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A beautiful man and his little boy blue.

I had a lovely weekend. Spent some time with this beau that I find rather wonderful. He has a little boy with bright blue eyes, blond hair and a darling smile. He's a little boy blue. The little guy is a mini version of his daddy, the big guy.

They are both treasure trove personalities: big, animated, loving and super smart. The two of them together are a delight. Spending time with them this weekend really warmed my heart. I needed to experience a little family, you know?

This child spun a fabulous storybook fable all his own. He spoke using great animation to accompany his tale for such a little guy, and then he'd stop and say to me, "Oh there's more. Do you want to hear more? "

Of course I did. Especially, I was fascinated with his story telling, being a story teller myself. To hear a tiny four year old be so confident in his fabulous short story presentation, all his own little creation ---why, this was more entertainment than going to see a rock band down town. It was so sweet to be in this little guy's company. Oh, he made me laugh and laugh.

Now the big guy, his daddy. Oh, flutter my heart. Flutter heart indeed. This guy is European and American...perfect blend. Tough New York City contractor, yet an amazingly sensitive and creative man, too. An intellectual with a marvelous artistic way about himself. He also has the dashing debonair style to himself as he speaks of music, art, food --- all the sensual things in life.
Music, motorcycles and the open road is what we share in common among many other things. He's wildly into Rasta...Reggae mon and one love. One love, oh yes, this is my kind of language.

But, being the shy beauty that I am, I just observed father and son through my safe soul window. Yes, I watched this scene unfold: my friend and his child interacting as I had the pleasure of spending two snowy nights with them, watching movies, and so on.

He lives in the ghetto in a wonderful penthouse style apartment. An up and coming neighborhood. You just watch it'll be the happening cool place in a year or two and all the cool artists are going to have to drag their guitars, paint brushes and ballet slippers to another ghetto. But, if this cool big guy has anything to do with it, that community will stay pure...

I love the ghetto, so much more depth to the painting in the neighborhood there. He's a fairly strapping fellow so it's no challenge for him to walk the neighborhood. But for me in all my crazy style, I do stick out like a new form of entertainment in the 'hood. So I need to be a little careful after, say, midnight descending into the subway in that area. But nonetheless it's a great location. The starry view of midtown Manhattan from his acre of terrace is breathtaking

Okay, back to being shy, as I digressed into real estate and location.

I am shy with a new potential relationship. SHY. I feel like a kid on the first day of school. Silly, I know. If I was a femme fatal like Carrie on Sex & the City, I would have already hooked, lined and snatched him up, yep, with smoke trailing I'd be so lightening fast. But I'm more about the making of a good soup, keep it on a low flame, slow cook. Or more like the cautious priestess checking out the scene, surveying the perimeter of the potential union, then peeking inside the Pandora box to see what will emerge before I fling open the lid and dive in.

It's interesting how we sit and contemplate what it would be like to be with the new person as a serious mate, marriage--you know, the whole scene. It's fun to imagine. It's safe to imagine. But to step out and cultivate the imagination into reality. Hmmm....what to do. And how do you get the signal from a man who has a small child to supervise, that he may indeed feel something for you? I've never been in this situation before.

And what would it be like to be a step mom? Oh my sister thinks it would be the perfect arrangement for me. The man's never been married, but has a young child and the child already has a mommy, so I would be like another guardian in the boy's life, but as part of a support team, supporting my man and cultivating a peaceful, loving home environment as a female figure in that household. Okay, sounds great. Plus I could still pursue all of my career endeavors and continue to be like a big kid myself! Then the best for me is that it would be a first time marriage for the both of us. STOP IT!

Okay, now back to reality. The guy is just my friend. Sure I sometimes like to think what it would be like to be more. But, I felt such an enormous GIFT this weekend just being in this man's presence with his little child. To see a man so passionate, sensitive and strong interact with his son; to experience the gift of this man's tough New York City personality which is also that of an efferescent European gentleman was so fantastic for me. Fantastic! Because his personality so wonderfully compliments mine. So, I am blessed to have these two wonderful fellows...the big guy and the little guy as dear, sweet friends.

To little boy blue and the big guy:
σ' ευχαριστώ χρυσέ-ή μου. Δείτε επίσης

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