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Chrome Won't Get You Home or will IT?

Society thinks it's okay to cover up the road maps around one's eyes which is the journey of where one has been.

Erase it with a knife. Stretch the skin. Why do we need to be stretched out to prove youth?

My youth is ahead of me as it's happening right now and happened since I was born.

I'll never apologize for advancing in years or live life with a frown over the fact. It's ridiculous.

Oh, society wants folks to cover up the sparkles in one's hair, that shining chrome that grows in glowing strands. Well, I've known folks who went totally chrome in their 20's. So what.

Well, ageless is what I am. I declare this. What I am. Forever a child at heart. I wear the sign of the cross.

God is not mocked.

I'm a showcase of His creativity, a piece of artwork if you please. If He decides that he'd like to put some bits of chrome through my hair. Well, okay. He's the artist. Silver streaks...

You are a piece of artwork, too, friend. You are a dream come true that was beheld by the Lord above before He birthed you onto this earth to the sound of ringing heavenly bells. And, to the tune of your own tune, that He created just for you. You see, we each carry our own song in our hearts that He sings to us as a lullabye. He sings this to you all the time and the angels accompany His booming voice.

So, be joyful and thankful for everything that you are and try to live in your right mind. All things righteous and true. LOVE be the first motive, because living youth is all about living your truth.

So I'll be ageless, you see, on the playground of life with my chrome sparkly hair someday because I'll always be simply me and appreciate the art of my humanity.

Thank you, God, for my breath. Thank you for my life. Thank you for this immediate experience right now and working through me right now as I compose this little essay.

Chrome will get you HOME to heaven's embrace at any moment if you simply accept your radiant beauty in and out, and give awesome gratitude to the blessed Creator who birthed you into a monumental selection of artwork: YOU.

Peace be with you...


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