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I just got back from Nashville yesterday. Yes, this motorcycle songstress was there meeting with beautiful, wonderful music folks who get it. They get it. Need I say more oh those who live and breathe the open road. I didn't have to explain. They understood.

Nashville is a great town filled with an artistic energy similar to NYC but certainly NOT as frantic. It's also got this hospitality vibe that makes you feel so loved and welcomed in someone's "home" -- meaning their "space" -- whatever that may be.

The riding is spectacular. I had the pleasure of a motorcycle jaunt with the handsome and talented guitar player of the MuzikMafia, Chris Sorenson, who is a musical and moto bro to me. We rumbled and rocked through Nashville on his custom H-D Fatboy. It was a fender squat for me....ol' skool, no pillion pad. But I made it work with a leather jacket and folded up towel under my buns.

Folks. While I was in Nashville, I carried the brotherhood and sisterhood of riders in my heart. Thought about how we all have this common love affair with the open road; how the road changes up and lures us to follow our hearts and be ourselves. The road helps us to solve problems and dream up solutions, take different routes away from the routine potholes that may plague our lifes.

My songs represent this. I write from the unity of our hearts and our road experiences and life experiences. This summer and fall I will be on the road to see you not only as the ever roaming journalist and photographer, but as a motorcycle songstress with a high octane kicking country rock band, to sing the songs of your heart, the shared common bond: our love for riding and the open road and our life experiences.

Nashville was a wonderful trip because they understand what that love is because, they ride hard and live free, too.



FallenEmbrs said...

Hi there! I'm not sure that this is the right place to put this particular comment but I just had to tell you that you are really an inspiration to me! I got my license and motorcyle (a fabulous Dyna Super Glide!) after watching you and the rest of the girls on Motorcycle Women a few months ago. I'd always thought about it before but seeing how strong and confident you were really gave me that extra push to go through with it...sooooo THANK YOU! =)

S a s h a said...

Hello sweet wind sister. Thank you so much for your kind note. Sure, you can post anywhere. God bless you and keep riding strong!


FallenEmbrs said...

Hi Sasha,
I wish you the best of luck with everything you persue and if you're ever out in CA and want someone to ride with, let me know. =)

Take care!