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Dream = GOAL

"A time existed when Americans were taught that a dream is goal but a dream without the work to achieve it is just a wish." - quote by Gail Collins column reader in the NY TIMES.

Like so many of my readers, I know the definition of hard work. Even though I have all these cool art projects and motorcycle riding opportunities...how do you think it all happens? Folks, I get letters from some of you saying how lucky I am. Well, I say blessed, however, none of it comes without super hard work and diligence and I need to refuel everyday by getting still, and speaking and writing my dreams and then doing them on a daily basis no matter what the circumstances are that could very well prevent me from achieving a goal. Nothing will stop the goal because it is vibrant and alive in my heart and I manifest it daily even in the smallest ways, if resources are lacking.

I know what it means to drag your ass to a job you really detest but you must go because you need the paycheck and then you feel really bad that you detest the job because you want to give it your all no matter what because you accepted the job because you need the money to survive, and therefore, you must do a fantastic job at the job that you can't stand; because you're that kind of person: non mediocre, and you strive for excellence, even though it seems impossible...because you just want to get the hell out of the work environment that you detest that brings your spirits low. You want to be in the dream, living it full force, achieving the goals, building upon the accomplishments and experiencing fascets of the dreams you didn't even know could be yours or existed! It is sheer ecstacy. Oh, yes! And it is these very thoughts that pull you through your circumstances.

Been there.

No matter what your circumstance, dream with action. Achieve your GOALS with actions. Speak it aloud and then DO it, regardless of the challenges that are in your life. Especially now-a-days with our economy the way it is, unemployment and lack, thereof, of resources unless you are plugged into wealth (education, funding, etc). Don't give up, my dear friends...keep on keepin on...your dream is worthy of daily action even in the smallest manner. Now is the time to be a super creator, an entreprenuer of sorts -- just like the stories you have heard where people created something from absolutely nothing. Ah! zero to 60. Floor that passion.

Perhaps the greatest soulful action of all is to PRAY, along with your physical and mental actions. Bond with your CREATOR and join forces with the power of divine source energy to receive awesome resources to achieve your dream in the most seemingly impossible situations.

Active goals are living, breathing reality. A wish is simply a nonexistent thought concept.

Be active with your dreams = goals.

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