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What if your life is anything but fascinating?

You know, meaning you haven't done anything obviously extraordinary like travel the world, make a million dollars, discover the next great whatever, brainstorm the coolest gadget, star in a movie, things like that. But what if you life is freakin' fascinating just because it's yours? Because it is.

For instance, the reason why your life is so incredible is because it's your life. That's what makes your life fascinating....deeply fascinating. The life you live, is only yours, nobody elses. How you live affects others, yes, if you're mean and horrible or delightful and kind...no matter what - there is a ripple effect to the way you behave and conduct your life.

There's NO ONE like you and you have special gifts and talents and a beautiful destiny. Even though you're struggling or not sure what your purpose is, or that your life is routine, boring dull = this all equals the makings of an extraordinary life because it is yours. It's all YOU, baby!

You make your life fascinating. No One outside of you can do that. I don't care who you meet that changes your life. You make your life. Your life is what you make of it.

So make if fascinating, as you wish...as you desire. You've got a PERFECT CANVAS called YOU. So create your life....using all the resources you have and make up the ones that you don't have....there's no lack...only alternatives.


what mom says.

My mother says that I shouldn't discuss ol' flames and disgruntled moments on my website. Only discuss happy stuff and fun stuff. Well, that'd be wonderful if life was truly like that happy and fun all the time.

We can make our life happy and fun, by choice. By decision. To decide from a specific point in time, like right now....make a declaration: okay, from now on my life is going to be happy and fun only and any time it approaches or suggests something otherwise I will refuse it.

Hmmm. Earth is a challenge. Life is a journey and everybody says that but do we know truly what it means, to journey? To take a slow and steady step forward and greet opportunity, travel on to different paths, cruise different highways. Maybe some we planned, maybe some we didn't.

Choosing to hang with a person in a romantic capacity is whatever it will be if we made the choice we hang with it and see what happens. Sometimes it's amazing, beautiful and delightful; sometimes it's not at all compatible. We get into trouble when we try to make it work. It's the same as going down the wrong road and trying to make that road lead to the destination that we desire, but it's heading an entirely different direction. You know what I'm talking about here!

There you are riding along on this road, trying to MAKE that road lead to your destination. It's like planning a trip to Connecticut, but you're on 70 heading west. But, you are determined to make highway 70 lead to Connecticut....though we both know, no matter what you do, highway 70 is heading west and you can't make that route go to Connecticut.

The solution is to about face and take another route. Venture away from route 70 that will not lead you to your destination. So, there I discuss in my blogs, for all to see, the sour routes that I may have taken in life that would lead me astray, off the path, away from my destination. Then, the arduous task of backtracking, re-routing begins and depending upon how far away you traveled, will depend upon how much time it's going to take you to return to the best path for you.

I like to humbly share the real journey of my life. Because it's the way we all unite and bond...to show our truths, our faults, our fears, and then how we overcome obstacles. I'm just a silly human who makes mistakes, though I try NOT to make too many mistakes. I do. I make wrong decisions. Don't we all? Especially in the department of choosing a mate, a career, a location to live, and on and on.

But we hopefully learn from our stray moments. Sometimes meandering and getting lost is awesome. Not having a planned destination and letting the wind carry you where you need is important. You rely on your hyper awareness and intuition...therefore, are you really ever lost, then?

Mom, I share these blogs with the many folks because we all need to get real. To bring hope, to share with folks, to inspire people.

Right now, the truth is that I've been hurt by an employer who has not paid me my paycheck at all for this month, January. I have lots of bills due. I committed heartily to the project for which I was hired and contributed plenty, and now, I'm stranded out here perhaps on the wrong road, too. I've got to check my map. Time to live off the quarters I saved up. That's okay. I'm a survivor. This is disappointing, yes. But the employment climate is not at all the same as long ago. You work, and maybe you'll get paid. It's a big coo if you get health insurance. It's been a long time since I could secure a job with health benefits. You just don't get health benefits when you work as a bartender, most times. Especially a honky tonk bartender which means I don't know how to mix all those fancy drinks with the umbrellas and funny colors. I just make a mean Jack & Coke, Crown & Water, Yagerbomb, you know what I'm talking about here.

My father and mother were once sticklers that I have a job with health benefits. And just so I wouldn't suffer their verbal wrath, hell yeah, I'd have my butt a job with benefits, even though I despised the job. I lived that way for along time, forgoing all my dreams, my truth of who I am, living a lie. Living in a way which to me was a big fat bummer. But then I realized, holy moly, I'm on the wrong freakin' road here? And then I had to consult my map....but I realized, crap I lost my map, too.

So, there it was time to just become aware...heightened awareness....really sink into my soul and ask for guidance. Damn I had NO map. So I had to rely on divine guidance.

Thus, here I am today, after many years of winding around the earthly possibilties, trying to be true to my parent's desires and may I add, protective desires, for me to be a regular kid and have a job with health benefits. I could no longer exist in the traditional work environment because it was killing me. I was dying. Because I was on the wrong path.

What mom says now? "I just want to see you happy!" Well, this makes me happy: inspiring folks. Lifting hearts, smiling souls, providing hope. Those, my friends, are the sign posts that you are on the right path.



Welcome to 2007

Did you ever have this feeling that your life has suddenly entered a new dawn? For real this time?

This year I feel like my life has entered such a transformation. Actually it began a mere few months prior to 2007's debut. See, having worked real hard over the last several years trying to get my projects off the ground I just surrendered. Here, God, take 'em. Sort 'em out. Give back what you want me to do.

So God did. My Universal Divine Poppa is smiling while He is opening the doors of opportunity that I was pounding upon and kicking at trying to force down. "Girlie, if you want to enter, just turn the knob, no need to kick the door in."

I realize now that I have been kicking down doors and climbing through locked window PAINS. When all I had to do was be still and freakin' turn the handle, unlock the window. Gentle. Just get gentle with the opportunity.

What happens, I think, is that frustration ends up rooling the roost and we forget to just drift a bit...albeit with the height of awareness because awareness, after all is the key that unlocks opportunity. If you are aware, if you are prepared, you can meet the opportunity successfully.


Oh, well I was aware alright, prepared alright, but kicking the door down instead of cooly turning the handle. Get a grip. Get a handle. Open. When you don't have a grip on the handle, then you loose your focus, your awareness. Because after all, if you were AWARE and had a GRIP you would have known to get the HANDLE on the DOOR to OPPORTUNITY.

So, this is where my little headspacey is at. Surrendering all I know, all I am, all I WANT AND NEED, to my LORD which is my higher self anyway. And I will this. I do this by writing. Journaling and speaking aloud all that I WANT and NEED out of this life. DETAILING those desires as a means of getting a grip. And then I just let these lil' goals drift out into the ethers to meet the destiny planned for me. Because if I truly know what I WANT and thusly allow the things that I may not be thinking of drift on over to me due to my surrendering episode, then lots of amazing things happen.

You live your purpose. You got a grip on the handle to the door of opportunity. So, I have stepped inside and I'm taking a look around and enjoying the opportunities behind door labeled SASHA'S PURPOSE.

Dear friends and readers, go on....welcome 2007. Yes, you want to diet, quit smoking, all these resolutions. I would like for you to resolve to learn exactly what it is that you want, truly deep in your heart NO MATTER what it is. Write it down in your dream journal as a surrender to your Father in heaven, the UNIVERSAL perfection. Which is NATURE and the LAW OF NATURE. And get your awareness key all ready. Take grip of that handle, and enter at your WILL.


Best wishes for a spectacular and adventurous 2007. May all your dreams become reality according to your divine purpose and may you enjoy the gift of pure awareness which is your inherent truth. Also, take the bad with the good, even though it may be rough going because you never know what good will come of it. When the going gets rough, the tough get going. We all have to meet hardships, but your strength is extremely deep and dynamic....tap into it.

Be your best in all you do because life matters. Live well and with divine energy to achieve all you desire. Take good care of your beautiful body and if you need improvements physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, dig in and revive your incredibly gifted self. Take the first step towards complete wholistic living which means: Be wholly you. Live wholly you. And your entire existence will be HOLY.


Love and sunshine, and cleansing rain!