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2005 = live life alive.

It's been quite sometime since I posted. In between alot had happened which made me want to secretly journal, you know, not share with anyone. I didn't feel like being judged.

Sometimes when you share things passionately, off the cuff, rather immediate without the entire experience having been had, then folks can jump to conclusions. So I have to be real careful of that because I'm just such a here I am kinda gal.

Let's see. Since I last wrote, I had the pleasure of attending a fancy gala at the St. Regis Hotel, which was so incredibly cool. The ballroom ceiling was painted with an exacting mural of a lush blue sky with perfectly puffed white clouds so it all reminded me of heaven. It was all gold leaf and the food was really perfectly puffed as well. The champagne had the perfectly puffy bubbles and the servers were very perfectly perky. I, however, was perfectly out of place, in a rather peculiar way, too. This lone chrome cowgirl among a sea of suits. It was rather fun and I made some nice pals. It was a travel industry affair. I spoke to the CEO of this super fancy, posh, luxury hotel and he gave me his card and told me to contact him. He loved the idea of me telling him about rich bikers who'd like to ride up on their super dupe customs with a sag wag in pursuit, load out into the posh surroundings and saunter up to the counter big bad and well, pampered.

Folks. Little Annie, the most amazing beautiful furry daughter feline of mine for near 21 years went home to Jesus on 11/14/04 and well, need I tell you the emotional impact? Let's just say, the little fuzz angel seemingly had it all planned because it all happened when my buddy Skip was in town visiting me and I wasn't alone to go through this most painful situation. We did a small Annie documentary and photo shoot with my precious feline as I strolled her in her baby kitty stoller through Central Park and to the Museum of Natural History. Only the week before did we stroll to Lincoln Center and Times Square and every one on the street just fawned over this fabulous beauty kitty.

She went home to Jesus surrounded by several people who adored her. It was a heartwrenching moment. So much so, I can't write about it anymore because I'm beginning to sob. I will create a wonderful memorial page about this magnificent blessed feline spirit when I'm able to write without having some kind of emotional hysteria over my little angel precious kitty not being here with me in the physical form.

When Annie departed to be her magnificent spirit form in full force, I split for the West Coast. I couldn't hang here anymore. The loneliness tore my heart. So, I took off. I ended up recording with a dear friend of mine in California a couple of incredible tunes written by yours truly and my co-writer bro who helps me with arrangements and chords. Wait 'til you hear this stuff. It's awesome. I also visited some great pals while I was there and met some new friends. There are some wonderful projects on the horizon for this hippie gypzy biker chixie - oh indeed. I can't wait to hit the road again...for sure.

I met a real cowboy in Sacramento and ooooooowEEEEEEEEEEE what a nice trot he had. Indeed, a real cowboy who was gorgeous. But, I don't think he really "got" me, a chrome cowgirl from NYC, but he was wonderful and sweet and very funny. I liked him plenty. If he's reading this, YOU know who you are.

I ended up staying in California way longer than anticipated. My music project took root and so I needed to tend to that garden of opportunity. As well, I hung out with my dear friend Ronni in Sacramento and had a howlin' good time. Much needed because I missed my blessed fur ball feline diva toe love cat. I hung out with a few nice guys too. Which was terrific since I hadn't dated in SSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOO long. I didn't really even date these dudes, just got a bit flirty in a kind and respectful way.

My last real beau was over two years ago. I can't believe I've been single for so long. But, that's okay. Gives me time to focus on my own creative missions.

So now I'm back home in NYC. It's kind of like a mother's embrace to be back. She always welcomes me back home....the neighbors are always glad to see me, my friends, the shop keepers, and so on. It's nice. But I am indeed smitten with the wild west and I do have a calling out there for sure. When the wind blows west, westward I will go. I'd like to live in Vegas. I'd been looking at that location since my friends Dena and Connor talked about going. Now they moved there. I also love California, especially Northern California. Cowboy territory.

I have a resolution for 2005. It is Live Life Alive. And when I say "alive" I mean aware. When I say Live Life I mean, really live it. Taste it. Experience it. BE in the MOMENT. Just get really deep in the moment. The moment of anything and everything. I shall journal all the experiences as much as I can here.... Down the Road a Peace.

And I've been into doing my forgiveness mantras...deep mantras. FORGIVENESS = PEACE. I have my list of names and I speak each name and have a private prayer discussion with the Lord about that person. I also speak to the person in my prayers...dialog with my Jesus present in the prayers because prayer is the way to effect change and positive karma and positive energy. It is about love and we MUST love those who trespass against us. As well, we must learn to forgive ourselves. Completely FORGIVE. And we must do this on a daily and moment to moment basis. You just don't forgive once and that's the end in these enormous fouled situations, you must forgive a zillion times over in your heart because it creeps back in and stinks up the sweet place you just were enjoying in your body mind and soul. You know what I mean.

The Tsunami shook our beautiful globe. Do we understand this? Do we understand how fragile we are as we hang out in the balance, in space. If the magnetic fields of energy were ever so greatly disturbed, well, we'd all be in deep space trouble because no amount of $$ is going to keep anyone from floating off the earth, and into the atmosphere because gravity was disturbed.

We lost nearly 200,000 beloved wonderful fellow brothers and sisters in this tragedy. Precious people who are suffering beyond what can be imagined. Families torn apart. Loved one's missing or passed. Homes and wonderful little lives perished. These folks need our prayers for peace and recovery. Our prayers that they will be able to function through life again. Emotionally and mentally we cannot imagine such torment. Beautiful sweet lives, we are so delicate. We must love one another to health through our humble good, strong and loving thoughts for their well being.

Take another little Peace of my Heart now baby.

God bless you with wonderful, bright and substantial learning experiences that will evolve your soul and lead you to true joy.


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