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Keep the faith.

Even when you feel like everything in your life has crumbled, remember that you are precious. Keep the faith. Keep the light burning within.

Exercise of the day: go to the library and rent a pilates workout dvd and strengthen your core.

Spiritual dish of the day: At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person.Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us. - Albert Schweitzer. He received the 1952 Nobel Peace Prize in 1953 for his philosophy of "Reverence for Life"

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Good good good vibrations

The vibrations of the whole world have been lifted to a point of incredibly hopeful and healing energy thanks to the election of President Elect Barack Obama. NO matter who you voted for, the history of America has been altered and we are now seen as a country who desires positive change. Mr. Obama has a huge job ahead of him. And we share in his challenge. He is not alone in this clean-up and redemption. Our beloved America has renewed hope.
For a man who walks a mile in our shoes...evident in the shabby shoes he wore throughout his campaign that revealed his grounded, solid nature and comfort in his stance -- the nation feels like one-of-us has been selected. We're all in this together...no matter who won.

The first person that I thought of when Barack Obama was presented as President-Elect, was Maya Angelou. I had tears of joy just thinking what she must be feeling after all she has stood for and has experienced in her long, illustrious life as an advocate for peace and healing.

Now, we as a world can cheer for change and all work hard together to be that change under the leadership of a man who understands...and is one of us.

Today's exercise is to walk a mile in your shoes and give thanks to your breath and life, and know that you are powerful and beautiful and whatever your situation -- you can be all that you are and weather the storm and embrace the sunlight of hope beyond the clouds.

Spiritual Dish of the Day: The Mastery of Love, Don Miguel Ruiz

Peace, love and healing,


Author of Chrome Cowgirl's Guide to the Motorcycle Life: a look at freedom and being.