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You Don't Fit the Format: Miss Motorella is a misfit.

I was told that my music doesn't fit the format. Miss Motorella didn't quite know what to say.

Lots of artists don't fit the format and make it, because they didn't fit the format. I wonder if angels who sing on high are told, you don't fit the format.

I've never fit in any format. I've been a geek all my life. Yes, folks, a coke bottle eyeglass wearing geek. But I have contact lenses now. For all my years I've been this miss motorella, misfit misformat. miss thang.

Bikers don't fit the format of anything. I should rephrase that. People who seek freedom and escape from the formats of life, the routine, the same ol, and ride a motorcycle as their vehicle to meet their truth in the wind, don't fit a format.

Motorcycle shows became wildly popular because none of the folks have a format, except the basics of mathematics to build and make a schematic of a bike.

So, I write music about life, motorcycles, love, God. Anyway, here's a song that I wrote and demo'd for my beautiful brothers and sisters of the lifestyle.

I was going to sing it at the Academy of Country Music Awards Motorcycle Rally in Las Vegas, but I had to get a sponsor to get me there and dough for the charity, but was unable to find the support, so since I'm an unsigned artist, I was as low as low a priority could be. Even if I am a lover of the lifestyle, a participant. Live and breathe by the ride....you know.

But, not in God's eyes am I a low priority. That's cool. And you all are super high priority in my eyes. U R LOVED.

Here, friends, someday soon I hope you'll hear my music on the radio, on the TV, on the internet so that you can always feel like living & riding free at any moment. God bless you precious friends:

copyright 2004 Road Diva Music ASCAP/Gompson Songs BMI

Don't look for me baby
I've disappeared in the wind
I'm a rockin' N a rollin' down the highway
motorin' to places I've never been

I wanna taste freedom
feel the wind in my hair
trippin' off to paradise
some will call me crazy but I don't care

i love to rock it
i love to roll it
i love to ride my motorcycle like I stole it

rock n roll
n motorcycle soul
grab a hold
rev it up n let it go
rock n roll
n motorcycle soul

gonna ride ride ride my motorcycle
all day and into the night
every party that I find I'm gonna stop
have myself a real good time
do you wanna feel some freedom?
feel the wind in your hair?
come on ride along now
there's plenty of road to spare.

and we can rock it
we can roll it
we can ride our motorcycles like we stole 'em

rock n roll
n motorcycle soul
feel the rhythm of the road
deep inside your soul
rock n roll
n motorcycle soul

isn't that what life's about?
kickin' back n hangin' out?
you and me ride this land of liberty
hittin sturgis and we're just livin' free! oh yeah!

repeat chorus out.


Mimi said...

Hi Sasha-
Mimi here... How much does it take to get a sponsor and $$ for the charity?

I'm always reading your blogs, they have a way of grounding me.

Anyhow, my ex-brother in law works for Caroline Records on 27th St. Last I heard, he's one of the marketing guys. Would anything like that help?


PS. I wish I had the $$ to give you :)

S a s h a said...


you've got something else precious far more valuable than $ and that's the love of being a windsister to me. i'd love to speak with your friend at Caroline Records...that'd be great.

Mary said...
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