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Movement...what does it mean?

To move. Movement.

Human beings were not designed to sit. This is a common bit of info. It is unnatural to sit for extended hours each day. The body is designed to best operate by movement. We are made up of water. Water needs to be fluid. When we are not moving we are not fluid.

Think about it. Coagulation occurs. Cellulite pockets develop. Fat gathers in folds and folds. Faces droop. Arms hang. The butt is flatten and sagged. The knees are stretched so that the skin begins to fold downwards. The feet swell. The brain fogs.

"...exercise gets blood to your brain, bringing it glucose for energy and oxygen to soak up the toxic electrons that are left over. It also stimulates the protein that keeps neurons connecting."
(John Medina, Brain Rules)

We are made up of some 75% water. The brain needs water. Blood needs water. Organs need water. The cells need to be flushed out. Movement is needed in order for water to move through the body.

Everyone can exercise for thirty minutes everyday. Lunch should be a nutritious shake loaded with vitamins and fruit. Not disgusting toxic lunch meats and fast foods and so forth. No! Lunch should be a shake, like Isagenixs or GNC Lean Shake. Something that will give your body premium fuel. You can drink it 1/2 hour before you actually depart your work environment for a lunch break and then use your entire lunch break for exercise. Total movement. If you have errands that must be done during lunch, then do so but with brisk movement.

You can exercise in the morning before work for ten minutes by doing a good strong warmup to get the fluids moving and the muscles warmed up. Ten minutes. Prepare your coffee and then go do a warm up too in your PJs. Put on an inspiration tape with it. You can do a quick 20 minute DVD yoga workout.

Movement is key. Prayers are filled with action. The brain visualizes and action must follow. There are responsibilites in life and ALL require action. Movement. No delays. To move is to keep all fluid and balanced: your body, mind and soul. Keep fluid. Keep moving.

Commune with God through a good long walk. Focus on the movement of your feet, your breath, and the nature around you. Speak with God in movement, as well as being still. Invite these two meditations into your lifestyle. When you are still and sitting to meditate. Focus on the action of your relaxation. Breath. This is movement. Cleansing. When you are strolling, focus on the art of your body going forward in all manners of metaphors.

Movement is change. Inviting change to occur. Goodness.

Drink your lunch in the form of a nutritious healthy protein shake with fruit. And drink loads of water to flush away the toxins. Move so that nothing coagulates in your precious body machine temple and so that all toxins can be erradicated from your body. Move to keep your body lean and in excellent shape. Honor the temple. If you let your body go to waste, you let the gift of life existence in the form of excellent health go to waste.

I'm tired of seeing obese people wandering around eatting all the wrong things and letting their little children enjoy foods that are poisonous with the excuse that it's cheaper to eat fast foods, processed foods and so forth. NO. It is not.

Eat well. Food is fuel. You do NOT need that many calories to survive each day. And those calories MUST be healthy calories. You can make tasty food choices in the form of heathy eats. DO NOT eat processed foods like hamburger helper and fruit loops. Danger. Poison. Create your own versions by chosing lean turkey burger and whole grain pasta with delicious tomatoe sauce and spinach. Create your own fruit loops with real fruits and whole grain Kashi.

Don't tell me about pricing. The reason why you think sugary cereals are cheaper is false. People eat way beyond the recommended serving of something sugary and end up buying more of it than they would if they bought whole grain, organic cereal and used a measuring cup. You can't get around the recommended serving. There's a reason for it.

Food is to fuel the body for movement and peak performance. Not to make it go to sleep and feel lethargic and heavy and thus lazy. Think about this when you make food choices. Food for Fuel. If you wish to delight in a dessert or some liquor than do some at absolute minimums and SCHEDULE when you will engage in this sort of delight. Do so with pure ingredients like drinking a delicious glass of good wine. And only have ONE glass. For dessert, eat something freshly prepared NOT processed and boxed. And slowly eat it with joy not shoveling it in.

Then MOVE after you eat. MOVE. Walk a little bit to process the food. Get up and help with the dishes or something like that. Get some oxygen flowing.

Movement is to be fluid and it is the best way to live life. Jesus was always on the move. Moses was climbing mountains. Just keep on moving forward and reaching towards improvement and peak performance in all aspects of life.

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