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I'm dancing.  The 28th marks six months married to my man.  We're together five years total.  Having an amazing companion makes life so much more adventurous.  Love is eternal and keeping our marriage eternal is an art we engage in daily.


Harley-Davidson Sunglasses Review

Early this summer I decided to put these Harley-Davidson 5006 sunglasses to the test.  I loved the styling and thought I need to know if they are show and go.  Not just show.

They rock in the comfort department.  By far the most comfortable sunglasses I've ever worn.  Lightweight and well fitting.  The glasses did their job sun blocking and little did I squint.  My baby blues are super sensitive to light, too.   Stylistically, these shades went with all my outfits dressed up or down or bare....hahahaha.  I love the plain black with pink rhinestone Harley bar and shield decorating each  temple.  Classy.  Shiny.  Right up my Alley.   Wear 'em for the long haul or the short sashay.

Available in different colors, too.

Pick yourself up a pair.  You won't be disappointed.


Ditch the SH!T

Did ya ever wanna?  Just. Ditch. the. Sh!t?  That means ditch the stench of anything that doesn't work in your world.  Including people that suck your soul.  Including Sh!t that just don't float your boat. 

Ditch it all.

That takes guts.  It takes consuming fun joyful soul things in life that don't produce Sh!tty unhappy lifeless things. 

It takes really really loving yourself, to ditch all that drains you.

enuf is enuf.  I'm gonna smell some roses today and recreate my life.


Sasha & Motoroadeo MMC release an official Love Ride fundraiser song

Sasha and Motoroadeo MMC
release an official Love Ride fundraiser song

The Love Ride song is humbly dedicated to the incredible legacy of the annual Love Ride fundraiser event founded by Oliver Shokouh of Glendale Harley-Davidson. Written by an indie artist who truly does live to ride and works in the motorcycle industry, this song represents the passion to serve and help others in the motorcycle community.
"The goal is to make the Love Ride song the largest fundraiser tune in history because there are so many people in need and motorcyclists are known for their generous fundraising efforts worldwide. The more money raised the more causes can be supported," tells Sasha Mullins Lassiter, songwriter and performer with Motoroadeo MMC. She is best known as a journalist, author of the books Chrome Cowgirl and Bikerlady, and a motorcycle event manager for Jay Allen and Melissa Penland.

The Love Ride song fundraiser campaign will continue through 2012. A music video to support this project is forthcoming and will feature fun historical footage from the Love Ride. “I’m honored that Oliver and the Love Ride committee accepted this project. What he and his team have created with the Love Ride represents the giving heart of the motorcycle riding family. With the economic challenges facing charities these days, in my small way, I wanted to contribute to a foundation in our lifestyle that has the ability and resources to help all kinds of causes,” said Sasha.

Founded by Sasha and husband, Patrick Lassiter, the entity Motoroadeo MMC (MotorMusic Club) is comprised of various musicians who love motorcycles and cool cars and are gear heads.

The Love Ride, a 501(c)3 charity, began in 1984 to raise funds for children’s charities. Oliver Shokouh is Love Ride’s founder and owner of Harley-Davison® of Glendale located at 3717 San Fernando Road, Glendale, CA, an authorized dealer for Harley-Davidson® and Buell® Motorcycles serving customers since 1976. Information about Love Ride: www.loveride.org

The song is available at your favorite digital distribution site (Amazon, Rhapsody, Spotify, and many more).

Share the Love by downloading the song and passing these links along:



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