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I got the Music in Me.

Mmmm. I'm sitting here at my part-time gig that supports my wild life on the road. It's a rather cool gig. It's secret.

Anyway, in an hour and a half I leave for Los Angeles to finish recording the final demos that will be presented to the esteemed music business people. Yes, some music business people are esteemed.

I have been sitting listening to my songs over and over, fine tuning them as my heart wishes to present them to you in truth, as the motorcycle songstress. An odd title to have given myself over the last few years. But I had no other way to describe myself as a performer to the music business folks.

Funny, I knocked on all kinds of record company doors and they all looked at me queerly, you know, with the visable question mark over their heads, even their nice rejection letters had lots of question marks as in: music and motorcycles? It made no sense to them AT all.

Well, yeah. It's called road music. It's timeless. But, at the time, it had remained a mystery.

But no more. Oh no. Now, we're like NASCAR or WWF to them. Well, 23 million motorcyclists in the country... and how many aspire to folks? Those general masses that love motorcycles and what the vehicle for freedom represents thanks to Discovery Channel.

Now the record companies are happy to descend upon our beloved rallies now, where we gather for the passion of riding, not the fashion, as my Deadwood Damsel wind sister, Meg, is happy to declare. I declare, too.

The music business has finally caught on that the motorcycle rallies are a valuable venue. So some artists are dressing up like bikers now. Writing songs about it, even if they don't ride. Well, whatever.

But, to me, my music (a blessing from GOD) is about sharing the gift of road music and roamance with my brothers and sisters whom I love so much....other riders who are about the passion.

The music business now accepting the motorcycle community as a viable marketplace is great for Miss Sasha, the motorcycle songstress. If, of course, they accept Sasha and the Gotham Rodeo gang. A bunch of rousing rocker hillbillies from NYC. When I say hill -- I'm talking, like, Murray Hill, or Borehm Hill.

My catalog of songs ranges from romance to road. Or I should say it is roamantic music, eh? A Sasha term. Refer to the Sashisms on the website....or the philosopha section under meet Sasha section has some too.

Well, I was approached to help a few artists "Get into" the motorcycle culture with their music. Hmmm. Certainly, I will always help folks.

Well, we love music and we love entertainment. But we also love entertainers who want to be there not to make their buck and leave, like we're just another giant marketing opportunity.... grab our dollars, pretend they love us and flat leave us -- no our culture is NOT LIKE THAT.

We're about loyalty...just review the success of the Harley-Davidson brand. Yes, it's clever -- it's about community and a lifestyle...but none the less, the motorcycle culture is a lifestyle.

See, we party. We love to celebrate. Music is part of the motorcycle celebration. Oh yeah!

So, any music folks and business folks who want to present their musical talents to our culture, oh please do so with love and respect for our wonderful community of riders. We celebrate life.

Many of us live and breathe our motorcycle experiences, our entire lives are about the freespirited ways and mindsets in which we live. We embrace one another, whether friends or strangers, as family because we share a PASSION. NOT A FASHION. (Right Meg?)

Thank you very much for understanding this. God bless you and keep the music true. Don't use the rally culture to make a quick buck and leave. Stay awhile. Celebrate the road with us.

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