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She's Finding Her Voice...

Today I sat and composed a most awesome tune by the grace of GOD, inspired by this great book I'm reading about the saga of women in country music, more like the history of these great ladies.

It reminds me of us, the women of today, grinding out a living, squeezing minutes we don't have out of our very souls, to make time, to serve needs. The needs of our families, husbands, careers, friends and kids, with little bit left over for self.

But, women, are we self serving? Mostly not. There's no time to be.

YOu know....the manicure that you keep postponing until...when? When will be convenient? It's always, well, after we do this or that for someone else...or someTHING, needing our attention.

Time that we find our voice...find our voice, because when we cry aloud, we cry from the songs in our hearts...bubbling up from the core....we sing out for answers....question....wonder....the notes arising from the hearth. Yes, the hearth.

What is YOUR voice, meaning, YOUR place, YOUR purpose? What is YOUR VOICE? Beyond the drone of another whining for YOUR attention....

Listen to YOUR voice.

Find your voice.

What is mine? Well, I'm still crying out in song. So, I'll let you know later...

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