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A Rude Interruption.

"Yeah, working a regular job is a rude interruption into an artist's day." - Sean Kershaw.

This quote is from the guitar player of Gotham Rodeo. This is so true. See, an artist gets into a flow about their life and work. As a creative person, you loose all sense of time. You don't live by a clock, you completely live in the moment. Where creativity lives. Clock watching is a destructive thing, unless it's for the start time for when you enter the stage to perform, or you have to show up for a radio interview. It's all good, because it's about the craft.

But when you have switch gears, like I have to right now, from writing my book and working on music, plus attending to the business affairs associated with my craft, and now I have to switch off the artist mode and trudge into my "regular" job so that I can keep the lights on, it's really a challenge. Of course, like any artist, I want my super hard work and perseverance to pay off so that I can call my art my livelihood as well. And I am going to do this. It's happening already.

When I asked a friend of mine what it was like to go from the regular work lifestyle to being a superstar artist who can now buy and live and do whatever he pleases because he never gave up and dragged himself into the depths of poverty as he strove to become the artist he is today, he simply told me: "Sistah, it's heaven. It's like being in heaven all the time."

In an ideal situation, why we'd be able to get up and go to "work" which would be our craft and be paid for it. But the world works quite differently and until you're any good, do you get paid for your artistry. So we have to deal with accepting a rude interruption on a daily basis in order that we can someday enjoy the complete stream of conscious and stream of doing lifestyle that is dedicated to our artistry, which would free us up to do lots more other things because we won't be so fragmented in life.

The challenge for me is feeling fragmented. I get into the flow of my creativity and dealing with the business affairs related thereto, and I'm flying, sailing all day....floating, but then there's the interruption where I've got to halt everything I'm doing, and completely alter my mind set into accepting the regular gig for the several hours that I must and completely be focused and cool and loving in that area. It's a big challenge, but not one that I cannot handle. I must take good care of my life, be responsible too and make sure that my roof is there when I return home from the road and my artistry out there wandering the asphalt and singing.

So, my dear readers. I look forward to composing the essay, quite soon, that will be the announcement that I shall no longer have anymore rude interruptions from a regular job because I will have engaged my life as an artist in total bliss and it will therefore be my livelihood as well, thus freeing up the time that would have been dedicated to the interruption, towards very loving and productive activities such as volunteer work and other loving services for mankind.

God bless you and love your life no matter how many rude interruptions...
and work we must as a fortitude of character and perserverance!


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