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God's gentle reminders.

God will gently remind His little ones that he is near. God loves us so very much; our ratter tattered selves, so fragile. So whimsical. So serious at the same time.

This weekend I experienced a most blessed event. In fact, I thought I was dreaming the whole time. I was flown into Los Angeles by a dear friend and I stayed at a very fancy hotel on Sunset Blvd. Now, folks, here I am scrounging around to keep myself alive working night shifts and then days on my projects, toiling away to make my dreams come true, and then in another second, there I am lounging at this pool surrounded by people wearing diamonds and several thousands of dollars worth of fancy skimpy clothes. Meanwhile, I'm happily sipping a glass of white wine with a tore up cowgirl hat, holey jeans and a tank top that says Rhinegold Beer.

I had a meeting with regarding a new magnificent project which I can't say much about here, but it was really great...a loving team and talented as could be. Girl power.

The person that flew me in to spend time with me and help me to meet with these project folks is a person that is most definately a soulmate to me. Someone who I treasure and adore so much I almost can't take a deep enough breath when I'm around him.

Oh, if you read my book, you know him. My how he's changed over the last decade. The Lord works miracles and it was a miracle to witness the adoration that this person has for me. He's truly concerned about my wellbeing.

And this was God's gentle reminder for me this weekend. That HE works as HE wishes. He will work miracles as HE feels it is according to HIS plan. I've decided to take a big step back from the relentless pursuit of all things music right now. I've put it all out there, as best as I could. I am now praying that the loving truthful team of folks now will step forward to the plate, as they have already, and then carry the project in a team leadership role. I pray this will happen, if it's according to HIS plan. Indeed.

God has gently reminded me tonight, as I sit at my overnight job here in Times Square, that HE is not far away. That HE is right here with me, holding my heart, my dreams, my incredible efforts are valued.

Last week I worked four days straight on ten hours sleep. Then ended up in a luxury hotel, unexpectedly. I slept curled up on a mattress 'neath a beautiful tree, right next to that fancy pool. My hat flopped over my boots that were stacked next to the mattress. The fancy folks surrounded me in their fanciness and all stared wondering who this ratter tatter chick is? I just was hoping that no one saw the drool pouring out of my mouth while I napped in such luxury.

God's gentle reminder to me was that all things are possible with HIM. Even the most unexpected. And dreams do come true. I still haven't finished pinching myself from what happened this weekend, Thursday to Sunday, after that intense week of no sleep and burning that candle at both ends.


Shifting Gears

Ever notice that sometimes life is going either super slow or warp speed? And that you just are moving at your own pace, snail or rabbit?

I've been moving at warp speed these past few days. Like a rocket.

I want to slow down. No, really, I do. Just catch my breath.

So I went on the stair master thinger. But it's not really a stair master, it's like a high tech version where you can work your arms out too. That's where I could catch my breath today.

Oh, yeah. A space to be alone with no cell phone, no interruptions. Just me and the head phones. Learning new songs for a few gigs upcoming.

The only way to shift gears was to just break away and rocket over to the gym.

And breathe heavy.

That deep breathing was a great escape. Took me away. For a little while anyway.

Shifting gears. I shifted my mindscape too. My mindscape was on overdrive to the point that I almost couldn't follow through on a thought. I was overload. Over drive, in the landscape of my mind.

So I had to escape. Shift gears. Low gear. Straight to the gym.

For a little heavy breathing.



I just got back from Nashville yesterday. Yes, this motorcycle songstress was there meeting with beautiful, wonderful music folks who get it. They get it. Need I say more oh those who live and breathe the open road. I didn't have to explain. They understood.

Nashville is a great town filled with an artistic energy similar to NYC but certainly NOT as frantic. It's also got this hospitality vibe that makes you feel so loved and welcomed in someone's "home" -- meaning their "space" -- whatever that may be.

The riding is spectacular. I had the pleasure of a motorcycle jaunt with the handsome and talented guitar player of the MuzikMafia, Chris Sorenson, who is a musical and moto bro to me. We rumbled and rocked through Nashville on his custom H-D Fatboy. It was a fender squat for me....ol' skool, no pillion pad. But I made it work with a leather jacket and folded up towel under my buns.

Folks. While I was in Nashville, I carried the brotherhood and sisterhood of riders in my heart. Thought about how we all have this common love affair with the open road; how the road changes up and lures us to follow our hearts and be ourselves. The road helps us to solve problems and dream up solutions, take different routes away from the routine potholes that may plague our lifes.

My songs represent this. I write from the unity of our hearts and our road experiences and life experiences. This summer and fall I will be on the road to see you not only as the ever roaming journalist and photographer, but as a motorcycle songstress with a high octane kicking country rock band, to sing the songs of your heart, the shared common bond: our love for riding and the open road and our life experiences.

Nashville was a wonderful trip because they understand what that love is because, they ride hard and live free, too.



What's up with SOMEDAY?

I've been thinking. What's up with SOMEDAY?

I mean, you always hear accompanied with a heavy sigh: "Well, SOMEDAY, I'd like to....."

SOMEDAY is now. SOMEDAY generally means never to folks and it's sad.

SOMEDAY I'll .... [fill in the blank] and that blank is usually something related to a heartfelt passionate activity that someone longs to achieve. And it gets postponed to never never land.

I suggest the following new thought


If YOUR SOMEDAY is merely a wishful thought...it ain't happening. ACTIVITY is the only thing that sweeps your SOMEDAY into drive.