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How riding brings you into your own world.

I like to get lost in my own world. There's an adventure to being in your own world.

Just BE-ing. You can BE. Exist in your own world and that's where you can define things like boundaries and design invitations. It's a place to develop your own personal awareness of everything around you. And invite those with your special invitation, into your world. Nobody can or should just intrude. You let people into your world.

Folks fighting for survival like those in Darfur have intruders all the time barging into their own worlds. And they must fight to breath daily...every day is a long long long struggle just to know how to BE.

To BE is one of the greatest experiences of BE-ing human. To BE is to live in the moment. You can't BE in the future because that requires interaction with a moment that has yet to happen and with people yet to meet.

You can't BE in the past because that requires interaction, too, in order for the moment to BE.

So to BE is to feel your humanity alive and pulsing in the moment and to protect your precious moments. To keep your every second a treasure.

BE yourself.

Today I rode around just enjoying BE-ing in my own little world. That world that I love so much which is where Tigerlily, my motorcycle, and I enter into a vast place of divine depth which is nearly indescribable. It's my best place to simply BE.

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IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

Wonderful post, Sasha!

Are you going to Sturgis??

Dean "D-Day" said...

Simply awesome! You have described my riding thoughts to a T!