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What makes folks tick?

What makes folks tick? The heart. But what is the heart filled with? Love or hate? Pride or humility? War or peace? Happy or sad? The heart pumps blood through the body as a physical function, indeed.

But what really makes folks tick? That's right. The mind. The mind. The heart I like to think of as the subconscious part of ourselves. It's effected by what the mind thinks. How IT ticks.

Right minded thinking in the grace of righteousness is a holy place to be, to move through life. It is not easy. Because the mind has to completely focus on the highest divine ideal at all times, in every move and decision. It takes a very long time, a life time to get this right. And then most of us don't anyway, but at least we try.

To have a change of heart is to have an overhaul on the subconscious. For that to happen, the mind has got to be programmed for right thinking. And when we endeavor to lead a life of love and righteousness, oh a whole lotta change is gonna come through and through.

We abandon the ol' habits, the ol' routines. We abandon our lifestyles that don't work anymore, that stray us from the divine path.

Right now, what makes Sasha tick? Divine Love, Divine Intellect, right thinking. My Jesus! God I love Jesus. So awesome. A super cool spiritual entity become human. He's all about truth. Truth is what makes me tick.

Now I may foul up sometimes and approach things in a way that makes people think differently because I'm wildly enthusiastic about life and sometimes a big personality who's like a child who's about to get their favorite toy at the toy store, can make folks back up.

Just today I got an e-mail from a person whom I adore in business who was taken aback at my enthusiasm regarding a project, as I was just brimming with new ideas and happy things in an e-mail to that person.

Kinda felt like a puppy that'd been kicked. But I knew MY truth so did not give my reaction to the e-mail any power. I approached the situation with a genuine enthusiasm, inquiring on a business level about things I didn't know about and certainly admitted to that in that e-mail.

My truth was pure enthusiasm and joy about a great project that had inspired many people in which I was involved. But I had to apologize. My naietivity about business coupled with my creative nature was a bit too much I guess. But there are many of us that are a bit too much. Simply too much. Gotta turn the flame down on that passion. MMMM? That's tough for me.

Kind of like the way Jesus spoke on the Sermon on the Mount. Oh, he was wildly enthusiastic, loving and extremely unique about his presentation. And some disliked him. A whole bunch of somes disliked him and eventually nailed him. But, most loved him. And in the end truth won.

However, we all get nailed sometimes to keep us quiet. Especially those who just can't simmer down, you know? You can slow cook, sure, but to keep that flame on low heat is sometimes really difficult when you're so filled with life.

And how did we come to tick? Through our experiences no matter how crazy, upsetting and so on, we learned to tick from our experiences, but our experiences do not really equate to the high divine truth of things in a great many cases. The truth is love. LOVE is pure. Truth is pure. We could go through the most hellacious, traumatic experience, but through it all there is a divinity at work which is the truth of all things. But the real ticking to be syncronized with is that of the heartbeat of the heavenly Father! Yes, the Universal King....whomever that is for you. GOD.

So, surely the world would be a great place if truth and love reigned in our mind and therefore benefiting our hearts. We would approach things carefully and with a right-mind. These things equal divine intellect, but divine intellect operates on truth and love, not on ego (edging God out), not on hate, not on pride. Simply on truth and love from righteous thinking which equates to a peaceable kingdom and many happy folks.

U R Love. And remember that divine power is always yours.

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