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A 212 Girl in a 615 Town

How is this NYC girl fairing in Nashville, TN? I'm asked...


It's been a haul. A journey where you're not sure if you should exit or not because the road is nice, the scenery is cool, but you may just want to explore another route.

I leave for home for a week on July 8th. I love going home to NYC. It breathes life into me. But it's changed so much there that I can't stay. NYC is different because the city has priced out regular artist folk like myself. It's impossible to live there anymore. The cost of living is out of sight. The nouveu riche have moved in and decidedly made it chic for themselves and little do they know that the chic they have made it for themselves, they have made so cookie cutter white bread to those who are actually indigenous to city life.

We live there because it is beautiful in all of its dirty, flirty energy. Flirting with dreams and the dirt and grit of making dreams a reality. Living for cheap in a tenament with some friends knowing that someday you'll make enough money for your own one bedroom in Manhattan, oh those days are so long gone.

My friends bought in town years and years ago, so they are dug in and living comfortably back home. Ever the striving artist I was not in any position to do such a thing, but I hung onto a bunch of somedays that I would be able to buy my own pad any place that I desire within reason, in Manhattan.

It's sad to be priced out of your hometown. So priced out. And when you walk the streets of Manhattan there are so many wealthy folks there now and I often wonder if they really know how blessed and fortunate they are to have the opportunity to live well in such a splendid city. It's a novelty for them to take the subway, oh, it's almost edgy. For us regular folks, it's a must...and the life down below is the grit, the dirty secrets of NYC. . . truth where you see musicians struggling with their oversized instruments, artists with easels, writers furiously studying drafts while they ride into the deep boroughs and blue and white collar folks exhausted from a long day of career climbing. Clackity, clackity, clack...you almost don't even hear the train beating along the tracks...you get so used to it.

I miss my beloved NYC, true. But I have made a fine little life here in Nashville, though it's quite unique. I didn't choose to live in downtown Nashville in a condo or something. Their citylife doesn't do it for me because you still have to get in a car to go to the grocery store, the drug store and the movies. The conveniences don't yet exist in Nashville. Duane Reade needs to get their expanse on and show 'em how much cityfolk rely on an all night drug store in concrete jungle.

I live eleven miles outta town in unchic, uncool, nondescript Madison, TN. It's so not famous and not hip that it's cool for me. Patrick and I made an artist compound out of our pad on the river. It's a total compound. I don't even have to leave, and folks are so in love with our compound they want to come here. The creative and spiritual energy is intoxicating for sure. See, what I wanted to do in NYC, I have created on our compound. The compound embodies the energy of NYC, through me and divine awareness. Crazy huh?

Though I miss NYC. I miss the artistic treats. The yummy and unpredictable artistic moments you can stumble upon so very randomly. You can't buy that stuff. You can't pretend to be so hip and exclusive that those epic scenarios only belong to the priviledged. Because they don't. You find stuff like that happening on street corners, in subways, at Coney Island, and in community gardens. You find random art moments happening everywhere in the city. Anything goes. I miss that. Anything goes doesn't fly here in Nashville.

My avant guarde approach to music sometimes is met with a frown by some writers...I am not formulaic. I am not hip to structure, though writers want to work with me because I have a radically different perspective on writing that makes for a great commercial appeal when blended with something that is Nashville structured. Okay. I'm down wit it.

Anyway. I'll always be a 212 girl in a 615 town.

Ghetto Girl Ghetto Girl watcha doin' hangin in this part of the world
Why you comin here from New York City where the world is fast and
the streets are gritty... Ghetto Girl...oh Ghetto Girl


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Mimi said...

Hope you have a wonderful time there. I'm homesick for NYC too...