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Hippie, Gypzy, Biker Chixie. Yep, that's me. www.bikerlady.com and www.chromecowgirl.com - my websites and I welcome your comments in this blog called Down the Road a Peace. Because, after all "do you wanna a peace of me?" : ) I'd love to hear your thoughts, so share them here. Personalize the topic and make it your own by sharing your own experience relative to the topic at hand, or let's create a new topic. U R Loved by Me.


Who said a city girl can't be country.

That's right. I'm a city girl lovin' everything country.... wait 'til ya'll hear the new tunes from this music project I'm recording.... honky tonkin rock N rollin country N western....fun.

A deep thought:
"Spirituality is the wink of a kitty’s eye… Philosophy is a naked ride on a Ferris wheel… Scientology is skating figure eights into your new day… And it's all LOVE and IT’S ALL GOOD!"

So where is God in all this?

Well, God is found in the window of the soul of all creation; HE is found in the stripped inhibitions of a person riding the circle of life; HE is infinity.

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