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Yes. I don't mind being called a biker chick and some girls hate it. I don't.

Riding motorcycles and the lifestyle is something I cannot be without. The lifestyle is to be completely yourself -- as edgy as you wanna be. Real deal, watch your back, love and truth. I am a biker chick and proud of it. I'm a rider and proud of it. I'm a person deeply immersed in the journey of my humanity and spirituality so I'm constantly evolving and exploring.

This talk lately in the female motorcycle industry about leaving out some girls who are too edgy, too biker chick and hard core has gotta stop. There are all kinds of girls who live to ride from all walks in life with enormously cool energy to contribute to the industry and lifestyle of female motorcycles riders, and just riders in general.

You ladies who think you have carefully and corporately defined what a female motorcycle rider is cannot shut out the girls who are hard core biker chicks, wild and free who live in the saddle. The ones who are like pioneering cowgirls, wandering the earth on their steel horses, completely content in their skin and wellbeing....so wild and free like the mustangs that roam the prairies. Do you think you will tame us? Oh, dear ladies, no. We, too, are very much WHY the women's motorcycle marketplace continues to grow.

God won't let you stop us from participating in events that long ago were pioneered by gypzies like Effie Hotchkiss.


IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

You tell em Sasha! I back you 100% on what you have to say!!!

Dean "D-Day" said...

I hate it when corporate tries to define what we are. As far as the edgy and hard core biker chicks...you ladies are the ones who laid the groundwork and paved the way. You paid the dues so the rest of your sisters could be free to ride. The motorcycle industry owes you a great deal of gratitude, as far as I'm concerned. I love you the way you are. Ride free my sister.