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The Road To Dreams

This week I'm on the road to my dreams. Tomorrow I head to Los Angeles to meet with some Hollywood folks. It's fun and exciting...I do get my hopes up high...to greet God. I say to God, Lord, if this is the right opportunity for me, open all the doors, align everybody's energies, open everybody's minds and hearts to the process and have FAVOR on the project.
Every day I work towards my dreams. Oh it has been soooo hard! Anything worth coming to fruition takes a great deal of hard, hard work. Never give up...never lose your focus. Sometimes a project may have to rest, relax a while because it got tangled up for whatever reason. Maybe you can't give it the attention it deserves, but it's always on your radar.
Regular life, work, family, well that gets priority along with the beloved dreams come true. Back burner...to simmer....sometimes that happens, but it cannot be forgotten or it disintegrates into ash. I won't let this happen. Even when so many people may try to discourage the dream to come forward because they think they know the answers, when in fact, lots of times people vomit opinion as a matter of their own jaded perspective; and some offer opinion as a means to guide and create more opportunity and encourage new and refresh outlook.
In the past I didn't know HOW to decifer between the two different kinds of opinions that would come my way. Now, I'm better at it and that's because I pray ALOT. I take to the meditation...the quiet moment and reflect. Breath. I get still. This week, the folks I'm meeting with are major, accomplished, powerful. I'm so enthused because I will learn and grow and evolve. It reminds me of taking on a new adventure. My bags are packed. The bike is serviced and ready to go. I am prepared to greet opportunity which in turn equals a success.
Whatever the destination here, I will enjoy every single moment of the experiences this week. This is the road to Dreams come true. And the destiny is not in the hands of the big powerful people that I meet this week. It is in the palm of my great beautiful LORD and GOD, and by the POWER of the Holy Spirit that moves through the entire universe. My part...is to remain a willing human, a true character, a positive believer in attracting that which is good and fruitful and engaging to my talents bringing forth awesome projects to the world.
And you, dear reader, stay on the road to your dreams. Today, make a commitment to accomplish one thing towards making your dreams come true...even if it's just a phone call.
Peace, love and happy day....



Hello my dears.

I've gotten your e-mails asking Where is Sasha! since it's been quite awhile since I have written in my blog.

Well, as it is, right now I'm trying to finish up my book The Chrome Cowgirl Guide to the Motorcycle Life which is a fun, kitchy little read, sure to delight and fit in your back pocket to be taken along for the ride of your life...

Also, I have accepted my Chrome Cowboy's hand in marriage and so am planning a nifty elopement which has now turned into a backyard southern style gathering for this spring. Complete with a pig roaster and all the BBQ you'd want to feed upon. So, that just came up a few days ago. Quick switch from the fancy fairytale elopement in LaJolla to a backyard hoot and hollerin' honky tonk, tent city, BBQ in my new backyard on the Cumberland River.

Oh, and my husband to be bought us a new house. Not just a house...a freakin' PAD my friends. It is on the river...a total hippie house on the river. The folks that owned it before were loving and amazing with divine energy and angel attraction for sure. They have infused so much love and serenity on this property. There is a Japanese meditation garden and stone steps leading right into the drink. This is a dream, ya'll. I knew I could always live in my Vantastic down by the river, but now I don't have to....I can live in a real house down ON the river.

Two of my songs have been requested by the ever laudable Smithsonian Institute's new Smithsonian Channel documentary, "Sturgis" which will debut sometime next year. You can go to my Patrick's myspace and dig on the two songs that were mixed and mastered (and they are still not all the way done, but I got 'em as done as done for this awesome opportunity) www.myspace.com/patlassiter - listen to the songs here!

What else? Um, my darling best wind sister friend Betsy Huelskamp will be co-starring in the controversial Beyond Everest Discovery Channel mini epic adventure debuting on 10/30 -- 12/18 -- so go to the Discovery Channel website for listings. She's a tremendous inspiration and character for sure...quite beloved by many. Photos to come. http://dsc.discovery.com/convergence/everestbeyond/everestbeyond.html
Betsy and I will be revving throttle next week together in Los Angeles...so dig that!

Also, my book The Chrome Cowgirl Guide to the Motorcycle Life with Motorbooks International will be completed in a few weeks....it's awesome. My editor sent me some book covers that are just knock outs. What a tough assignment, you know why? Because I struggled to complete this project...and it was due to the many changes in my life...sort of like, the book was evolving as I was evolving and now it is such a God inspired, powerhouse little presentation. I started out with it being something other than what it is and now it has taken on a life of it's own. And that's bound to happen when you compose and let the creative spirit take you over...it just grows and evolves. It's set to arrive on book shelves in Spring 2008. I adore my editor because he is a beautiful soul. He understands the divine movement of creativity....or else he just tolerates this quirky little artist!

There are lots of other projects that I just can't wait to get to. I have a couple more books in me, that are eager to find a home: a fiction book and a children's book. And there are alot more after that.....

Let me close this and get back to it, my precious friends and readers. I need to pay attention, focus, focus, focus on my task at hand....writing my book...

U R loved by me!