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2 Wheels MOVE the Soul

My dear friends! I'm pleased to announce the release of my second single from my forthcoming album debut Spring 2010. The song is called 2 Wheels Move the Soul. Recorded in Nashville, it was co-written and co-produced by me. It features Trevor Finlay's stellar guitar performance and he also co-wrote the song. You'll also hear Brother Mike Holmes on Keys and Joe Caverly on fiddle. Patrick is on bass and he engineered and co-produced. I'm on vocals. Music and motorcycles are my favorite passion, along with writing. Motorcycles fuel my creativity. A music video will be forthcoming, too.

The band is called Sasha & Motoroadeo MMC (MotorMusic Club). We are all lovers of the open road, hot wheels, hot rods, hot bikes, hot cars and hot trucks....

Thank you so much for your support and belief in my creativity. This is the art of the journey and following your dreams and surely I encourage you to follow yours no matter how impossible they seem...all is possible through Christ. Remember, we are children of the Great Creator. Christ is the example of that kindred soul.

Peace and have a happy day filled with s'miles.


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Road Captain said...

I was introduced to your music by Stephanie at the Iowa Harley Girl Blog and I du the track. I put it up on my blog to spread the news about your music. It totally rocks.