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In Poverty and Passion.

I just heard these words used in a sentence with a bunch of other words and it struck my heart. So, here we go.

True art is performed in poverty and passion. And that means so many different things. I mean, life is lived in poverty and passion.

My work right now is being composed, performed and delivered to the world in poverty and passion. The backer is passion. Everything I do is backed by passion...not money, not who I know and all this yarn.... No, it's the gritty passion with all it's salt and earth. Sweaty passion. Tearful passion. Super nova love passion. And the poverty is the sweet lack of finances to purchase a lofty opportunity or a channel of definition position to poise the art into a successful place.

Nope...this is aim, fire. Put it out there because you have to in order to breathe and have your heart pump the blood of purpose through your being.

That's how you know something is truthful. Because you do it anyway because you have to or else you will suffer in your spirit. Your mind will spin and your emotions will flail in all different directions. You have to express in all your poverty, with a vehicle of passion -- because therein lay the riches. The true wealth called courage.

Yes, as you birth your art and your heart's desires into some form of reality, cry those tears of liquid courage. Roar your visions to life. Just BE in all your poverty and passion.

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