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Felioness GypZ

My beautiful FElioness. The other protector of my soul. She loves to chat and will clean my hands and face and nuzzle me. GypZ JingleZ runs on her tippy-toes with her little tail floating. So perfect. So lovely. She is truth in all her feline prowess.

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Lady Ridesalot said...

Aw. I just love your kitties. I am Mom to three myself. We also stir the house up a little with two Papillions also. We have a good time around here, and everybody loves everybody. Romeo's my big Main Coon and he weighs in at 17 lbs. He's our bouncer when thing get hectic. LOL!

I'm blogger pals with Stephanie, the Iowa Harley Girl and we keep up with each others posts. I wanted to come over and visit a spell.

Thanks for being such an inspiration to other women riders to get out and do what you want to. I will be around again to follow along, if that okay with you. See ya!

Ride Safe, Lady R