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Hippie, Gypzy, Biker Chixie. Yep, that's me. www.bikerlady.com and www.chromecowgirl.com - my websites and I welcome your comments in this blog called Down the Road a Peace. Because, after all "do you wanna a peace of me?" : ) I'd love to hear your thoughts, so share them here. Personalize the topic and make it your own by sharing your own experience relative to the topic at hand, or let's create a new topic. U R Loved by Me.



Hi my dears. I haven't been blogging as much. Because there's toooo much on my plate these days and to blog I have to be sitting in front of a laptop computer. I know, I'm being so vintage, right? I mean, if I had an I-Phone or some kind of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious sort of technovibrational phone medium with all the bells and whistlestops, I could create these blogs and posts on the fly while standing on my head. I'd love that. So, let me save up for one because I think I'm the perfect candidate for such a hi-powered communication tool.

an interview of me by Iowa Harley Girl

Did this article that Stephanie did of me for her awesome blog, earlier this year. She did such a fine job and I never did get to post it here.