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Hi my dears. I haven't been blogging as much. Because there's toooo much on my plate these days and to blog I have to be sitting in front of a laptop computer. I know, I'm being so vintage, right? I mean, if I had an I-Phone or some kind of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious sort of technovibrational phone medium with all the bells and whistlestops, I could create these blogs and posts on the fly while standing on my head. I'd love that. So, let me save up for one because I think I'm the perfect candidate for such a hi-powered communication tool.

an interview of me by Iowa Harley Girl

Did this article that Stephanie did of me for her awesome blog, earlier this year. She did such a fine job and I never did get to post it here.


Today is my BIRTHDAY

Today is the reminder day of my spiritual being becoming a physical presence. I'm reflecting about how my little soul was probably really jazzed about this evolutionary experience. And, so, today I'm tapping into what it's like to totally be a soul without this physical presence and then it dawned on me, okay, that's what would be really cool to do ALL the time. Just be SOUL. And let SOUL. and DIVINE. totally lead the physical action. Shoot, I know that. But I feel like I'm in a super NOVA conscious about this today. Furthermore, this action is what my motorcycle does for me everytime I saddle up. She reminds me of my spiritual being become physical, in order that I may let the spirit operate the controls of my motorcycle. I am spirit in the wind.


Dream = GOAL

"A time existed when Americans were taught that a dream is goal but a dream without the work to achieve it is just a wish." - quote by Gail Collins column reader in the NY TIMES.

Like so many of my readers, I know the definition of hard work. Even though I have all these cool art projects and motorcycle riding opportunities...how do you think it all happens? Folks, I get letters from some of you saying how lucky I am. Well, I say blessed, however, none of it comes without super hard work and diligence and I need to refuel everyday by getting still, and speaking and writing my dreams and then doing them on a daily basis no matter what the circumstances are that could very well prevent me from achieving a goal. Nothing will stop the goal because it is vibrant and alive in my heart and I manifest it daily even in the smallest ways, if resources are lacking.

I know what it means to drag your ass to a job you really detest but you must go because you need the paycheck and then you feel really bad that you detest the job because you want to give it your all no matter what because you accepted the job because you need the money to survive, and therefore, you must do a fantastic job at the job that you can't stand; because you're that kind of person: non mediocre, and you strive for excellence, even though it seems impossible...because you just want to get the hell out of the work environment that you detest that brings your spirits low. You want to be in the dream, living it full force, achieving the goals, building upon the accomplishments and experiencing fascets of the dreams you didn't even know could be yours or existed! It is sheer ecstacy. Oh, yes! And it is these very thoughts that pull you through your circumstances.

Been there.

No matter what your circumstance, dream with action. Achieve your GOALS with actions. Speak it aloud and then DO it, regardless of the challenges that are in your life. Especially now-a-days with our economy the way it is, unemployment and lack, thereof, of resources unless you are plugged into wealth (education, funding, etc). Don't give up, my dear friends...keep on keepin on...your dream is worthy of daily action even in the smallest manner. Now is the time to be a super creator, an entreprenuer of sorts -- just like the stories you have heard where people created something from absolutely nothing. Ah! zero to 60. Floor that passion.

Perhaps the greatest soulful action of all is to PRAY, along with your physical and mental actions. Bond with your CREATOR and join forces with the power of divine source energy to receive awesome resources to achieve your dream in the most seemingly impossible situations.

Active goals are living, breathing reality. A wish is simply a nonexistent thought concept.

Be active with your dreams = goals.

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2 Wheels MOVE the Soul

My dear friends! I'm pleased to announce the release of my second single from my forthcoming album debut Spring 2010. The song is called 2 Wheels Move the Soul. Recorded in Nashville, it was co-written and co-produced by me. It features Trevor Finlay's stellar guitar performance and he also co-wrote the song. You'll also hear Brother Mike Holmes on Keys and Joe Caverly on fiddle. Patrick is on bass and he engineered and co-produced. I'm on vocals. Music and motorcycles are my favorite passion, along with writing. Motorcycles fuel my creativity. A music video will be forthcoming, too.

The band is called Sasha & Motoroadeo MMC (MotorMusic Club). We are all lovers of the open road, hot wheels, hot rods, hot bikes, hot cars and hot trucks....

Thank you so much for your support and belief in my creativity. This is the art of the journey and following your dreams and surely I encourage you to follow yours no matter how impossible they seem...all is possible through Christ. Remember, we are children of the Great Creator. Christ is the example of that kindred soul.

Peace and have a happy day filled with s'miles.


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Yes. I don't mind being called a biker chick and some girls hate it. I don't.

Riding motorcycles and the lifestyle is something I cannot be without. The lifestyle is to be completely yourself -- as edgy as you wanna be. Real deal, watch your back, love and truth. I am a biker chick and proud of it. I'm a rider and proud of it. I'm a person deeply immersed in the journey of my humanity and spirituality so I'm constantly evolving and exploring.

This talk lately in the female motorcycle industry about leaving out some girls who are too edgy, too biker chick and hard core has gotta stop. There are all kinds of girls who live to ride from all walks in life with enormously cool energy to contribute to the industry and lifestyle of female motorcycles riders, and just riders in general.

You ladies who think you have carefully and corporately defined what a female motorcycle rider is cannot shut out the girls who are hard core biker chicks, wild and free who live in the saddle. The ones who are like pioneering cowgirls, wandering the earth on their steel horses, completely content in their skin and wellbeing....so wild and free like the mustangs that roam the prairies. Do you think you will tame us? Oh, dear ladies, no. We, too, are very much WHY the women's motorcycle marketplace continues to grow.

God won't let you stop us from participating in events that long ago were pioneered by gypzies like Effie Hotchkiss.


To Confess Victory.

to confess victory is to only speak victory words. not victim words. in these tough times we must speak victoriously at all moments. victory words are loving words. words of encouragement, positive and uplifting. to confess victory is to confess abundance. there is creative power in the spoken word. that power is the law of nature. the law of life. victory is all there is. victory in the face of adversity. love in the face of hate. truth in the face of lies. uplift in the face of downtrodden. speak victorious in every single way no matter what your circumstances may be. course correct your speech at any time in order to become victorious. at any second victory is yours. confess your victory. i am teaching myself these things, too. photo by Bob Davis.

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Hope with action.

If you hope with action, you are there, in it, living the dream. On your way. No matter how small the steps may be.

Right now, my life is hope with action. Though, sometimes frustrating. Economic circumstances have affected my life and postponed dreams for me. Sure it is wildly frustrating, especially when you work so very hard to keep the dreams alive with very little resources.

Everyday I need to align myself with the Divine Source, the LAW of the Universe. My Sonshine, Jesus Christ. My Father/Mother aka God/Goddess. The supreme divine individuals like Gandi and Mother Theresa and Dali Lama and so many others. These supreme individuals who lived hope/faith and were in it daily, walking the path of their purpose, with small steps and giant leaps.

We need one another in our hope. Everybody's hope and life purpose is super valuable. Precious. Living your dream makes the world a sane place. Everyone has a bit of resources to help the other whether it be the spirit of encouragement, a tool of some sort, knowledge about a particular subject, connections to sources to aide the person on their journey, etc. Sharing is part of the journey to get people where they need to be, including ourselves. Giving of our selves and our talents. Understanding the value of our talents and life pursuits. It's not to say give everything we are away for free, but there are times where we must barter and share and assistant one another.

When you hope with action, you are in it. Focused and pushing every harder towards the goal, towards the dream. Hey, in a day you may only have five minutes to spend on the dream and maybe it's only in the form of journaling concepts. Maybe it's a phone call that needed to be made. But those daily actions add up.

Even when you fall down, or feel like a failure, you are at a place of course correcting and maybe the spirit of divine intervention is upon you offering you choices and turning the word NO into the acronym for NEW OPPORTUNITY.... with small spiritual signs directing you and you simply need to be OPEN MINDED.

That's where I am right now. My prayers are I dream of Jeannie like: Open doors, Open windows, Open the way, Clear the path even if that path is so off the beaten path I've got to search for it with YOU oh divine ONE guiding my way and I have NO (New Opportunity) idea where I am going.

My hope has faith action with it. My dear friends, no matter where you are on your blessed journey. Keep the faith. May your hope have action every day. The first and most important thing to all of this is to keep LOVE alive in your life and practice the art of LOVE everyday which is the foundation of hope and faith.

Peace and joy, and keep on s'milin:

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Give me a place to stand and I can MOVE the WORLD

This plaque stating the above is positioned in front of my writing space.

Amazing how many people will try to knock you down. So you cannot stand and enjoy your little place in the world. Because they refuse to stand in theirs and work hard to create their space. It's important that your place to stand also embraces action to improve the world. Every little bit counts.


Movement...what does it mean?

To move. Movement.

Human beings were not designed to sit. This is a common bit of info. It is unnatural to sit for extended hours each day. The body is designed to best operate by movement. We are made up of water. Water needs to be fluid. When we are not moving we are not fluid.

Think about it. Coagulation occurs. Cellulite pockets develop. Fat gathers in folds and folds. Faces droop. Arms hang. The butt is flatten and sagged. The knees are stretched so that the skin begins to fold downwards. The feet swell. The brain fogs.

"...exercise gets blood to your brain, bringing it glucose for energy and oxygen to soak up the toxic electrons that are left over. It also stimulates the protein that keeps neurons connecting."
(John Medina, Brain Rules)

We are made up of some 75% water. The brain needs water. Blood needs water. Organs need water. The cells need to be flushed out. Movement is needed in order for water to move through the body.

Everyone can exercise for thirty minutes everyday. Lunch should be a nutritious shake loaded with vitamins and fruit. Not disgusting toxic lunch meats and fast foods and so forth. No! Lunch should be a shake, like Isagenixs or GNC Lean Shake. Something that will give your body premium fuel. You can drink it 1/2 hour before you actually depart your work environment for a lunch break and then use your entire lunch break for exercise. Total movement. If you have errands that must be done during lunch, then do so but with brisk movement.

You can exercise in the morning before work for ten minutes by doing a good strong warmup to get the fluids moving and the muscles warmed up. Ten minutes. Prepare your coffee and then go do a warm up too in your PJs. Put on an inspiration tape with it. You can do a quick 20 minute DVD yoga workout.

Movement is key. Prayers are filled with action. The brain visualizes and action must follow. There are responsibilites in life and ALL require action. Movement. No delays. To move is to keep all fluid and balanced: your body, mind and soul. Keep fluid. Keep moving.

Commune with God through a good long walk. Focus on the movement of your feet, your breath, and the nature around you. Speak with God in movement, as well as being still. Invite these two meditations into your lifestyle. When you are still and sitting to meditate. Focus on the action of your relaxation. Breath. This is movement. Cleansing. When you are strolling, focus on the art of your body going forward in all manners of metaphors.

Movement is change. Inviting change to occur. Goodness.

Drink your lunch in the form of a nutritious healthy protein shake with fruit. And drink loads of water to flush away the toxins. Move so that nothing coagulates in your precious body machine temple and so that all toxins can be erradicated from your body. Move to keep your body lean and in excellent shape. Honor the temple. If you let your body go to waste, you let the gift of life existence in the form of excellent health go to waste.

I'm tired of seeing obese people wandering around eatting all the wrong things and letting their little children enjoy foods that are poisonous with the excuse that it's cheaper to eat fast foods, processed foods and so forth. NO. It is not.

Eat well. Food is fuel. You do NOT need that many calories to survive each day. And those calories MUST be healthy calories. You can make tasty food choices in the form of heathy eats. DO NOT eat processed foods like hamburger helper and fruit loops. Danger. Poison. Create your own versions by chosing lean turkey burger and whole grain pasta with delicious tomatoe sauce and spinach. Create your own fruit loops with real fruits and whole grain Kashi.

Don't tell me about pricing. The reason why you think sugary cereals are cheaper is false. People eat way beyond the recommended serving of something sugary and end up buying more of it than they would if they bought whole grain, organic cereal and used a measuring cup. You can't get around the recommended serving. There's a reason for it.

Food is to fuel the body for movement and peak performance. Not to make it go to sleep and feel lethargic and heavy and thus lazy. Think about this when you make food choices. Food for Fuel. If you wish to delight in a dessert or some liquor than do some at absolute minimums and SCHEDULE when you will engage in this sort of delight. Do so with pure ingredients like drinking a delicious glass of good wine. And only have ONE glass. For dessert, eat something freshly prepared NOT processed and boxed. And slowly eat it with joy not shoveling it in.

Then MOVE after you eat. MOVE. Walk a little bit to process the food. Get up and help with the dishes or something like that. Get some oxygen flowing.

Movement is to be fluid and it is the best way to live life. Jesus was always on the move. Moses was climbing mountains. Just keep on moving forward and reaching towards improvement and peak performance in all aspects of life.

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Smiling Faces.

Smiling faces sometimes pretend to be your friend. Smiling faces show no traces of the evil that lurks within Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes. They don't tell the truth uh Smiling faces, smiling facesTell lies and I got proof . The truth is in the eyes Cause the eyes don't lie, amenRemember a smile is just A frown turned upside down My friend let me tell you Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes They don't tell the truth, uh Smiling faces, smiling faces Tell lies and I got proof Beware, beware of the handshake That hides the snake I'm telling you beware Beware of the pat on the back It just might hold you back Jealousy (jealousy) Misery (misery)Envy I tell you, you can't see behind smiling faces Smiling faces sometimes they don't tell the truth Smiling faces, smiling faces Tell lies and I got proof Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes They don't tell the truthSmiling faces, smiling facesTell lies and I got proof (Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes) (Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes) I'm telling you beware, beware of the handshake That hides the snake Listen to me now, beware Beware of that pat on the back It just might hold you back Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes They don't tell the truth Smiling faces, smiling faces Tell lies and I got proof Your enemy won't do you no harm Cause you'll know where he's coming from Don't let the handshake and the smile fool ya Take my advice I'm only try' to school ya

a word from Undisputed Truth about smiling faces... : ) : (


The Art of Falling . . .in love

There's an art to falling in love and it is in observing. Observing how I am with this person and observing how he is with me. Staying in the moment is the only way to do this, really. Knowing who you are and being confident with who you are is important, too. The art of falling in love is to let the love environment bring out the truth OF you. It is to be.


A 212 Girl in a 615 Town

How is this NYC girl fairing in Nashville, TN? I'm asked...


It's been a haul. A journey where you're not sure if you should exit or not because the road is nice, the scenery is cool, but you may just want to explore another route.

I leave for home for a week on July 8th. I love going home to NYC. It breathes life into me. But it's changed so much there that I can't stay. NYC is different because the city has priced out regular artist folk like myself. It's impossible to live there anymore. The cost of living is out of sight. The nouveu riche have moved in and decidedly made it chic for themselves and little do they know that the chic they have made it for themselves, they have made so cookie cutter white bread to those who are actually indigenous to city life.

We live there because it is beautiful in all of its dirty, flirty energy. Flirting with dreams and the dirt and grit of making dreams a reality. Living for cheap in a tenament with some friends knowing that someday you'll make enough money for your own one bedroom in Manhattan, oh those days are so long gone.

My friends bought in town years and years ago, so they are dug in and living comfortably back home. Ever the striving artist I was not in any position to do such a thing, but I hung onto a bunch of somedays that I would be able to buy my own pad any place that I desire within reason, in Manhattan.

It's sad to be priced out of your hometown. So priced out. And when you walk the streets of Manhattan there are so many wealthy folks there now and I often wonder if they really know how blessed and fortunate they are to have the opportunity to live well in such a splendid city. It's a novelty for them to take the subway, oh, it's almost edgy. For us regular folks, it's a must...and the life down below is the grit, the dirty secrets of NYC. . . truth where you see musicians struggling with their oversized instruments, artists with easels, writers furiously studying drafts while they ride into the deep boroughs and blue and white collar folks exhausted from a long day of career climbing. Clackity, clackity, clack...you almost don't even hear the train beating along the tracks...you get so used to it.

I miss my beloved NYC, true. But I have made a fine little life here in Nashville, though it's quite unique. I didn't choose to live in downtown Nashville in a condo or something. Their citylife doesn't do it for me because you still have to get in a car to go to the grocery store, the drug store and the movies. The conveniences don't yet exist in Nashville. Duane Reade needs to get their expanse on and show 'em how much cityfolk rely on an all night drug store in concrete jungle.

I live eleven miles outta town in unchic, uncool, nondescript Madison, TN. It's so not famous and not hip that it's cool for me. Patrick and I made an artist compound out of our pad on the river. It's a total compound. I don't even have to leave, and folks are so in love with our compound they want to come here. The creative and spiritual energy is intoxicating for sure. See, what I wanted to do in NYC, I have created on our compound. The compound embodies the energy of NYC, through me and divine awareness. Crazy huh?

Though I miss NYC. I miss the artistic treats. The yummy and unpredictable artistic moments you can stumble upon so very randomly. You can't buy that stuff. You can't pretend to be so hip and exclusive that those epic scenarios only belong to the priviledged. Because they don't. You find stuff like that happening on street corners, in subways, at Coney Island, and in community gardens. You find random art moments happening everywhere in the city. Anything goes. I miss that. Anything goes doesn't fly here in Nashville.

My avant guarde approach to music sometimes is met with a frown by some writers...I am not formulaic. I am not hip to structure, though writers want to work with me because I have a radically different perspective on writing that makes for a great commercial appeal when blended with something that is Nashville structured. Okay. I'm down wit it.

Anyway. I'll always be a 212 girl in a 615 town.

Ghetto Girl Ghetto Girl watcha doin' hangin in this part of the world
Why you comin here from New York City where the world is fast and
the streets are gritty... Ghetto Girl...oh Ghetto Girl



Seth Godin says there's always room for Jello.

There's always room for Jello

This is one of the great cultural touchstone slogans of our era.

A culture where there's so much to eat we need to try to find a food that we can eat even if we're stuffed. Often, we'll decide that something is full, stuffed, untouchable but then some Jello shows up, and suddenly there's room. Think about your schedule... is there room for an emergency, an SEC investigation, a server crash? If you took a day off because of the flu, is your business going to go bankrupt? Probably not.

So, if there's time for an emergency (Jello), why isn't there time for brilliance, generosity or learning?

And I add here: if there's always room for Jello, there's always vroom to ride.

http://www.feedblitz.com/t.asp?/198516/18688879/http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/typepad/sethsmainblog/~3/Y2PbyTczewc/theres-always-room-for-jello.html - original source.

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Get outta the box.

I've been thinking about feeling boxed in. And why? Then I realized that there are so many outside influences that constantly


Now, I agree with contemplating about things approached from a mindset that is realitively childlike, meaning, you're approaching the topic or thought with wonder instead of some opinion already set in place. I like that.

How many of us on a daily basis are questioning ourselves based upon what the newspaper said about this or that; how you ought to look and act from a magazine; the news reports about flu and global warming and all these things;;;;

Then we compare ourselves to the information received and may therefore immediately wreak havoc on our psyche if we're not careful. Measuring our lifestyles to others. Trying to keep up with boxy definitions! Boxy definitions are everywhere we look, hear, smell!

Doesn't this kind of box just ZAP away living in the moment where you are fully aware of U and your presence and your breath and your precious embodiment.

Oh, darlings, let's get outta any box that is walling our lives off and inside of a thought that is not pure to our true selves!

OWN your road. OWN your body, mind and soul. TRUST the deep inner gut voices that is your highest divine self communicating to your wholeness. Seek the company of amazing, healthy, whole people who are in tune with their lives and when things are off-kilter they name it, face it, and confront. Then MOVE on in free spirit.

I've broken down the walls to boxes only to find myself alone. And that's okay because the truth sets u free. Then others wander into your zone because truth is LOVE and everyone wants LOVE.

Recently, I've been thinking about the women's motorcycle business and how it's being controlled more and more and more. It's being forced into a box. The loveliness of being a gypsy, free spirited, an individual who is radical, on fire, or sensual with the environment is slowly being abandoned. It's turning into a corporate affair, defining how we ought to B, how we ought to act, and what age is considered marketing cool for a motorcycle rider. There are newly appointed leaders over the last few years in the industry and it seems what they say goes in terms of defining what a female motorcycle rider should be. I must tell you that I am radically different than these leaders. Compared to some of their thinking, I'm completely eccentric, wild, and artistic, tough yet soft and extremely sensual to the experience in poetic and intimate sense. I wear whatever the heck I want when I ride, I have friends who are bad to the bone, and soft to the core. Some of the folks I run with, others frown upon.

It doesn't matter that I wrote two books about women in motorcycling that are completely out of the box. It doesn't matter that I have a kickass music project that is completely out of the box. It doesn't matter that I've appeared in so many television shows and documentaries. None of it matters. There are things like this and more that continually alienate me from the corporate world of the motorcycle business, but my fanbase continues to grow worldwide. I should say my friendbase because fanbase sounds so, well, hey, look at me! I want to say, hey, join me, let's ride!

Why do we ride? To get the eff outta of any box that any person tries to define for our existence, in addition to countless other fantastic anti-box reasons.

So, this year when you see that I am not on the list to speak at any women and motorcycling events of corporate importance please realize that it's not for lack of trying -- rather it's because I choose to be the individual that I am...and it just may scare 'em. I feel like I get sweet pats on the heads and so forth, but I don't get a windsisterly hug to join the sisterhood...what's happening to our wind sisterhood in the motorcycle business???? It's like every girl for themselves. We should be ONE.

All of this separation makes me think of my beautiful deceased windsister Samantha. She and I often had conversations like this. I miss my friend. Thank goodness for windsister Sara who recognized the beautiful soul and legacy of this fine windsister, Sammie-girl, and had her inducted into the Sturgis Motorcycle Hall of Fame. Sara is an angel ridin' sister who lives way outta the box and can somehow balance the world of corporate and artist. I just love her to peaces.

Dear new leaders of the women in motorcycles industry, thank you for your incredible contribution to the growth of the business and for inspiring other girls to saddle up...just please be aware that us girls, too, who may be in hard core motorcycle clubs, or radical individualists, or wear halter tops when we ride, or sleep on the ground under a million stars in a compound with other bikers gettin rowdy...that we too inspire and also contribute to girls saddling up. There are other girls that are cooler than anything, too, that are being left out or not recognized as they should be. This must change. All of us sisters are in this together....we need to be a better windsisterhood. Invite those who live out of the box to be a part of the fold, as offbeat and unique as we are.

I'll miss you at that particular women and motorcycing event this year and truly wish that my radically entertaining and high spirited presentation could have been included. But I'm just not one of those you can tame to be in your box. So, I'll deliver my own presentation to my friendbase and other supporters. Dear girls on the committee, I love u all and look up to some of you, and perhaps you will think of me at next presentation. Have a grand time.

God bless all, walk in truth, rock the throttle to your own road rhythm and enjoy the ride. All these things and more can be done quite successfully if you live outta the box. I'll tell you this, there is a whole lot more fun and laughter and life fulfillment outside of the box. It may not be as safe and reliable because it's like jumping off a cliff of rocks and trusting God's palm is going to scoop you up....but isn't that worth it to experience life clearly more aware of your own presence engaged in it's purpose and truth which most times means way outta the box. The DIVINE cannot be boxed in. Oh the grand expanse of the universe...that which we are.

Love, peace, kisses, and TRUTH.

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How riding brings you into your own world.

I like to get lost in my own world. There's an adventure to being in your own world.

Just BE-ing. You can BE. Exist in your own world and that's where you can define things like boundaries and design invitations. It's a place to develop your own personal awareness of everything around you. And invite those with your special invitation, into your world. Nobody can or should just intrude. You let people into your world.

Folks fighting for survival like those in Darfur have intruders all the time barging into their own worlds. And they must fight to breath daily...every day is a long long long struggle just to know how to BE.

To BE is one of the greatest experiences of BE-ing human. To BE is to live in the moment. You can't BE in the future because that requires interaction with a moment that has yet to happen and with people yet to meet.

You can't BE in the past because that requires interaction, too, in order for the moment to BE.

So to BE is to feel your humanity alive and pulsing in the moment and to protect your precious moments. To keep your every second a treasure.

BE yourself.

Today I rode around just enjoying BE-ing in my own little world. That world that I love so much which is where Tigerlily, my motorcycle, and I enter into a vast place of divine depth which is nearly indescribable. It's my best place to simply BE.

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The definition of Sin.

I heard the most profound definition of sin ever, and this, my friends, to me, is truly a definition of sin.

To impede another person's personal growth and potential in anyway shape or form, through blocking opportunities, discouraging, or anything that drives a person further from their life's purpose according to God's will and that person's free will in unison, is to sin.

Also, when we discard our God given divine purpose and the opportunity to be in unison with the ultimate experience of freedom, our free will united with divine will, this, too, is sin.

What is sin? Missed divine opportunities for spiritual and personal growth. As we give those opportune gifts to ourselves which is the delight of selfishness in order that we may be fully alive, we can give even more to the world and others.

Have a sinless day.

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recording final vocals 4 my forthcoming motorcycle single @ a studio on the jersey shore.


How Twitter connects RIDERS!

Read here: http://worldrider.com/blog/archives/2008/09/nashville_chrom.php

This is Alan Karl's wonderful blog site about his WORLD TRIP covering 62,000 miles. We met on Twitter! He happened to be in NASHVILLE and I happened to be twittering and found him by Godincidence. COOL!

: ) I love TWITTER!

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To all my wonderful gearhead friends, kustom kar lovers, bikers, truckers, and road lovin' sons and daughters. A free gift for you dear ones! My brand new song Ridelicious is FREE!

Rock that Throttle!

<a href="http://motoroadeommc.bandcamp.com/track/ridelicious-single">Ridelicious (single) by Sasha &amp; Motoroadeo MMC</a>


The humble home studio that packs a punch.

That's my beloved dude, Pat Lassiter, bass player, writer, arranger, producer and all around amazing person. Our humble home studio packs a punch. . . Pat is super passionate about music and works on it day and night, either performing or composing, or helping to produce an up and coming artist with little bits of funds. He inspires and instills hope in other artists. All his years playing around the country, slingin bass guitar in ol honky tonks and down on lower Broadway in Nashville has prepared him for the wonderful opportunities in his life, and he's sharing the blessings with others. His main gig is bass player in country music star Tracy Lawrence's band. You'll hear his stellar bass playing on Tracy's forth coming album entitled The Rock, a country inspirational collection of music that truly rocks, about THE ROCK...Christ o' mighty!

He is working super hard on our music project. These are our passion works. Lyrics written from the heart, music composed from very deep compassion and life experiences...from humor and from good times and tough times. These aren't so conceptual as to start with a topic and then gather all the words related to the topic and assemble a song like puzzle....no these are hard and fast words bubbling from experience and living life hard, and our novelty outlook on things.

Stay tuned my friends, we are slowly but surely getting this project completed! Thank you, my luvs, for hanging in there and sticking by my side as this striving artist had persevered to get this project complete with all the odds stacked against her. That's the way of the rebel biker chick isn't it?

FElion JazZ

The beautiful face of my FElion, Jazz. He's one of my two kitties. They are my soul protectors. At night he'll stretch his little body across my heart and reach his paws over my head and bury his face in mine and purr. He'll stay like that for a little while. Then he'll lick my cheek and go curl up at the foot of the bed. He's so much fun and filled with love and wisdom.

Felioness GypZ

My beautiful FElioness. The other protector of my soul. She loves to chat and will clean my hands and face and nuzzle me. GypZ JingleZ runs on her tippy-toes with her little tail floating. So perfect. So lovely. She is truth in all her feline prowess.


In Poverty and Passion.

I just heard these words used in a sentence with a bunch of other words and it struck my heart. So, here we go.

True art is performed in poverty and passion. And that means so many different things. I mean, life is lived in poverty and passion.

My work right now is being composed, performed and delivered to the world in poverty and passion. The backer is passion. Everything I do is backed by passion...not money, not who I know and all this yarn.... No, it's the gritty passion with all it's salt and earth. Sweaty passion. Tearful passion. Super nova love passion. And the poverty is the sweet lack of finances to purchase a lofty opportunity or a channel of definition position to poise the art into a successful place.

Nope...this is aim, fire. Put it out there because you have to in order to breathe and have your heart pump the blood of purpose through your being.

That's how you know something is truthful. Because you do it anyway because you have to or else you will suffer in your spirit. Your mind will spin and your emotions will flail in all different directions. You have to express in all your poverty, with a vehicle of passion -- because therein lay the riches. The true wealth called courage.

Yes, as you birth your art and your heart's desires into some form of reality, cry those tears of liquid courage. Roar your visions to life. Just BE in all your poverty and passion.

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Bikerlady & Chrome Cowgirl Newsletter Spring 2009

Hello beautiful windbrothers and windsisters. Riding season is here for everyone. The snowbirds can rock that throttle now!

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2009. I decided to send it for St. Patrick's Day because it's such a big party day. Very cheerful and fun. Riding a motorcycle or tooling around in a hot rod is always cause for celebration too....

Yes, there's been so many changes in the world of this writer and artist. Most of you know that I have relocated from NYC to Nashville, TN. Though, I still go home to NYC so I might as well have two homes! Who Said A City Girl Can't B Country? eh?

The time has come upon us all to unite even tighter than ever and to be as innovative and resourceful as possible. This is a time for us to reach deep into our creative being and experiment, become like children and tap into the wonder of not having all the answers, so that we can be led to discover our inner strength and power in the face of adversity. We all have it in ourselves to rise up, to be true and spirited, to be there for one another, and to make lemon out of lemonade, open a stand and create a profit from our talents.

My website is still maintained by little ol' me and I'm looking forward to having it done professionally so that it looks cleaner and sleeker. There's an investor who has been considering my merch line and this is really good news after so many false starts. I've collected lots of design ideas for my line. Got a keepin on keepin on no matter what!

I would love to hear your stories about how your motorcycle is your motorvator during the most challenging moments of your lives. How does your motorcycle inspire you to live your dreams? Share with me the stories and if you allow me to do so, I'm going to post some of them in my newsletters and blogs because we all need to feel inspired. Email your stories to chromecowgirl@gmail.com

Chrome Cowgirl's Guide to the Motorcycle Life (MBI Publishing)

It's finally here! My second book. In the spirit of 'Bad Girl's Guide to the Open Road' meets 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance,' this book is fun, high spirited, and makes you want to escape life as you know it and take to the open road whether you ride or not!
click to read more.

The publisher is creating a comprehensive blog and social site to support the book and when the design team has completed their finishing touches, I will send you the link to it. There are lots of Chrome Cowgirls out there and we need to connect and unite as one big posse of girl power riders!

Available in bookstores everywhere and at all online retailers. Cool.

Sasha & Motoroadeo MMC - "Ridelicious" album single debuts - Road Diva Music

Sasha & Motoroadeo MMC is a music project that has been in the works for several years. I'm happy to announce that the first single, "Ridelicious," from the forth coming album, is available at your favorite online retailer (I-Tunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster, and more).

The live act is in the planning stages and will feature several awesome Nashville musicians who live to ride and love the motorcycle lifestyle, the hot rod culture, and just about anything to do with wheels and the road. You'll also see my budding DJ skills during the live Motoroadeo show and my VJ mixing skills too.

The single Ridelicious features producer, bass player and arranger, Pat Lassiter who is also the bass player for Tracy Lawrence; Shawn Hughes who is now the drummer for Jasmine Cain; Jeff Caughron also from Jasmine Cain on guitar. I'm on lead and backing vocals and did some of the loop programming and co-produced, too. The track was mixed by Rich Travali and mastered by an NYC legend.

The full album containing 14 tracks will be released this year. More about the full release will be available soon.

In the meantime, feel free to go to my music myspace where you can hear some of my other songs (demos) which are now in the process of becoming fully produced tracks. I'll keep you updated on the progress of my music project

She Rides a Motorcycle - a documentary film project.

Since writing Bikerlady: Living & Riding Free! I've been keen on creating a unique film about the history of women in motorcycles presented from a very artistic and grass roots perspective. I'm pleased to announce that this project is officially underway. We are collecting information now about legendary riders from around the world, pioneers in the industry, motorsports legends, celebrities and regular gals who ride to live. More about the co-producers and this project will be formally announced within the next month. The forthcoming website will detail all information. To get the ball rolling now, submit information for consideration in the form of a brief letter explaining your participation in the motorcycle culture, or perhaps someone you know. Then we'll coordinate from there, once we receive your letter.

Yes, my windfamily, this is a passion project that celebrates our love for two wheels and the wonderfully diverse culture within this lifestyle.

You can e-mail your letter of introduction directly to me at: chromecowgirl@gmail.com
Celebrate another year around the sun and shine!

My dear windones, reach out to me on Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter by going to bikerlady which will link you to everything else. I would love to hear from you and stay connected!

Keep on s'milin my friends.
Sasha MullinsBikerlady and Chrome Cowgirl


I've been reflecting about the things I have to change in life and stumbled upon the NIV Holy Books excerpt. I was looking for something else...inspired by my friend Rev. Bobby Lewis...and ended up here. My comments are in another color.

Matthew 7

Judging Others
1"Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

3"Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 4How can you say to your brother, 'Let me take the speck out of your eye,' when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? 5You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye.
6"Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces.

Mum is the word...still the mind. Why does anybody have to judge anyone? Ewww. That person rides a Honda not a Harley mean uncool. Mean thing to say. Not that I say that, it's what I've heard. Honda's are cool bikes, too. I'm itchin' for a vintage Honda CB750.

I need to take the logs out of my eyes. Too many. I could build a log cabin...what's going on here? Get your love in line, girl, I'm tellin myself....we're all one bottom line even the sucky mean people who...I can't judge and say they're sucky, right? Jeez. And it's important to stop decorating pigs with my pearls...you know what I'm sayin'.

Ask, Seek, Knock
7"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 8For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.

9"Which of you, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone? 10Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? 11If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him! 12So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.

I'd so love to be given as soon as I ask...without so much as pounding on the door to opportunity. Bang Bang BANG! May I have this opportunity that I'm seeking? Then I need to follow that, or maybe preceed it with , Hello, God, it's me, Sasha. Um. Can I have [it] according to YOUR WILL? Instead of Hello God. Gimmme. 'Cause I want [it].

Yes, there are those that'll smile with a gift-wrapped stone and say, bon appetite! And there are those that'll give you a snake with a side of lox and a bagel and say, dig in! I love to give good gifts to friends and family. But the gifts come in small packages, like... hey man, I'll drive you to the airport. or simply, I'll watch your kitties while you go on tour. Maybe it's, hey, let me cook for you, relax. Or any little thing that means alot. But I say that I need to give more...give it all away with nothin in return. Yes, I like to Be good for nothin'.

The Narrow and Wide Gates
13"Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. 14But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

Wide open, perfectly smooth pavement, 70 miles an hour. Nah. I'd rather have the tiny, random backroad that gives me that rich deep experience of REAL, TRUE, HONEST...stop and smell the roses and look deep into the soul of another. Let's go.

A Tree and Its Fruit
15"Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. 16By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? 17Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. 19Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.

21"Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22Many will say to me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?' 23Then I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!'

Oh my. Can somebody say NAIVE? Hello, my name is Sasha Naive. Pretty name ain't it? Pretty little sheep how come you're barking instead of saying baaaaah. Do you have a cough? Pretty little sheep come closer. Sit in my lap. Let me snuggle with you... OW! Why did you bite my head off? Hey! I need that heart. What the heck?! How come my pretty tree is bearing rotten fruit? Oh crap. There are worms in my fruit? How can that be I tended and tilled? Oh, it's a bad tree? And it won't grow good fruit? Is that the same as decorating a pig with my pearls?

Doin' the WILL of the Father. Yeah. Lord Lord....I was running through life doing everything IIIIIIII wanted to do... yeah yeah you mentioned something about wanting me to do something for you but IIIIIII thought if IIIIIIIIII did what IIIIIIIIII wanted, it would satisfy your I AM.

Nope in that Hope.

The Wise and Foolish Builders
24"Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. 25The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. 26But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. 27The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash."

28When Jesus had finished saying these things, the crowds were amazed at his teaching, 29because he taught as one who had authority, and not as their teachers of the law.

Rock. Rock. Rock. Rock. Remember always to ROCK the throttle of life and lean deep into the palm of the ONE. It's okay to admit you did wrong and you made the wrong thought decision, and you were angry and it's all okay.

Just remember... you're in the midst of a journey. Course correct.


Gotham Rodeo Gang...

Here's two snapshots of citibillies in NYC&W (New York City Country & Western, that is) from a few years back. Now the scene is filled with lots more musicial folks who love living in the city and playing country music. Yes indeedy, I sure do miss these sweet folk.
I'm the NYC'r who wandered off to Nashville for a spell. But I'll always be a citibilly. These musicians are awesome and brilliant.
Who Said A City Girl Can't B Country? www.myspace.com/motoroadeo - and have a listen to the demo..it's a gas.

A dash of color.

Enjoy this link to Bill Cunningham's photo journey!
That's my hometown, ya'll!



My van is my other baby. Tigerlily is my baby, too. My van and my motorcycle. Check out what she looked like when I bought her three years ago in Long Island. A former catering truck for an Italian Deli. 1982 Dodge Ram B250 slant 6.

Let me tell you more about Vantastic. She's brawny. And sensitive. You see, she's now sitting in my driveway with a busted radiator and fouled carb. She is not able to pass MARTA, the emissions test here in Nashville. Vantastic is my yard/garage sale companion. We leave the house at 7am with a thermos of delicious coffee and then we buy a treat, like a scone, or something interesting like that. Her back door is now filled up with fun bumper stickers for instance: "God seeks spiritual fruits not religious nuts" and "All Who Wander Are Not Lost".

Yes, Vantastic has been on several long journeys with me. In fact, together we had an interesting experience at rush hour in NYC. We broke down right before the mouth of the Lincoln Tunnel. Oh the horns. What the hell makes people beep like that so frantically? Like every single angry moment they ever had in their life was projected in the moment and out through that tiny little steering wheel horn. Oh, they beat on it...like a tribal prayer for the broke down car Gods to come make me and Vanny magically disappear. Dang.

I threw the help blinkers on and called the special rescue phone number for Port Authority. As you might guess, there's no place to turn off or pull over at the Lincoln Tunnel leaving NYC. You are jammed, crammed in there...no exit...nothing.

So, we just got zen about it all.

Then the cool Port Authority chick came by in this white truck with what looked like a biiiiiggggg white wall on the front and she was just as little as could be. She strolled over to my window and with her hand on her hip snapping a wad of gum she said, okayyyyy, just pute da car in neutral 'n don't touch nuthin but the steerin wheel n I'll getcha outta heah.

Well she pushed us all the way to this secret garage right at the middle of the tunnel...it looks like just another car passage to get to Jersey....but it's an entire garage in there! Oh I told them of my excursion to move to Nashville...and me and Vanny hookin up in Long Island, and the fact that almost ALLL the hoses for emmissions were stripped out and that's why I was as broke down as a joke at the tunnel...Well, we all chuckled and drank coffee together. I then slid on through the tunnel to Jersey and rigged this contraption hose set up with a dude named Fernando over at AutoZone in Bayone.

One of my new projects this year is pimping my darling van into a spectacle.... I'm collecting random items now. Garage sale stuff, swap meet stuff, junk yard treasures. Yes, I'll keep you posted. I'm tempted to try and do alotta things in the world of automotive I've NEVER tried before. But, like I always say, attempt everything like it is a gourmet recipe and you'll notice that if you just carefully follow directions, or, if you don't have a receipe, carefully think through the ingredients and ingredient companionship and you will have an interesting start on your learning curve. Ha ha...

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Being duped.

It is chilling when one works so dearly and passionately at their craft hoping to have the opportunity to share it with the world heart to heart, soul to soul -- only to have a newcomer wholly assume the unique artistic role that the original artist created as if it was their very own creation. Handlers having experienced the uniqueness and fine qualities that the original tride and true artist had created and presented, have cleverly crafted a duplicate. The original was thus discarded, but the truth shines at the same time a myth is concocted.

Only those with truth in their hearts will know the difference.

-- Anonymous.


A quote

"The experience of love — yes, it's mind-expanding and soul-expanding, but it cannot save us from loneliness or mortality. That's a paradox because we hope it will." -- Erica Jong

Love is love eternal. Embrace the moment and live well and full.


Working with Trevor

Boy or boy, am I a lucky girl! Yesterday I started recording some tracks with Trevor Finaly, a blues artist from Canada who has moved to Nashville. He is one fine player and thoroughly entertaining as a sidekick writer to my eccentric writing style. Trevor and Josee, his manager, paid a visit to my funky artist pad here on the river in Nashville and together with my Patrick we began recording a new tune which you will all love. I'll post it to myspace in the next week or so.

What I love about working with Trevor is that he has an infinite amount of ideas and he is an exceptional guitar player, too. He can sing the heck out of a blues tune and his own set of songs carry you away == you just get lost in the music. Collaborating on this latest project has been really expansive for my artistic soul. Today I will be singing the song. Right now, I'm working on the drums and percussion. Then on Wednesday, Trevor will come back to the studio and we'll lay down his vocals and lead guitars. We're also going to add a burning fiddle track and some piano. HOT!

I hope all of you are out there following your dreams no matter what. Remember that even in this super tough economy, you all have your God given gifts as precious, gifted souls with an abundance of love and intoxicating purpose. Lift up your hearts and forget about the money. Yeah we all need some and it is scarce, so enjoy the little things that give you extreme pleasure and get lost in those little things that are so very big...like the coo of a baby, the antics of a silly pet, the loving gaze of your lover, the food on your table, the love of family and friends. Throw a party and have a pot luck dinner called "Up Your Luck" instead of Down on your luck.... invite everybody you know to your house and break bread together and enjoy the companionship. Play great music and play fun games like Pictionary...and Life or Twister. Let's get back to the basics and enjoy the little things.



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2009 - time to shine.

2009 is the year to tend to the main flame.

2009 is the time to shine.

the main flame is truth and passion. listening to the heart.

being true to yourself is to shine.

we all face enormous challenges now and ahead. but in the moment is peace in the midst of the chaos. this is not fruity talk or empty spiritual spits. this is the truth.

no matter how much you owe in bills, no matter how much you hate to lose the house you love because you can't afford it anymore. no matter how much you hate to sell the bike or the car. . .

you have a flame inside of you burning...always shining in the darkness.

and that flame is the key to living your truth and passion. that flame is strength and it belongs to you and no thing or person can take it away.

sometimes, the fire dies away and is reduced to little more than ash. you curl up to kindle it and find solace in sleep. that's okay.

just don't turn to the hopelessness of drugs and alchohol because that will extinquish the flame. turn within and know that there is a flame of truth burning within and 2009 is your time to shine...

this has nothing to do with money
this has nothing to do with fame
it has everything to do with finding peace within, in the midst of chaos.
it has everything to do with living smart
it has everything to do with understanding that freedom is found in reducing debt and less material things in life
free to be
free to shine
free to stoke the fire within

take your logs of desires and feed the flame.
take your fiery hope and pour some liquid gladness on it
so that your flame burns high and bright for all to see
and be still
and know deep within
that you rock. because you are the rock of CREATION.

2009 is your time to shine.

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