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The definition of Sin.

I heard the most profound definition of sin ever, and this, my friends, to me, is truly a definition of sin.

To impede another person's personal growth and potential in anyway shape or form, through blocking opportunities, discouraging, or anything that drives a person further from their life's purpose according to God's will and that person's free will in unison, is to sin.

Also, when we discard our God given divine purpose and the opportunity to be in unison with the ultimate experience of freedom, our free will united with divine will, this, too, is sin.

What is sin? Missed divine opportunities for spiritual and personal growth. As we give those opportune gifts to ourselves which is the delight of selfishness in order that we may be fully alive, we can give even more to the world and others.

Have a sinless day.

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Dean "D-Day" said...

That was beautiful. Thanks for sharing sister.

Jax said...

Well said.

KT Did said...

Yep, right on.

WooleyBugger said...

It's like you knew where I'm at right now. Dang... and thanks.

Farther down you have your new song planted for free. I like it a lot.

Javier883 said...

Pretty deep and so true. As I read, thru my mind flashed thoughts of when people did that to me; attempted to block my way to do God's will. Eventually I said: No one will stop me from progressing spiritually!

Anonymous said...

the biblical definitions of sin show us the standards God has given us that define what is acceptable to Him and what isn't acceptable.

S a s h a said...

I don't think of God as a HIM. The definitions of such God standards are simply the laws of attraction, and attracting that which is positive. that which is acceptable to divine Father/Mother/Universe/GOD are things that manifest LOVE in all its purity which leads to soulful evolution and higher vibration. Anything that keeps us from such evolution and divine purpose is sad with sin.