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Creature Comforts

Creature Comforts is a claymation that aired for a brief amount of time on CBS. It is a brilliant piece of humor indeed. Unscripted voices of America set to claymation characters. Holy crap. A scream indeed.
Why did CBS pull this beloved show after only a few airings. Who the eff knows. But what I do know is that this series is unique and clever. Highly entertaining artistic presentation that garnered a bunch of cool awards.
Go buy it. The DVD US just came out October 9th...the second season. It's so much fun...
http://www.creaturecomforts.tv/uk/ - learn more about it. It originated from the UK.
Here's the Oscar winning short that launched a phenomenon: http://www.atomfilms.com/film/creature_comforts.jsp
Peace, love and laugh your a$$ off!


Chapter Chrome Cowboy

My Chrome Cowboy, Patrick, arrived at the recording studio, oh, back in June of 2006 on his shiny silver Heritage Softtail Harley-Davidson. Me, ever the single chick, was so totally feline, flicked my tail a few swishes checking him out, but only on the sly. I didn't even go out to the parking lot to see his pride and joy motorcycle. He thought, wow, she must be a real biker chick she didn't even come outside to look at my bike as if you seen one H-D stock bike, you've seen 'em all -- he thought. Well, that's not entirely true. I was focused on the music stuff inside the building.
Well, Patrick and I went for coffee one night and have rarely been apart except when he goes on tour and he's always on tour! He and I write lots of music together so music and motorcycles are two passions that were the giant pipelines connecting our hearts. We can speak both languages and, boy, do we.
Today is Chrome Cowboy day. Because Patrick and I bought a fantastic home on the Cumberland River in Nashville, TN. It's spectacular. The screen porch is way bigger than my New York City studio apartment that I miss so much but really like the idea of having a real house to live in and an amazing dude to marry!

My life changes today. See, I like to flit about, ride here and there and stay awhile. I've got a super sized gypzy soul and love to wander. I just get up and go and go and go. Now I'm gettin up and movin' into a fabulous pad with meditation gardens and lots of trees, a rolling river, birds, and music, and motorcycles. The best is I get to go back and forth to my NYC life, too. I'm a city girl with country in my heart.
This is chapter Chrome Cowboy because this is the man I will marry and ride old with. We will be making music and love for the rest of our lives and it officially starts today. Funny enough, today was the day Patrick and I had planned the big fancy elopement in LaJolla, California, but we came upon this house a mere month ago and everything changed! I really do long for that fancy elopement because it was exactly the perfect marrying situation, beach, barefoot, good friends, a motorcycle preacher, champagne, candles, sage, and me and my love, Patrick. Now, the plan is a backyard honky tonk throw down wedding! I think the fine Godincendence is that today is our official move in day to our new home instead of the big elope day. I feel it's even more solid for some reason.
Perhaps what Patrick and I should do is get married in my hometown NYC in Central Park all the thriving artistic energy vibing around us; or maybe at the top of Rock Center, where we can just swoon to the groove of marriage in the metropolis of GOTHAM CITY. Whereever it will be it will be awesome. He and I don't need much but our very selves so golden and bolden to love, honor and cherish for the rest of our lives.
My road to dreams is really evolving. Prayer has been the driving force behind it all. God, in the name of Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit all at home in my heart --- that's Jesus at the wheel. Sometimes I want to drive and I'll shove that Holy Man into the passenger seat and just take over and end up lost. You know the deal. Then my Lord will just swoop me up into his lap like a child and his big hands will be on the wheel and little me will be pretending to drive while seated in his safe lap.
The chapter Chrome Cowboy is like pinching myself. Patrick treats me constantly like a precious girl. He is extremely loving and kind and very powerful, too. Smart, manly and in charge, but equal. I just love it! He's a great daddy to my kitty Miss GypZ Jingles oh she adores him to pieces and feels very safe with he's home, just like I do. Someday you'll all meet Mr. Patrick Lassiter. He's a really cool person and doesn't know a stranger -- he makes everyone he meets feel special. What a special soul God has blessed me with to be my husband indeed.

Okay, my treasured readers -- you know I so love and admire you all. You're each special and unique with loaded purposes in your heart to shoot like stars upon the world. I won't hold you up a moment more, so get to livin' your dreams and lovin' every minute of the journey no matter what happens, keep on keepin on. Let your chapters be written with the pen of prayer!
Peace, love and happy day!