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Oh My Stars...I loved him.

I've been reflecting about the loves of my life. There have been TWO.

Can a person have two loves of their lives?


As we evolve, we grow, we hopefully ascend into a tasty place and not descend into a icky place -- we end up meeting loves on those paths.

Over the past two days, I spoke with two of those loves. What a treat. Do you know that I still wildly love these fellows, but, in a different way. In a way that is unconditional and precious.

Oh, I effin' couldn't stand them at one time. When I was broken hearted and mind-effed. Oh, I was hurting. Took me a llllllllllllooooooonnnnnnnnnngggggggggg time to get over those fellows.

But I did.

Through forgiveness. NOt only forgiveness towards the two loves of my life. But forgiveness for my own shortcomings and idiotic crap.

Because there are two sides. Even if the amore was highly unreasonable or mean or abusive. There are two sides.

My two loves of my life are treasures to me because they taught me so much. Thank you dear loves. I adore you both and wish you the most incredible life journeys.

Even though those journeys are not with me as your lady.

But, I'll be here as your girl pal. Always. I'm here for you.

And maybe there will be a third love of my life. Well, I guess there already is: Jesus.

So there will be a fourth someday or else, one of the two will become my one?

Who knows. For now, it's me, Tigerlily, Vantastic, Lollipop and gypZ jingles.