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2009 - time to shine.

2009 is the year to tend to the main flame.

2009 is the time to shine.

the main flame is truth and passion. listening to the heart.

being true to yourself is to shine.

we all face enormous challenges now and ahead. but in the moment is peace in the midst of the chaos. this is not fruity talk or empty spiritual spits. this is the truth.

no matter how much you owe in bills, no matter how much you hate to lose the house you love because you can't afford it anymore. no matter how much you hate to sell the bike or the car. . .

you have a flame inside of you burning...always shining in the darkness.

and that flame is the key to living your truth and passion. that flame is strength and it belongs to you and no thing or person can take it away.

sometimes, the fire dies away and is reduced to little more than ash. you curl up to kindle it and find solace in sleep. that's okay.

just don't turn to the hopelessness of drugs and alchohol because that will extinquish the flame. turn within and know that there is a flame of truth burning within and 2009 is your time to shine...

this has nothing to do with money
this has nothing to do with fame
it has everything to do with finding peace within, in the midst of chaos.
it has everything to do with living smart
it has everything to do with understanding that freedom is found in reducing debt and less material things in life
free to be
free to shine
free to stoke the fire within

take your logs of desires and feed the flame.
take your fiery hope and pour some liquid gladness on it
so that your flame burns high and bright for all to see
and be still
and know deep within
that you rock. because you are the rock of CREATION.

2009 is your time to shine.

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1 comment:

Dean "D-Day" said...

Great words of encouragement for the new year! Thanks for reminding me rekindle my flame once in a while.

Hope your holidays were filled with happiness and joy.