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The Art of Life.

"The art of life is to live in the present moment, and to make that moment as perfect as we can by the realization that we are the instruments and expression of God Himself." - Emmet Fox - author of the book: Sermon on the Mount

Now is the time for all divine things to be made manifest. In the present moment as you draw a breath and release and move forward to the next moment a revelation, revolution and realization is taking place -- if one will allow such a gift.

God does set us free. Freedom in its entirety is available at any moment. Liberty. Justice. All through the art of life. Life as a manifestation that God works through a willing servant to be the full expression of divinity: divine intelligence, divine love, divine wisdom.

At any time, at any moment we can utter the words "Divine Intelligence is working through me now"* and "God is inspiring me."* These are words that allow the stroke of divine art to be manifest in one's life. We as beings of creativity as we allow divine expression of the master artist to be manifest through us.

The power of life is the power of God present in one's life to bring forth the ultimate truth in one's life. The ultimate purpose and destiny: thus the Art of Life. By allowing ourselves the ability to trust and have favor for that which we cannot see, it draws us to the well spring of divine conscious and divine living, a supreme representation and realization of Art as Life, and Life as Art.

But nothing can be achieved, no art in one's life unless one can realize and be blessed with the realization which is the experience -- the undeniable experience of the Holy presence of OUR Father in our lives. Every experience is sacred and individual. We can only experience directly unto ourselves.

Like, as Emmet Fox explains, we can only eat food for ourselves. We can have all the servants in the world do for us, but they cannot eat food for us. They can prepare it and serve it, but an individual must eat and digest the food for themselves. There it is for the realization of the Art of Life. The realization (experience) of ourselves as artwork, as a manifestation of divine creativity through the Father's movement through us. The Father as the FOOD, the Nourishment, of our existence.

The Art of Life is a blank canvas, mirroring the emptiness of the desert. Barren, with no color, awaiting something to give it life. And sometimes the life is simply in the pattern of the sand, or the single blossom on a cactus, the mood of the sky, the movement of a small creature, and so on. Our individual canvasas await the stroke of Our Father, if we will let him be the author, the artist in our life. If become the willing canvas for the Father to express himself upon and through....to touch the lives of others throught the represenation of his ARTFUL presence within us.

The Father is so surprising, working wonders through our beings as we allow him to have full reign. His full reign is our full awakening, our full presence on this earth. As we are created in His image, though many do not want His image or His movement because they think He will bore us, make us like everyone else and remove our individuality. But it is quite the contrary. God is NEVER Boring, but full of LIFE! Celebration! Passion for TRUTH! Passion for CREATION. To be bored is a lack of engaging in LIFE, and thus a lack of allowing the SUPREME ARTIST, the FATHER to Move as the consummate artist through our beautiful beings that He can make manifest a joyful life for us. God is not a BORING GOD. He's way cool, and He's way fun.

The LORD has created us as individual expressions of Himself, and this is echoed and made a reality in the writings of Emmet Fox as well, and that of Paramahansa Yogananda and so many who have allowed themselves to be full and divine expressions of the Father.

The Father delights in a joyful life. The Father is all good and all powerful and all knowing. The destructive experiences that have occured in this life are not the Father willingly promoting such ill-fate. Never.

The Art of LIFE is our mindset...this is the purity of the canvas. The reason of the Canvas. The mindset is the stage. It is how the lights are lit and how the performance unfolds. It is where the scripting occurs and thus life is made manifest. The scripting that God offers are words of LOVE and the continuous well spring of Divine Intellect. That is the foundation of the ART of LIFE. The performance that unfolds is to be joyful and precious. Purposeful and meaningful with positive effect for the world and mankind. Again, none of this can result unless we as the canvas provide permission to our Father as the artist to place a stroke upon our slate.

Prepare to live the Art of LIFE in all it's glory because miracles occur in that place. Miracles are regular occurances in the DIVINE because all is possible according to God's will made manifest in a willing human for which our individual lives, our breath is designed for all that is Good if we wish to align and drink from the well spring of goodness. Allow your mind to think in bold, loving, dramatic brush strokes!

Now, many who have known me before have seen when I have lost my footing in the past and have fell into a sadness, a curious place of remorse because none of what I had mentioned was truly ingrained into my subconscious at a level which would have an in-depth permanance that was my well spring from which to draw the divine waters to wash away iniquities which were so harmful for my life.

I am challenged with many great temptations as we all are. I have had to work very hard and with great diligence to align myself to accepting my life as art. My presence as worthy in this world. My presence as a divine instrument for the full expression of GOD. First I had to admit that I was worthy! Second I had to admit and accept the reality and truth of the talent that God has so blessed upon me and these ways in which HE wants to divinely express HIS presence through little me.

God is working many miracles in my life right now, because I have gotten to a place of deep forgiveness for those who have trespassed against me, and forgiveness for myself, in all ways. I release all those who have caused harm to my life, and thus I forgive myself for allowing the harm to affect my life. I've had to declare and declare daily to those I have forgiven: I love you all and wish you well. I wish you artful living and much joy. I wish you truth and happiness. I wish you divine purpose and miracles and a connection with the Holy Spirit in such a way to bring you Divine Truth and Divine Love in all things. In all thoughts, actions and deeds.

My Art of Living is defined through the art of motorcycles, music and writing. God expresses himself through a twist of the throttle, through the song in my heart, through the words that flow from my finger tips as written expression. I am blessed. So blessed. I feel like I am in the height of romantic love as this divine dopamine saturates my being.

In all my humble presence all I ask is that I am able to be a humble channel for divine expression which will allow God to fully manifest the height of DIVINE Love and Intelligence and thus placing healing jewels into the hearts of all in the world, through my willingness to have this GREAT ARTIST utilize my heart, my soul, my physicality as His DIVINE Expression in all ways that He pleases.

I pray that this essay inspires all who read to sink into the beauty of their presence in this world. You are all so precious indeed, beautiful representations of God's Divine Intelligence and LOVE. So there is no need to ever be sad because even when we are facing the most enormous challenges in one's life, we must open our hearts, our souls, our minds, to the Great Artist -- open ourselves to the HEALING presence of Divine Truth and Divine Restoration.


* these quotes are from Emmet Fox's Sermon on the Mount book.
Dig more cool Emmet Fox here: http://website.lineone.net/~cornerstone/emmetfox.htm

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