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Guess what. Forgiveness rocks. Just let go. Forgive the person that wronged you. Just do it. No excuses. No "I have the right to be angry" anymore. Just don't give it another thought.

Let the wrong doer go. Like cutting the ropes of a row boat at a dock of a seaside town. Cut those ropes with the target forgivee sitting in that small row boat without an engine and watch them drift away. Wish them bon voyage. Let 'em go. They are no longer in your port o life.

Why do this? Because the energy it takes to stay angry, to hate, to be negative with the wrong doer is so valueable and ought to be directed towards something precious in your life....like you...or your family...or better yet, towards nurturing your dreams, and good things.

You could have been wronged beyond speakable. You could have been violated beyond what could be humanly acceptable. You could have been judged and critized and lied to and falsely accused of all kinds of horrible stuff and you could have seemingly had your lifestyle or career destroyed by the wrong doer. Oh yes! You could have been physically violated, tortured and more. You could have been left for Tuesday's trash, kicked to the curb, crushed and pooped on.

But cut the ties of that row boat and let it drift away. Gone. Bon Voyage. And wish that person healing and love because guess what, in the rough seas of life? Who do you think is going to be the only presence that can save them? You got it. So release them into the choppy seas of karma and let God deal with them. But you can love them from the dock and send little thoughts to ripple out which will be of kindness and love that will still the waters of their raging souls.

Oh, and don't forget to cut the ties of that row boat that contains some of the old you that you've had to forgive. Those old crappy things that you dwell on, regret, and so forth. Make peace with yourself. Lovingly forgive yourself. Be gentle and be kind to yourself. Transform yourself by taking a dip in that sea, and returning anew.

Peace be with you and may I say that forgiveness is absolutely all that it is said to be. And more. I've had to forgive some horrifying violators, trespassers, and so on who had hurt my little journey. I love them and wish them all well. Bon Voyage! May they Lord still the waters for them.

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