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A newspaper editor fired Walt Disney for having no good ideas

I find this info super encouraging as you and I achieve our most desireable goals:

Did you know that:
· Einstein’s teachers told his parents he would never amount to anything.
· Thomas Edison went broke four times.
· Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team.
· A newspaper editor fired Walt Disney for having no good ideas.
· Steven Spielberg was put into a class for students with learning disabilities.
· Colonel Sanders talked to 1005 people before he could find one person willing to try his recipe.

What’s inspiring to me about these highly successful people isn’t just their eventual accomplishments. It’s how they were able to overcome their early failures and go on to achieve greatness.

How did they succeed where so many others fail? Because they each had a grand and sincere vision of what they wanted to accomplish. With a grand vision, there are no such things as permanent failures. There are only temporary setbacks. *

So, friends, hang in there and never give up. Last night, oh, I was a weepy girl....feeling blue about the struggles of juggling all this magical career stuff and making dreams come true...but I believe God blessed me with this sweet info today...so I'm passing it along to you because you know that I love you all and care so much about your well being and your own dreams coming true, too. Be true to self. Own your life.

Read this my dears: http://www.topachievement.com/persevere.html

Love, Sasha
*I found the above information at: http://searchwarp.com/swa141107.htm


Fast Little Girl Loves Two Wheels.

Fast. Big. Two Wheels. - See even as a youngster that's what I wanted. I had a need for a big, beefy bike...a bike that was even way bigger than me. Note the Richard Petty sticker on the bike...it was all about speed and big. Big Speed, Two Wheels.

That bicycle -- I loved it. A Yard Sale treasure. My mother said, it's too big. NO! It was perfect. You see how tiny I am on that bike! But I had my own way of steading it and hopping up on the pedals and taking off. I loved how that bike would just sail me along the road. That love for two wheels grew ever stronger.... it became an obsession.

Before the motorcycle love affair began...it was bicycles. Oh I would go on Centurian Rides...that's how insane I was. Big bicycle quests every weekend. I'd easily do a 25 mile a day jaunt...sometimes as much as 60 miles. But the big 100 miles that was really challenging...hills, the whole nine. A real challenge. I mean it was awesome. My legs would be shaking and the next day, I could barely lift my legs to walk I would have trashed them from going the distance and doing those hills.

The only bicycle I have now is little Lollipop - the vintage Schwinn that I got at a yard sale last year. $8.00 find. That wonderful freedom machine you see in the photo above is some where I don't know...my parents got rid of all that stuff I had stored at their house. Yeah, I wish I still had that bike. But I had no where to put my stuff because I lived in a super tiny apartment in NYC. The Shimano bike that I had (that's when Shimano actually had their own brand of bikes) -- the one that I did all my amazing treks on -- was stolen from my NYC apartment building -- the locks were sawed completely off. Can you imagine? I was devastated, in such shock I didn't know what to do...I was pretty much lost without that bike. I couldn't believe it. Someday I'll get another one...but that has been quite a long wait for my someday.

Two wheels and a fast bike...that's my ticket to ride. xoSasha

A southern gent asks Poppi for my hand in marriage.

Love = Content.

Patrick has asked for my hand in marriage. I said:


My mother said "If you don't marry Patrick then Daddy and I are going to adopt him as our son. Then he'll be your brother, and that'll be weird...so...."

Now of course, Emma, my mother, didn't pursuade me to say yes...it was the amazing man that made me say YES! He's my buddy, my best friend, my coolio dude. I can't imagine life without my amazing man. And it feels very natural to consider Patrick my husband because he's the husband guy! So attentive and loving.

Now, the other day he came home with a surprise for me: a turntable! So last night I just played albums like ELO, Bad Company, T-Rex, and more!!! It was SO much fun.

There is so much to love about Patrick...he adores me and laughs easy. He doesn't know a stranger and is a very loving and caring man...he makes friends easily.
I'm ready to be a wifey. Especially Patrick's wife...I know that he will take good care of me, as I will for him. Our love is so amazing...because we are equal and respect one another.


a Jay Hart sandwich.

a Jay Hart sandwich.

Yes....Chop Smiths is about deluxe custom bike building. It is rock n roll n skateboards. It is loud guitars and complex lyrics. That's the inspiration behind Jay Hart's builds. His bike builds are lyrical and complex. Aggressive like rock. And as personal as a skateboard.

Malysa Wyse and I decided to go to the Smoke Out...rekindle our wind sisterhood, after all it was eight years since I'd last seen her....a long time...

She was amazed at the artistry of bikes there, as was I -- sheer beauty --- sheer down and dirty elegance....can you imagine describing the sweet sweat of a custom build that tears up your knuckles elegant. But they are elegant. The elegance is in the refinement, the pursuit of individual excellence that makes the statement that This is ART! Motorcycles are art.

What I love about The Horse magazine is its raw and realistic presentation of the lifestyle and the machines...the holiness of the machines. Tore to the core. Exposing the soul of rider and ride. Speak! And you are welcomed to compose a winding piece -- elabroative and bold, sometimes jarring, whatever needs to be communicated...the craft of writing is so appreciated in The Horse.

And that brings me back to Mr. Jay Hart...the chop smith....he is elaborate and bold...his designs jarring and brilliant. So many of the bikes that I saw at the Smoke Out truly belong in an alternative gallery of artistic expression having to do with all things motorcycles. In fact, perhaps I'll suggest that to Hammer....

Peace & love.... and happy trails and keep on s'milin...



Celebrate Freedom

Celebrate Freedom! Happy 4th of July. Give thanks to our soldiers, the veterans. Preserve all forms of freedom. Be joyful and dedicate your life to following the natural gifts blessed upon you. Persevere even when you want to give up because giving up is like finally having a warm hot shower after many miserable months of only a cold bath of hardships. Just keep on going so you can capture the jacuzzi of your dreams. No matter who abandons you during your quest, and they will, because most people just can't be there for the ones carving a path in life, realize the one true love of your life will never abandon you and that is the Father of the Universe, the One God forever...and Jesus. So, rely on no human ever. Trust no one, no matter who they are. Only trust the spirit. Love 'em deeply, but never put your trust in someone without considering the spirit within. Humans are fragile and unreliable, like a piece of handmade pottery. Rely on yourself and your intuition, and ask for guidance of the divine. Wisdom will come to you through the mouths of others, yes, but then it's a matter of your deep knowing that will realize the truth behind words delivered to your ears!
So, rely on the strength of spirit within your soul....that is where home is to the Holy Trinity...inside yourself. Celebrate the freedom of the truth! The Trinity that sets you free...divine love, divine hope. Communicate with the divine in another because that is where you'll be closest to the truth of someone. It's hard to do, but worth it. Celebrate Freedom! Celebrate Truth! Celebrate Independence! Celebrate Love!