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Freespirit unleashed....

Yes, it's that time of the year to unleash my freespirit on the road to Sturgis. This year is going to be some real fun. I'm filming for TWO projects. More on this later.

It'll be great to see my "family" out there. The freespirit unleashed is able to make deep friendships with folks that share a common bond: an insatiable love for the open road and all things two or three wheeled. Yes, this deep bond makes for everlasting family-style friendships.

I will be blogging about my experience along the way, and making my own little Flip video film footage for your entertainment.

Tomorrow Jasmine Cain, Jeffro, and me are caravaning up to South Dakota. Jasmine hails from cattle ranch land up there. She and I are going to ride horses on her family property, too. I don't think I'll get much time for music fun because filming is going to be fairly demanding on my time, but no matter...it'll be great.

I'm going to bring along my CD with the latest single Ridelicious which is being mixed and mastered over the next two weeks. Finally! It will then be debuted to the world after the book is released which is now on August 18th, not the 15th. Maybe Jasmine will play Ridelicious as her call to stage song....wink!

The last month has been tough. I've been grieving my daddy Poppi so hard core...it's been really a deeply moving experience. I don't care how spiritual one is, how quiet and centered you can make your soul, when a parent who you adore departs in physical form and then you finally realize it, holy cow. Tsunami of emotions and tears. Poppi departed in April...and all this time I had been stoic, not wanting to experience that huge wave that lay waiting behind my eyeballs. A nice pastor said that as soon as I felt it was time, to let it go. My Godmother also encouraged me to feel everything, go through it and don't fear.

So it took all this time. I wasn't ready. Couldn't face it and wanted to deal with it by not dealing with it. And then finally, last week, BANG! In the middle of the book store, the freespirit was unleashed and I began sobbing my soul to the point of turning inside out. I fled the store came home and collapsed into a heap. This lasted a long long long time. Then I fueled the flames more by looking at photos, reading Poppi's writing, all those kinds of soulful things...dang! Then these feelings led to me missing my family on supersonic levels. I pine to go back home to New York to be with every family member, be with my everlasting NYC friends who always have a comforting word accompanied by good food and dessert. You see, to reach out to the family meant to deal with the deep-seated grief that lay waiting to be released. Too much!

Until now.

I feel more peaceful than before, indeed. But there's always another wave to wash over me hanging in the background. Especially whilst trying to plan some sort of wedding. No Poppi in physical form to walk me across the patio in my backyard. No Poppi to physically waltz me around the patio to some sort of daddy's girl country ballad. Yes, he'll be there in spirit.... sigh, okay. There's no date set as of this time. Maybe soon.

This ride to Sturgis will be good. Contemplative and fun. Wall Drug hilarity. Badlands intensity. Black Hills spirituality. The freespirit unleashed to BE.

Having finally faced the initial tsunami of grief that had slowly risen over the last few months was a measure of letting go so Poppi's freespirit can equally be unleashed.


Don't ask why. Just Ride.

Don't ask why. Just ride. You don't have to have a reason to ride. You just get on the bike and wander around. Sink deep into your saddle and chillax.

Riding doesn't require a reason. It's a passion. It's a yearning...a longing in the soul to be out there. To connect with the adventure. The moment that has no "have to do" attached to it.

You don't need a reason to ride. You do it because you just must. It's a craving that is pulsing in your blood stream. Beats your heart.

Movement is part of the life of a rider. To move through....to experience.

Sturgis is around the corner. Bear Butte is standing tall and proud sweeping and swirling the clouds. Riders will be arriving soon.

Feel the spirit of the ride. Don't ask why. Enjoy the mystery.