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Seth Godin says there's always room for Jello.

There's always room for Jello

This is one of the great cultural touchstone slogans of our era.

A culture where there's so much to eat we need to try to find a food that we can eat even if we're stuffed. Often, we'll decide that something is full, stuffed, untouchable but then some Jello shows up, and suddenly there's room. Think about your schedule... is there room for an emergency, an SEC investigation, a server crash? If you took a day off because of the flu, is your business going to go bankrupt? Probably not.

So, if there's time for an emergency (Jello), why isn't there time for brilliance, generosity or learning?

And I add here: if there's always room for Jello, there's always vroom to ride.

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Get outta the box.

I've been thinking about feeling boxed in. And why? Then I realized that there are so many outside influences that constantly


Now, I agree with contemplating about things approached from a mindset that is realitively childlike, meaning, you're approaching the topic or thought with wonder instead of some opinion already set in place. I like that.

How many of us on a daily basis are questioning ourselves based upon what the newspaper said about this or that; how you ought to look and act from a magazine; the news reports about flu and global warming and all these things;;;;

Then we compare ourselves to the information received and may therefore immediately wreak havoc on our psyche if we're not careful. Measuring our lifestyles to others. Trying to keep up with boxy definitions! Boxy definitions are everywhere we look, hear, smell!

Doesn't this kind of box just ZAP away living in the moment where you are fully aware of U and your presence and your breath and your precious embodiment.

Oh, darlings, let's get outta any box that is walling our lives off and inside of a thought that is not pure to our true selves!

OWN your road. OWN your body, mind and soul. TRUST the deep inner gut voices that is your highest divine self communicating to your wholeness. Seek the company of amazing, healthy, whole people who are in tune with their lives and when things are off-kilter they name it, face it, and confront. Then MOVE on in free spirit.

I've broken down the walls to boxes only to find myself alone. And that's okay because the truth sets u free. Then others wander into your zone because truth is LOVE and everyone wants LOVE.

Recently, I've been thinking about the women's motorcycle business and how it's being controlled more and more and more. It's being forced into a box. The loveliness of being a gypsy, free spirited, an individual who is radical, on fire, or sensual with the environment is slowly being abandoned. It's turning into a corporate affair, defining how we ought to B, how we ought to act, and what age is considered marketing cool for a motorcycle rider. There are newly appointed leaders over the last few years in the industry and it seems what they say goes in terms of defining what a female motorcycle rider should be. I must tell you that I am radically different than these leaders. Compared to some of their thinking, I'm completely eccentric, wild, and artistic, tough yet soft and extremely sensual to the experience in poetic and intimate sense. I wear whatever the heck I want when I ride, I have friends who are bad to the bone, and soft to the core. Some of the folks I run with, others frown upon.

It doesn't matter that I wrote two books about women in motorcycling that are completely out of the box. It doesn't matter that I have a kickass music project that is completely out of the box. It doesn't matter that I've appeared in so many television shows and documentaries. None of it matters. There are things like this and more that continually alienate me from the corporate world of the motorcycle business, but my fanbase continues to grow worldwide. I should say my friendbase because fanbase sounds so, well, hey, look at me! I want to say, hey, join me, let's ride!

Why do we ride? To get the eff outta of any box that any person tries to define for our existence, in addition to countless other fantastic anti-box reasons.

So, this year when you see that I am not on the list to speak at any women and motorcycling events of corporate importance please realize that it's not for lack of trying -- rather it's because I choose to be the individual that I am...and it just may scare 'em. I feel like I get sweet pats on the heads and so forth, but I don't get a windsisterly hug to join the sisterhood...what's happening to our wind sisterhood in the motorcycle business???? It's like every girl for themselves. We should be ONE.

All of this separation makes me think of my beautiful deceased windsister Samantha. She and I often had conversations like this. I miss my friend. Thank goodness for windsister Sara who recognized the beautiful soul and legacy of this fine windsister, Sammie-girl, and had her inducted into the Sturgis Motorcycle Hall of Fame. Sara is an angel ridin' sister who lives way outta the box and can somehow balance the world of corporate and artist. I just love her to peaces.

Dear new leaders of the women in motorcycles industry, thank you for your incredible contribution to the growth of the business and for inspiring other girls to saddle up...just please be aware that us girls, too, who may be in hard core motorcycle clubs, or radical individualists, or wear halter tops when we ride, or sleep on the ground under a million stars in a compound with other bikers gettin rowdy...that we too inspire and also contribute to girls saddling up. There are other girls that are cooler than anything, too, that are being left out or not recognized as they should be. This must change. All of us sisters are in this together....we need to be a better windsisterhood. Invite those who live out of the box to be a part of the fold, as offbeat and unique as we are.

I'll miss you at that particular women and motorcycing event this year and truly wish that my radically entertaining and high spirited presentation could have been included. But I'm just not one of those you can tame to be in your box. So, I'll deliver my own presentation to my friendbase and other supporters. Dear girls on the committee, I love u all and look up to some of you, and perhaps you will think of me at next presentation. Have a grand time.

God bless all, walk in truth, rock the throttle to your own road rhythm and enjoy the ride. All these things and more can be done quite successfully if you live outta the box. I'll tell you this, there is a whole lot more fun and laughter and life fulfillment outside of the box. It may not be as safe and reliable because it's like jumping off a cliff of rocks and trusting God's palm is going to scoop you up....but isn't that worth it to experience life clearly more aware of your own presence engaged in it's purpose and truth which most times means way outta the box. The DIVINE cannot be boxed in. Oh the grand expanse of the universe...that which we are.

Love, peace, kisses, and TRUTH.

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How riding brings you into your own world.

I like to get lost in my own world. There's an adventure to being in your own world.

Just BE-ing. You can BE. Exist in your own world and that's where you can define things like boundaries and design invitations. It's a place to develop your own personal awareness of everything around you. And invite those with your special invitation, into your world. Nobody can or should just intrude. You let people into your world.

Folks fighting for survival like those in Darfur have intruders all the time barging into their own worlds. And they must fight to breath daily...every day is a long long long struggle just to know how to BE.

To BE is one of the greatest experiences of BE-ing human. To BE is to live in the moment. You can't BE in the future because that requires interaction with a moment that has yet to happen and with people yet to meet.

You can't BE in the past because that requires interaction, too, in order for the moment to BE.

So to BE is to feel your humanity alive and pulsing in the moment and to protect your precious moments. To keep your every second a treasure.

BE yourself.

Today I rode around just enjoying BE-ing in my own little world. That world that I love so much which is where Tigerlily, my motorcycle, and I enter into a vast place of divine depth which is nearly indescribable. It's my best place to simply BE.

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The definition of Sin.

I heard the most profound definition of sin ever, and this, my friends, to me, is truly a definition of sin.

To impede another person's personal growth and potential in anyway shape or form, through blocking opportunities, discouraging, or anything that drives a person further from their life's purpose according to God's will and that person's free will in unison, is to sin.

Also, when we discard our God given divine purpose and the opportunity to be in unison with the ultimate experience of freedom, our free will united with divine will, this, too, is sin.

What is sin? Missed divine opportunities for spiritual and personal growth. As we give those opportune gifts to ourselves which is the delight of selfishness in order that we may be fully alive, we can give even more to the world and others.

Have a sinless day.

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