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wild star

sweet night
candy dreams are hopeful
for this wild star to be rescued from someday
let another maybe someday
be preserved fresh to become this day soon and maybe sooner
sweet night
this wild star does not know her place in the sky --so adrift with someday soons

And it is upon the wild stars I wish
my every someday dream come true
faster than maybe.
Because in one place a wild star cannot stay always wishing for tomorrows to become todays. Let someday be todayand if maybe can be sooner may it become now.
For this wild star.

- lovechild writes '98 -'05

fair maiden

fair maiden
in this chaos
the golden challis
tips and spills
the unrequited will
to quench their thirst

and warrior souls
word drawn
traces a razor edge
along my heart
the golden challis
collects a scarlet reservoir that now
reflects the face of two
the unrequited
disappear inside their empty cups
and the fair maiden laughing, regains her innocence

copywrite: lovechild writes '98 - '05