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In it for the Long HAUL.

When I first committed to getting my music project completed, little did I realize it would take so many years.  From the moment you write and arrange to the opportunity and $ to record it takes a long time.  Often times, I wanted to just set the project aside 'til some pinpoint in the future because the frustration to see a project through with minimal resources just pillaged the creative joy of it.  I would not give up and forget about it.  I just had to set it aside until I could love the process again.

That's being in something for the long haul.

The long haul is to haul your dreams around because you just can't set 'em on the side of the road forever like trash.  Can you image how littered roadways would be if that were the case?  No, you have to keep those dreams alive for the long haul.  Even though the dream is not so front and center where it needs to be.  'Cause other things get in the way of that vision.  Like, I don't know, an epic flood, family turmoil, unemployment, illness....

When that dream is locked and stocked in your heart, it's there for the long haul.  Take it out.  Play with it.  Give it life.  Don't toss it on the side of the road.

Yep, that music project is on the way again.  It's been a long haul.


The LOVE of my LIFE.

(c) 2010 by Stacie Huckeba

The LOVE OF MY LIFE.  Is riding my motorcycle and all things related to riding my motorcycle.  Because everything in my life that is awesome has been brought about from the universe through my passion for riding.  Everytime I climb on my bike and take to the wind I feel the depth of my entire existence on this earth and how I am so connected to all things divine and good.  I feel rich with the awe of life beyond measure.  

Tigerlily is the name of my motorcycle because I believe that this girl is very naturally a tiger and a lily.  My motorcycle is an extension of my soul because it manifests the expression of that which is unnameable: God, Jehovah, Mother, Father, etc.   

No matter what the weather I love to ride.  My motorcycle and I weather the storms in life.  There have been times when I could not ride her because I didn't have the $$$ to even put her on the road so I would just sit upon her and dream.  The photo shoot that Stacy Huckeba www.imagesbystacie.com captured is The LOVE of my LIFE: riding MY motorcycle and my relationship with that bike.  She also beautifully captured my relationship with Patrick.  So that makes two LOVES of my LIFE.  Tigerlily brings color into my life lens and shows me a perspective on everything in a way I couldn't experience just standing still in my own jaded lens.  She brings purpose and she let's me know how fragile my life is and how precious my existence here on earth.

My motorcycle is so powerful way beyond the material presence of a machine.   She is my WORLD and she brings me an experience here on earth that I cannot imagine living without...TRUTH.  My motorcycle brings my dreams to life and she brought me my Patrick and my little pets, and music and a literary career and so many beautiful opportunities.  My motorcycle brings forth the TRUTH of my BEING:  Joy, Love, Laughter and deep contemplation.  She brings me friendship and family.   She weathers life's storms with me and drives me through the driving tears drops and let's me know that everything is gonna be okay.  My motorcycle has taught me LOVE of my LIFE.

Share with me how your motorcycle just may be the Love of Your Life.