIDE RIDE Again!

Well I smelled something burning and I'm thinking oh crap, did I burn these nice leather pant legs? Nope? Okay, I toasted the heel on my boot on the pipes somehow? Nope. Better not be having some kind of internal bike organ problem here, because she just had to get repaired. Checked around looked for drips. Nothing.

Then I realized my gloves were burning.

Yep, folks, my favorite leopard furry (fake of course) street gloves (bought 'em from a vendor off the street) were singed. But not too bad. The crazy thing was, my fingers weren't burnt and I never felt that much heat from the engine through the gloves.

The little Tigeress bike may have tried to warn me, too. She's so much a part of me, this bike speaks to me. NO, really. She does. She watches out for me. My road angel and me made it over the 59th Street bridge and into our temporary digs.

We didn't make it to Daytona as planned, however, the day I had planned to leave it was a mad ice and snow storm and then it froze, deep freeze for several days on end.

But I'll be riding her this weekend. I must. She needs me and I need her. I can't wait to someday have a REAL home with a garage way out West somewhere so that she and I can live together.

See, in NYC you can't live with your bike. Your bike has to have its own place somewhere else in some multi-garage or make shift hang. And that sucks. I like to say goodnight to my Tigerlily, make sure she has a blanket, talk to her. Tell her how much I love her. Then I wait for her to purr, and then I go on about whatelse I need to do.

I'm not kidding.

That's how much I love my motorcycle. And that's how much I'll love ALL my future motorcycles, too. Because someday I will have a garage filled with all kinds of awesome motorcycles.

And we will always be together. Me and my motorcycles. We will live happily ever after.

And I'll continue to ride in the freezing temperatures with my burnt gloves.


No Matter Nomadess.

It's coming up on that time again. Time to be a Nomadess, bad ass and wander free all over this great nation of ours, yes, on my motorcycle. Time to be free, deliriously free and share the joy of riding with all!!! All who want to ride ride ride, come along now, 'cause there's plenty of road out there to spare.

Why do I love to wander, wander, wander around in the sunshine, in the rainshine, in the moonshine. Whatever the climate. Except snow. I don't like to ride in snow or ice...too scary there. But, I will ride in frigid cold, oh indeed. All dressed up like a fabric snowman, plump with wool and leather. But cozy.

And these wears I will don when I head down to Daytona in a few weeks. Oh yes, bliss cruising I-95 to Daytona Beach is just around the corner. Tigerlily is in the shop getting a look over because of her engine dilemmas. Gee I sure wish I had a garage for myself. I would have tore her down and nurtured my baby alone, well, maybe with the help of Greaser Mike.

Queens County Cycle has my ride right now. The boys over there are great. Indian Larry's camp recommended me to them because the late legendary bike builder's shop is swamped with requests.

I'll pack lightly this time. Usually I carry all kinds of different shoes and clothes, and jackets. Fashionista on the run, my friends. But I feel like traveling light. I'm going to wear leather pants with chaps for the main drive and then it's a pair of spandex, a pair of old jeans, a pair of DDuke shorts. My favorite stilletto driving boots. One jacket, awe maybe two...just cause. That'll be fine.

I want to sleep under the stars one night while I'm there. I'll borrow my friend Cindy's blankees and stuff and just lay out in the yard and gaze at the universe and thank FATHER for getting me there safe and steady as she goes.

I'm hoping to sit in with a band somewhere. Jam, belt out some fun songs. We'll see what happens. I like surprises. Good surprises. Sometimes bummer surprises also lead to good surprises. But, I'd rather have bonafide good surprises, any day. Wouldn't you.

So I can't wait to be the Nomadess and wander. Have me those Waffle House cheese omelettes that keep you full for two days straight. Love them. Plus there's a few good ol' truck stops that make me smile. I love truck stops too. Reasonably priced and sometimes you'll find really good home cooking and friendly conversation....good surprises are usually hanging 'round for ya at some of the truck stops.

When I get to Daytona I'll probably go visit all my bike builder buddies, and bros and sisters that I know who go to the rally every year. I'll go out to the speed way and see my friends at the Motor Drome and then at the Buffalo Chip campground that is set up in the infield. That's going to be a tight scene for sure. Woody who runs the Chip is good people. So is his marketing guru Michael. Very kind and fun, too.

I'll mozy on down to New Smyrna and see friends over at Gilly's Pub. Then cruise down to Ponce Inlet too, to Down the Hatch and get Hatched with friends. I dig the IronHorse Saloon, good entertainment and I sure hope David Allen Coe is jamming there this year. He's terrific. The Broken Spoke, which is my second home with my bro Jay who owns the joint is where I'll hang my cowgirl hat as well.

Leah Whaley who is special events for HOG will be over at the Ocean Center and I just dig sittin with her. We have a riot time and we're long over due since we missed each other at Sturgis last year. Leah knows how to be a great HOG hostess and she keeps members surprised at every turn when she leads a HOG event or run. Indeed. I met this sister on the road years ago and we stayed tight ever since.

I think I'm only going to be in Daytona three days....due to the regular job gig that I had to take in order to patch work me through the recent projects happening. But once the projects are green lit and humming along I'll seque myself into the happy mode of full-time artist. But I must say the regular gig that I have consists of fine folks who are all trying to make their dreams come true and I'm mighty greatful to Rick the supervisor of the joint for taking me back into the fold so that I can pay me rent!!!! 'Cause I don't want to be like George Thorgood saying I can't pay the rent and split. You know. I've got the coolest landlords in NYC, they are also artists. Very kind and loving and let me tell you they have been here and watched my back during all these lean times and my craving for wandering all over on my motorcycle, thus placing odd folks in my home to sublet. Oh they are the best.

Well, I hope to see some of you on the beach somewhere. If you see me on the highway cruising either on the way or coming home from the rally, say howdy.

Love to all and God bless you with lots of happy days.


The Art of Life.

"The art of life is to live in the present moment, and to make that moment as perfect as we can by the realization that we are the instruments and expression of God Himself." - Emmet Fox - author of the book: Sermon on the Mount

Now is the time for all divine things to be made manifest. In the present moment as you draw a breath and release and move forward to the next moment a revelation, revolution and realization is taking place -- if one will allow such a gift.

God does set us free. Freedom in its entirety is available at any moment. Liberty. Justice. All through the art of life. Life as a manifestation that God works through a willing servant to be the full expression of divinity: divine intelligence, divine love, divine wisdom.

At any time, at any moment we can utter the words "Divine Intelligence is working through me now"* and "God is inspiring me."* These are words that allow the stroke of divine art to be manifest in one's life. We as beings of creativity as we allow divine expression of the master artist to be manifest through us.

The power of life is the power of God present in one's life to bring forth the ultimate truth in one's life. The ultimate purpose and destiny: thus the Art of Life. By allowing ourselves the ability to trust and have favor for that which we cannot see, it draws us to the well spring of divine conscious and divine living, a supreme representation and realization of Art as Life, and Life as Art.

But nothing can be achieved, no art in one's life unless one can realize and be blessed with the realization which is the experience -- the undeniable experience of the Holy presence of OUR Father in our lives. Every experience is sacred and individual. We can only experience directly unto ourselves.

Like, as Emmet Fox explains, we can only eat food for ourselves. We can have all the servants in the world do for us, but they cannot eat food for us. They can prepare it and serve it, but an individual must eat and digest the food for themselves. There it is for the realization of the Art of Life. The realization (experience) of ourselves as artwork, as a manifestation of divine creativity through the Father's movement through us. The Father as the FOOD, the Nourishment, of our existence.

The Art of Life is a blank canvas, mirroring the emptiness of the desert. Barren, with no color, awaiting something to give it life. And sometimes the life is simply in the pattern of the sand, or the single blossom on a cactus, the mood of the sky, the movement of a small creature, and so on. Our individual canvasas await the stroke of Our Father, if we will let him be the author, the artist in our life. If become the willing canvas for the Father to express himself upon and through....to touch the lives of others throught the represenation of his ARTFUL presence within us.

The Father is so surprising, working wonders through our beings as we allow him to have full reign. His full reign is our full awakening, our full presence on this earth. As we are created in His image, though many do not want His image or His movement because they think He will bore us, make us like everyone else and remove our individuality. But it is quite the contrary. God is NEVER Boring, but full of LIFE! Celebration! Passion for TRUTH! Passion for CREATION. To be bored is a lack of engaging in LIFE, and thus a lack of allowing the SUPREME ARTIST, the FATHER to Move as the consummate artist through our beautiful beings that He can make manifest a joyful life for us. God is not a BORING GOD. He's way cool, and He's way fun.

The LORD has created us as individual expressions of Himself, and this is echoed and made a reality in the writings of Emmet Fox as well, and that of Paramahansa Yogananda and so many who have allowed themselves to be full and divine expressions of the Father.

The Father delights in a joyful life. The Father is all good and all powerful and all knowing. The destructive experiences that have occured in this life are not the Father willingly promoting such ill-fate. Never.

The Art of LIFE is our mindset...this is the purity of the canvas. The reason of the Canvas. The mindset is the stage. It is how the lights are lit and how the performance unfolds. It is where the scripting occurs and thus life is made manifest. The scripting that God offers are words of LOVE and the continuous well spring of Divine Intellect. That is the foundation of the ART of LIFE. The performance that unfolds is to be joyful and precious. Purposeful and meaningful with positive effect for the world and mankind. Again, none of this can result unless we as the canvas provide permission to our Father as the artist to place a stroke upon our slate.

Prepare to live the Art of LIFE in all it's glory because miracles occur in that place. Miracles are regular occurances in the DIVINE because all is possible according to God's will made manifest in a willing human for which our individual lives, our breath is designed for all that is Good if we wish to align and drink from the well spring of goodness. Allow your mind to think in bold, loving, dramatic brush strokes!

Now, many who have known me before have seen when I have lost my footing in the past and have fell into a sadness, a curious place of remorse because none of what I had mentioned was truly ingrained into my subconscious at a level which would have an in-depth permanance that was my well spring from which to draw the divine waters to wash away iniquities which were so harmful for my life.

I am challenged with many great temptations as we all are. I have had to work very hard and with great diligence to align myself to accepting my life as art. My presence as worthy in this world. My presence as a divine instrument for the full expression of GOD. First I had to admit that I was worthy! Second I had to admit and accept the reality and truth of the talent that God has so blessed upon me and these ways in which HE wants to divinely express HIS presence through little me.

God is working many miracles in my life right now, because I have gotten to a place of deep forgiveness for those who have trespassed against me, and forgiveness for myself, in all ways. I release all those who have caused harm to my life, and thus I forgive myself for allowing the harm to affect my life. I've had to declare and declare daily to those I have forgiven: I love you all and wish you well. I wish you artful living and much joy. I wish you truth and happiness. I wish you divine purpose and miracles and a connection with the Holy Spirit in such a way to bring you Divine Truth and Divine Love in all things. In all thoughts, actions and deeds.

My Art of Living is defined through the art of motorcycles, music and writing. God expresses himself through a twist of the throttle, through the song in my heart, through the words that flow from my finger tips as written expression. I am blessed. So blessed. I feel like I am in the height of romantic love as this divine dopamine saturates my being.

In all my humble presence all I ask is that I am able to be a humble channel for divine expression which will allow God to fully manifest the height of DIVINE Love and Intelligence and thus placing healing jewels into the hearts of all in the world, through my willingness to have this GREAT ARTIST utilize my heart, my soul, my physicality as His DIVINE Expression in all ways that He pleases.

I pray that this essay inspires all who read to sink into the beauty of their presence in this world. You are all so precious indeed, beautiful representations of God's Divine Intelligence and LOVE. So there is no need to ever be sad because even when we are facing the most enormous challenges in one's life, we must open our hearts, our souls, our minds, to the Great Artist -- open ourselves to the HEALING presence of Divine Truth and Divine Restoration.


* these quotes are from Emmet Fox's Sermon on the Mount book.
Dig more cool Emmet Fox here: http://website.lineone.net/~cornerstone/emmetfox.htm


A Rude Interruption.

"Yeah, working a regular job is a rude interruption into an artist's day." - Sean Kershaw.

This quote is from the guitar player of Gotham Rodeo. This is so true. See, an artist gets into a flow about their life and work. As a creative person, you loose all sense of time. You don't live by a clock, you completely live in the moment. Where creativity lives. Clock watching is a destructive thing, unless it's for the start time for when you enter the stage to perform, or you have to show up for a radio interview. It's all good, because it's about the craft.

But when you have switch gears, like I have to right now, from writing my book and working on music, plus attending to the business affairs associated with my craft, and now I have to switch off the artist mode and trudge into my "regular" job so that I can keep the lights on, it's really a challenge. Of course, like any artist, I want my super hard work and perseverance to pay off so that I can call my art my livelihood as well. And I am going to do this. It's happening already.

When I asked a friend of mine what it was like to go from the regular work lifestyle to being a superstar artist who can now buy and live and do whatever he pleases because he never gave up and dragged himself into the depths of poverty as he strove to become the artist he is today, he simply told me: "Sistah, it's heaven. It's like being in heaven all the time."

In an ideal situation, why we'd be able to get up and go to "work" which would be our craft and be paid for it. But the world works quite differently and until you're any good, do you get paid for your artistry. So we have to deal with accepting a rude interruption on a daily basis in order that we can someday enjoy the complete stream of conscious and stream of doing lifestyle that is dedicated to our artistry, which would free us up to do lots more other things because we won't be so fragmented in life.

The challenge for me is feeling fragmented. I get into the flow of my creativity and dealing with the business affairs related thereto, and I'm flying, sailing all day....floating, but then there's the interruption where I've got to halt everything I'm doing, and completely alter my mind set into accepting the regular gig for the several hours that I must and completely be focused and cool and loving in that area. It's a big challenge, but not one that I cannot handle. I must take good care of my life, be responsible too and make sure that my roof is there when I return home from the road and my artistry out there wandering the asphalt and singing.

So, my dear readers. I look forward to composing the essay, quite soon, that will be the announcement that I shall no longer have anymore rude interruptions from a regular job because I will have engaged my life as an artist in total bliss and it will therefore be my livelihood as well, thus freeing up the time that would have been dedicated to the interruption, towards very loving and productive activities such as volunteer work and other loving services for mankind.

God bless you and love your life no matter how many rude interruptions...
and work we must as a fortitude of character and perserverance!


Keith Knudsen - Rhythm of Perfection.

Well, I just received word that Keith Knudsen, drummer of the Doobie Brothers has passed into Jesus' arms.

I had the pleasure of knowing Keith for a few years but hadn't seen him in over a year. What a wonderful person. A gentle rhythm of perfection. Perfection as a person who allowed his humble presence to be an inspiration to others through the gift of music.

Dear Keith:
Thank you for the enormous gift of music that you shared with your fans and your family. I was honored to know you and at one time considered you a friend.

As I would watch you interact with folks, you were always so friendly and kind to anyone who approached you. I found this to be a great gift because, as a well known artist, it is very important that you share and be accessible so others feel inspired to chase their dreams.

It makes me wonder how many fantastic drummers you had inspired over the years of your public craft. What a blessing indeed. Your spirit lives on in the music you recorded, the gift of music you shared, and the love that you gave as a good soul.

Your wife Katie and daughter Dayna sparkle with your loving energy. You are a darling soul and I certainly wish I could have spent more time speaking with you. Rest in peace, sweet man.

God bless you, dear.

Chrome Won't Get You Home or will IT?

Society thinks it's okay to cover up the road maps around one's eyes which is the journey of where one has been.

Erase it with a knife. Stretch the skin. Why do we need to be stretched out to prove youth?

My youth is ahead of me as it's happening right now and happened since I was born.

I'll never apologize for advancing in years or live life with a frown over the fact. It's ridiculous.

Oh, society wants folks to cover up the sparkles in one's hair, that shining chrome that grows in glowing strands. Well, I've known folks who went totally chrome in their 20's. So what.

Well, ageless is what I am. I declare this. What I am. Forever a child at heart. I wear the sign of the cross.

God is not mocked.

I'm a showcase of His creativity, a piece of artwork if you please. If He decides that he'd like to put some bits of chrome through my hair. Well, okay. He's the artist. Silver streaks...

You are a piece of artwork, too, friend. You are a dream come true that was beheld by the Lord above before He birthed you onto this earth to the sound of ringing heavenly bells. And, to the tune of your own tune, that He created just for you. You see, we each carry our own song in our hearts that He sings to us as a lullabye. He sings this to you all the time and the angels accompany His booming voice.

So, be joyful and thankful for everything that you are and try to live in your right mind. All things righteous and true. LOVE be the first motive, because living youth is all about living your truth.

So I'll be ageless, you see, on the playground of life with my chrome sparkly hair someday because I'll always be simply me and appreciate the art of my humanity.

Thank you, God, for my breath. Thank you for my life. Thank you for this immediate experience right now and working through me right now as I compose this little essay.

Chrome will get you HOME to heaven's embrace at any moment if you simply accept your radiant beauty in and out, and give awesome gratitude to the blessed Creator who birthed you into a monumental selection of artwork: YOU.

Peace be with you...



Heaven's Embrace for a Motorcycle Songstress.

Dearest friends!

I spent the weekend recording in Los Angeles. It was divine. It was heaven's embrace beyond any description.

Right now I'm reading this book by Matthew Fox: creativity - where the Divine and the Human Meet.

This book is fantastic. It speaks of divinity from an artist's perception....you see because the Great Creator is the Divine Artist of all. A must read for any artist!

So, here I am in the recording studio performing vocals for my music. I am a composer and a singer, in case ya'll didn't know that.

Let me tell you: the Spirit -- the Great Divine Spirit moved within those studio walls, through the spirits of the musicians and this motorcycle songstress indeed!

The producer is extraordinary talent indeed. He reminds me of a gentle conductor who can draw out the very best of everyone in the session simply with a smile and a kind word. Everyone jumps to please and the results are interstellar! We all move beyond the human boundaries into the heavenly embrace of our talents, which means that we become God-like as we are God inspired, thus we perform beyond our expectations....our knowledge.

I can't wait to perform this music for you. I can't wait for you to get your own CD of the music so that you can be inspired and you will feel like you're on your ride, even if you're sitting at work, or at home doing the housekeeping....it's a live experience...to bring breath and life to you.

That's what music is about....it is a connection between us all...we are all one and I love you and wish to share the music experience beyond what can be described.

With love and s'miles....


I got the Music in Me.

Mmmm. I'm sitting here at my part-time gig that supports my wild life on the road. It's a rather cool gig. It's secret.

Anyway, in an hour and a half I leave for Los Angeles to finish recording the final demos that will be presented to the esteemed music business people. Yes, some music business people are esteemed.

I have been sitting listening to my songs over and over, fine tuning them as my heart wishes to present them to you in truth, as the motorcycle songstress. An odd title to have given myself over the last few years. But I had no other way to describe myself as a performer to the music business folks.

Funny, I knocked on all kinds of record company doors and they all looked at me queerly, you know, with the visable question mark over their heads, even their nice rejection letters had lots of question marks as in: music and motorcycles? It made no sense to them AT all.

Well, yeah. It's called road music. It's timeless. But, at the time, it had remained a mystery.

But no more. Oh no. Now, we're like NASCAR or WWF to them. Well, 23 million motorcyclists in the country... and how many aspire to folks? Those general masses that love motorcycles and what the vehicle for freedom represents thanks to Discovery Channel.

Now the record companies are happy to descend upon our beloved rallies now, where we gather for the passion of riding, not the fashion, as my Deadwood Damsel wind sister, Meg, is happy to declare. I declare, too.

The music business has finally caught on that the motorcycle rallies are a valuable venue. So some artists are dressing up like bikers now. Writing songs about it, even if they don't ride. Well, whatever.

But, to me, my music (a blessing from GOD) is about sharing the gift of road music and roamance with my brothers and sisters whom I love so much....other riders who are about the passion.

The music business now accepting the motorcycle community as a viable marketplace is great for Miss Sasha, the motorcycle songstress. If, of course, they accept Sasha and the Gotham Rodeo gang. A bunch of rousing rocker hillbillies from NYC. When I say hill -- I'm talking, like, Murray Hill, or Borehm Hill.

My catalog of songs ranges from romance to road. Or I should say it is roamantic music, eh? A Sasha term. Refer to the Sashisms on the website....or the philosopha section under meet Sasha section has some too.

Well, I was approached to help a few artists "Get into" the motorcycle culture with their music. Hmmm. Certainly, I will always help folks.

Well, we love music and we love entertainment. But we also love entertainers who want to be there not to make their buck and leave, like we're just another giant marketing opportunity.... grab our dollars, pretend they love us and flat leave us -- no our culture is NOT LIKE THAT.

We're about loyalty...just review the success of the Harley-Davidson brand. Yes, it's clever -- it's about community and a lifestyle...but none the less, the motorcycle culture is a lifestyle.

See, we party. We love to celebrate. Music is part of the motorcycle celebration. Oh yeah!

So, any music folks and business folks who want to present their musical talents to our culture, oh please do so with love and respect for our wonderful community of riders. We celebrate life.

Many of us live and breathe our motorcycle experiences, our entire lives are about the freespirited ways and mindsets in which we live. We embrace one another, whether friends or strangers, as family because we share a PASSION. NOT A FASHION. (Right Meg?)

Thank you very much for understanding this. God bless you and keep the music true. Don't use the rally culture to make a quick buck and leave. Stay awhile. Celebrate the road with us.



Guess what. Forgiveness rocks. Just let go. Forgive the person that wronged you. Just do it. No excuses. No "I have the right to be angry" anymore. Just don't give it another thought.

Let the wrong doer go. Like cutting the ropes of a row boat at a dock of a seaside town. Cut those ropes with the target forgivee sitting in that small row boat without an engine and watch them drift away. Wish them bon voyage. Let 'em go. They are no longer in your port o life.

Why do this? Because the energy it takes to stay angry, to hate, to be negative with the wrong doer is so valueable and ought to be directed towards something precious in your life....like you...or your family...or better yet, towards nurturing your dreams, and good things.

You could have been wronged beyond speakable. You could have been violated beyond what could be humanly acceptable. You could have been judged and critized and lied to and falsely accused of all kinds of horrible stuff and you could have seemingly had your lifestyle or career destroyed by the wrong doer. Oh yes! You could have been physically violated, tortured and more. You could have been left for Tuesday's trash, kicked to the curb, crushed and pooped on.

But cut the ties of that row boat and let it drift away. Gone. Bon Voyage. And wish that person healing and love because guess what, in the rough seas of life? Who do you think is going to be the only presence that can save them? You got it. So release them into the choppy seas of karma and let God deal with them. But you can love them from the dock and send little thoughts to ripple out which will be of kindness and love that will still the waters of their raging souls.

Oh, and don't forget to cut the ties of that row boat that contains some of the old you that you've had to forgive. Those old crappy things that you dwell on, regret, and so forth. Make peace with yourself. Lovingly forgive yourself. Be gentle and be kind to yourself. Transform yourself by taking a dip in that sea, and returning anew.

Peace be with you and may I say that forgiveness is absolutely all that it is said to be. And more. I've had to forgive some horrifying violators, trespassers, and so on who had hurt my little journey. I love them and wish them all well. Bon Voyage! May they Lord still the waters for them.

So in love with you.

So in love with you...
eh...something for Valentine's Day coming soon.

Could it be that I’m a treasure to someone
…That I finally met my match
Beloved man of my dreams who will
Love me with all his heart, give me chills

I’m so in love with you…so in love with you
You’re an ultimate gift from up above

Could it be that I’ve got the qualities
Of the good wife, like in the good book, Proverbs
who extends her hand to the needy,
sets about her work vigourously
Who can find? Well, she’s right here, me at the gates
Of your heart, wearing a royal robe from a
skinny dip in our private cove.

I’m so in love with you…so in love with you
Honey, oh so in love….
Yes, you’re an ultimate gift from up above

What makes folks tick?

What makes folks tick? The heart. But what is the heart filled with? Love or hate? Pride or humility? War or peace? Happy or sad? The heart pumps blood through the body as a physical function, indeed.

But what really makes folks tick? That's right. The mind. The mind. The heart I like to think of as the subconscious part of ourselves. It's effected by what the mind thinks. How IT ticks.

Right minded thinking in the grace of righteousness is a holy place to be, to move through life. It is not easy. Because the mind has to completely focus on the highest divine ideal at all times, in every move and decision. It takes a very long time, a life time to get this right. And then most of us don't anyway, but at least we try.

To have a change of heart is to have an overhaul on the subconscious. For that to happen, the mind has got to be programmed for right thinking. And when we endeavor to lead a life of love and righteousness, oh a whole lotta change is gonna come through and through.

We abandon the ol' habits, the ol' routines. We abandon our lifestyles that don't work anymore, that stray us from the divine path.

Right now, what makes Sasha tick? Divine Love, Divine Intellect, right thinking. My Jesus! God I love Jesus. So awesome. A super cool spiritual entity become human. He's all about truth. Truth is what makes me tick.

Now I may foul up sometimes and approach things in a way that makes people think differently because I'm wildly enthusiastic about life and sometimes a big personality who's like a child who's about to get their favorite toy at the toy store, can make folks back up.

Just today I got an e-mail from a person whom I adore in business who was taken aback at my enthusiasm regarding a project, as I was just brimming with new ideas and happy things in an e-mail to that person.

Kinda felt like a puppy that'd been kicked. But I knew MY truth so did not give my reaction to the e-mail any power. I approached the situation with a genuine enthusiasm, inquiring on a business level about things I didn't know about and certainly admitted to that in that e-mail.

My truth was pure enthusiasm and joy about a great project that had inspired many people in which I was involved. But I had to apologize. My naietivity about business coupled with my creative nature was a bit too much I guess. But there are many of us that are a bit too much. Simply too much. Gotta turn the flame down on that passion. MMMM? That's tough for me.

Kind of like the way Jesus spoke on the Sermon on the Mount. Oh, he was wildly enthusiastic, loving and extremely unique about his presentation. And some disliked him. A whole bunch of somes disliked him and eventually nailed him. But, most loved him. And in the end truth won.

However, we all get nailed sometimes to keep us quiet. Especially those who just can't simmer down, you know? You can slow cook, sure, but to keep that flame on low heat is sometimes really difficult when you're so filled with life.

And how did we come to tick? Through our experiences no matter how crazy, upsetting and so on, we learned to tick from our experiences, but our experiences do not really equate to the high divine truth of things in a great many cases. The truth is love. LOVE is pure. Truth is pure. We could go through the most hellacious, traumatic experience, but through it all there is a divinity at work which is the truth of all things. But the real ticking to be syncronized with is that of the heartbeat of the heavenly Father! Yes, the Universal King....whomever that is for you. GOD.

So, surely the world would be a great place if truth and love reigned in our mind and therefore benefiting our hearts. We would approach things carefully and with a right-mind. These things equal divine intellect, but divine intellect operates on truth and love, not on ego (edging God out), not on hate, not on pride. Simply on truth and love from righteous thinking which equates to a peaceable kingdom and many happy folks.

U R Love. And remember that divine power is always yours.


A beautiful man and his little boy blue.

I had a lovely weekend. Spent some time with this beau that I find rather wonderful. He has a little boy with bright blue eyes, blond hair and a darling smile. He's a little boy blue. The little guy is a mini version of his daddy, the big guy.

They are both treasure trove personalities: big, animated, loving and super smart. The two of them together are a delight. Spending time with them this weekend really warmed my heart. I needed to experience a little family, you know?

This child spun a fabulous storybook fable all his own. He spoke using great animation to accompany his tale for such a little guy, and then he'd stop and say to me, "Oh there's more. Do you want to hear more? "

Of course I did. Especially, I was fascinated with his story telling, being a story teller myself. To hear a tiny four year old be so confident in his fabulous short story presentation, all his own little creation ---why, this was more entertainment than going to see a rock band down town. It was so sweet to be in this little guy's company. Oh, he made me laugh and laugh.

Now the big guy, his daddy. Oh, flutter my heart. Flutter heart indeed. This guy is European and American...perfect blend. Tough New York City contractor, yet an amazingly sensitive and creative man, too. An intellectual with a marvelous artistic way about himself. He also has the dashing debonair style to himself as he speaks of music, art, food --- all the sensual things in life.
Music, motorcycles and the open road is what we share in common among many other things. He's wildly into Rasta...Reggae mon and one love. One love, oh yes, this is my kind of language.

But, being the shy beauty that I am, I just observed father and son through my safe soul window. Yes, I watched this scene unfold: my friend and his child interacting as I had the pleasure of spending two snowy nights with them, watching movies, and so on.

He lives in the ghetto in a wonderful penthouse style apartment. An up and coming neighborhood. You just watch it'll be the happening cool place in a year or two and all the cool artists are going to have to drag their guitars, paint brushes and ballet slippers to another ghetto. But, if this cool big guy has anything to do with it, that community will stay pure...

I love the ghetto, so much more depth to the painting in the neighborhood there. He's a fairly strapping fellow so it's no challenge for him to walk the neighborhood. But for me in all my crazy style, I do stick out like a new form of entertainment in the 'hood. So I need to be a little careful after, say, midnight descending into the subway in that area. But nonetheless it's a great location. The starry view of midtown Manhattan from his acre of terrace is breathtaking

Okay, back to being shy, as I digressed into real estate and location.

I am shy with a new potential relationship. SHY. I feel like a kid on the first day of school. Silly, I know. If I was a femme fatal like Carrie on Sex & the City, I would have already hooked, lined and snatched him up, yep, with smoke trailing I'd be so lightening fast. But I'm more about the making of a good soup, keep it on a low flame, slow cook. Or more like the cautious priestess checking out the scene, surveying the perimeter of the potential union, then peeking inside the Pandora box to see what will emerge before I fling open the lid and dive in.

It's interesting how we sit and contemplate what it would be like to be with the new person as a serious mate, marriage--you know, the whole scene. It's fun to imagine. It's safe to imagine. But to step out and cultivate the imagination into reality. Hmmm....what to do. And how do you get the signal from a man who has a small child to supervise, that he may indeed feel something for you? I've never been in this situation before.

And what would it be like to be a step mom? Oh my sister thinks it would be the perfect arrangement for me. The man's never been married, but has a young child and the child already has a mommy, so I would be like another guardian in the boy's life, but as part of a support team, supporting my man and cultivating a peaceful, loving home environment as a female figure in that household. Okay, sounds great. Plus I could still pursue all of my career endeavors and continue to be like a big kid myself! Then the best for me is that it would be a first time marriage for the both of us. STOP IT!

Okay, now back to reality. The guy is just my friend. Sure I sometimes like to think what it would be like to be more. But, I felt such an enormous GIFT this weekend just being in this man's presence with his little child. To see a man so passionate, sensitive and strong interact with his son; to experience the gift of this man's tough New York City personality which is also that of an efferescent European gentleman was so fantastic for me. Fantastic! Because his personality so wonderfully compliments mine. So, I am blessed to have these two wonderful fellows...the big guy and the little guy as dear, sweet friends.

To little boy blue and the big guy:
σ' ευχαριστώ χρυσέ-ή μου. Δείτε επίσης


Who said a city girl can't be country.

That's right. I'm a city girl lovin' everything country.... wait 'til ya'll hear the new tunes from this music project I'm recording.... honky tonkin rock N rollin country N western....fun.

A deep thought:
"Spirituality is the wink of a kitty’s eye… Philosophy is a naked ride on a Ferris wheel… Scientology is skating figure eights into your new day… And it's all LOVE and IT’S ALL GOOD!"

So where is God in all this?

Well, God is found in the window of the soul of all creation; HE is found in the stripped inhibitions of a person riding the circle of life; HE is infinity.


2005 = live life alive.

It's been quite sometime since I posted. In between alot had happened which made me want to secretly journal, you know, not share with anyone. I didn't feel like being judged.

Sometimes when you share things passionately, off the cuff, rather immediate without the entire experience having been had, then folks can jump to conclusions. So I have to be real careful of that because I'm just such a here I am kinda gal.

Let's see. Since I last wrote, I had the pleasure of attending a fancy gala at the St. Regis Hotel, which was so incredibly cool. The ballroom ceiling was painted with an exacting mural of a lush blue sky with perfectly puffed white clouds so it all reminded me of heaven. It was all gold leaf and the food was really perfectly puffed as well. The champagne had the perfectly puffy bubbles and the servers were very perfectly perky. I, however, was perfectly out of place, in a rather peculiar way, too. This lone chrome cowgirl among a sea of suits. It was rather fun and I made some nice pals. It was a travel industry affair. I spoke to the CEO of this super fancy, posh, luxury hotel and he gave me his card and told me to contact him. He loved the idea of me telling him about rich bikers who'd like to ride up on their super dupe customs with a sag wag in pursuit, load out into the posh surroundings and saunter up to the counter big bad and well, pampered.

Folks. Little Annie, the most amazing beautiful furry daughter feline of mine for near 21 years went home to Jesus on 11/14/04 and well, need I tell you the emotional impact? Let's just say, the little fuzz angel seemingly had it all planned because it all happened when my buddy Skip was in town visiting me and I wasn't alone to go through this most painful situation. We did a small Annie documentary and photo shoot with my precious feline as I strolled her in her baby kitty stoller through Central Park and to the Museum of Natural History. Only the week before did we stroll to Lincoln Center and Times Square and every one on the street just fawned over this fabulous beauty kitty.

She went home to Jesus surrounded by several people who adored her. It was a heartwrenching moment. So much so, I can't write about it anymore because I'm beginning to sob. I will create a wonderful memorial page about this magnificent blessed feline spirit when I'm able to write without having some kind of emotional hysteria over my little angel precious kitty not being here with me in the physical form.

When Annie departed to be her magnificent spirit form in full force, I split for the West Coast. I couldn't hang here anymore. The loneliness tore my heart. So, I took off. I ended up recording with a dear friend of mine in California a couple of incredible tunes written by yours truly and my co-writer bro who helps me with arrangements and chords. Wait 'til you hear this stuff. It's awesome. I also visited some great pals while I was there and met some new friends. There are some wonderful projects on the horizon for this hippie gypzy biker chixie - oh indeed. I can't wait to hit the road again...for sure.

I met a real cowboy in Sacramento and ooooooowEEEEEEEEEEE what a nice trot he had. Indeed, a real cowboy who was gorgeous. But, I don't think he really "got" me, a chrome cowgirl from NYC, but he was wonderful and sweet and very funny. I liked him plenty. If he's reading this, YOU know who you are.

I ended up staying in California way longer than anticipated. My music project took root and so I needed to tend to that garden of opportunity. As well, I hung out with my dear friend Ronni in Sacramento and had a howlin' good time. Much needed because I missed my blessed fur ball feline diva toe love cat. I hung out with a few nice guys too. Which was terrific since I hadn't dated in SSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOO long. I didn't really even date these dudes, just got a bit flirty in a kind and respectful way.

My last real beau was over two years ago. I can't believe I've been single for so long. But, that's okay. Gives me time to focus on my own creative missions.

So now I'm back home in NYC. It's kind of like a mother's embrace to be back. She always welcomes me back home....the neighbors are always glad to see me, my friends, the shop keepers, and so on. It's nice. But I am indeed smitten with the wild west and I do have a calling out there for sure. When the wind blows west, westward I will go. I'd like to live in Vegas. I'd been looking at that location since my friends Dena and Connor talked about going. Now they moved there. I also love California, especially Northern California. Cowboy territory.

I have a resolution for 2005. It is Live Life Alive. And when I say "alive" I mean aware. When I say Live Life I mean, really live it. Taste it. Experience it. BE in the MOMENT. Just get really deep in the moment. The moment of anything and everything. I shall journal all the experiences as much as I can here.... Down the Road a Peace.

And I've been into doing my forgiveness mantras...deep mantras. FORGIVENESS = PEACE. I have my list of names and I speak each name and have a private prayer discussion with the Lord about that person. I also speak to the person in my prayers...dialog with my Jesus present in the prayers because prayer is the way to effect change and positive karma and positive energy. It is about love and we MUST love those who trespass against us. As well, we must learn to forgive ourselves. Completely FORGIVE. And we must do this on a daily and moment to moment basis. You just don't forgive once and that's the end in these enormous fouled situations, you must forgive a zillion times over in your heart because it creeps back in and stinks up the sweet place you just were enjoying in your body mind and soul. You know what I mean.

The Tsunami shook our beautiful globe. Do we understand this? Do we understand how fragile we are as we hang out in the balance, in space. If the magnetic fields of energy were ever so greatly disturbed, well, we'd all be in deep space trouble because no amount of $$ is going to keep anyone from floating off the earth, and into the atmosphere because gravity was disturbed.

We lost nearly 200,000 beloved wonderful fellow brothers and sisters in this tragedy. Precious people who are suffering beyond what can be imagined. Families torn apart. Loved one's missing or passed. Homes and wonderful little lives perished. These folks need our prayers for peace and recovery. Our prayers that they will be able to function through life again. Emotionally and mentally we cannot imagine such torment. Beautiful sweet lives, we are so delicate. We must love one another to health through our humble good, strong and loving thoughts for their well being.

Take another little Peace of my Heart now baby.

God bless you with wonderful, bright and substantial learning experiences that will evolve your soul and lead you to true joy.