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2 Wheels MOVE the Soul

My dear friends! I'm pleased to announce the release of my second single from my forthcoming album debut Spring 2010. The song is called 2 Wheels Move the Soul. Recorded in Nashville, it was co-written and co-produced by me. It features Trevor Finlay's stellar guitar performance and he also co-wrote the song. You'll also hear Brother Mike Holmes on Keys and Joe Caverly on fiddle. Patrick is on bass and he engineered and co-produced. I'm on vocals. Music and motorcycles are my favorite passion, along with writing. Motorcycles fuel my creativity. A music video will be forthcoming, too.

The band is called Sasha & Motoroadeo MMC (MotorMusic Club). We are all lovers of the open road, hot wheels, hot rods, hot bikes, hot cars and hot trucks....

Thank you so much for your support and belief in my creativity. This is the art of the journey and following your dreams and surely I encourage you to follow yours no matter how impossible they seem...all is possible through Christ. Remember, we are children of the Great Creator. Christ is the example of that kindred soul.

Peace and have a happy day filled with s'miles.


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Yes. I don't mind being called a biker chick and some girls hate it. I don't.

Riding motorcycles and the lifestyle is something I cannot be without. The lifestyle is to be completely yourself -- as edgy as you wanna be. Real deal, watch your back, love and truth. I am a biker chick and proud of it. I'm a rider and proud of it. I'm a person deeply immersed in the journey of my humanity and spirituality so I'm constantly evolving and exploring.

This talk lately in the female motorcycle industry about leaving out some girls who are too edgy, too biker chick and hard core has gotta stop. There are all kinds of girls who live to ride from all walks in life with enormously cool energy to contribute to the industry and lifestyle of female motorcycles riders, and just riders in general.

You ladies who think you have carefully and corporately defined what a female motorcycle rider is cannot shut out the girls who are hard core biker chicks, wild and free who live in the saddle. The ones who are like pioneering cowgirls, wandering the earth on their steel horses, completely content in their skin and wellbeing....so wild and free like the mustangs that roam the prairies. Do you think you will tame us? Oh, dear ladies, no. We, too, are very much WHY the women's motorcycle marketplace continues to grow.

God won't let you stop us from participating in events that long ago were pioneered by gypzies like Effie Hotchkiss.


To Confess Victory.

to confess victory is to only speak victory words. not victim words. in these tough times we must speak victoriously at all moments. victory words are loving words. words of encouragement, positive and uplifting. to confess victory is to confess abundance. there is creative power in the spoken word. that power is the law of nature. the law of life. victory is all there is. victory in the face of adversity. love in the face of hate. truth in the face of lies. uplift in the face of downtrodden. speak victorious in every single way no matter what your circumstances may be. course correct your speech at any time in order to become victorious. at any second victory is yours. confess your victory. i am teaching myself these things, too. photo by Bob Davis.

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Hope with action.

If you hope with action, you are there, in it, living the dream. On your way. No matter how small the steps may be.

Right now, my life is hope with action. Though, sometimes frustrating. Economic circumstances have affected my life and postponed dreams for me. Sure it is wildly frustrating, especially when you work so very hard to keep the dreams alive with very little resources.

Everyday I need to align myself with the Divine Source, the LAW of the Universe. My Sonshine, Jesus Christ. My Father/Mother aka God/Goddess. The supreme divine individuals like Gandi and Mother Theresa and Dali Lama and so many others. These supreme individuals who lived hope/faith and were in it daily, walking the path of their purpose, with small steps and giant leaps.

We need one another in our hope. Everybody's hope and life purpose is super valuable. Precious. Living your dream makes the world a sane place. Everyone has a bit of resources to help the other whether it be the spirit of encouragement, a tool of some sort, knowledge about a particular subject, connections to sources to aide the person on their journey, etc. Sharing is part of the journey to get people where they need to be, including ourselves. Giving of our selves and our talents. Understanding the value of our talents and life pursuits. It's not to say give everything we are away for free, but there are times where we must barter and share and assistant one another.

When you hope with action, you are in it. Focused and pushing every harder towards the goal, towards the dream. Hey, in a day you may only have five minutes to spend on the dream and maybe it's only in the form of journaling concepts. Maybe it's a phone call that needed to be made. But those daily actions add up.

Even when you fall down, or feel like a failure, you are at a place of course correcting and maybe the spirit of divine intervention is upon you offering you choices and turning the word NO into the acronym for NEW OPPORTUNITY.... with small spiritual signs directing you and you simply need to be OPEN MINDED.

That's where I am right now. My prayers are I dream of Jeannie like: Open doors, Open windows, Open the way, Clear the path even if that path is so off the beaten path I've got to search for it with YOU oh divine ONE guiding my way and I have NO (New Opportunity) idea where I am going.

My hope has faith action with it. My dear friends, no matter where you are on your blessed journey. Keep the faith. May your hope have action every day. The first and most important thing to all of this is to keep LOVE alive in your life and practice the art of LOVE everyday which is the foundation of hope and faith.

Peace and joy, and keep on s'milin:

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Give me a place to stand and I can MOVE the WORLD

This plaque stating the above is positioned in front of my writing space.

Amazing how many people will try to knock you down. So you cannot stand and enjoy your little place in the world. Because they refuse to stand in theirs and work hard to create their space. It's important that your place to stand also embraces action to improve the world. Every little bit counts.