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Hippie, Gypzy, Biker Chixie. Yep, that's me. www.bikerlady.com and www.chromecowgirl.com - my websites and I welcome your comments in this blog called Down the Road a Peace. Because, after all "do you wanna a peace of me?" : ) I'd love to hear your thoughts, so share them here. Personalize the topic and make it your own by sharing your own experience relative to the topic at hand, or let's create a new topic. U R Loved by Me.


FElion JazZ

The beautiful face of my FElion, Jazz. He's one of my two kitties. They are my soul protectors. At night he'll stretch his little body across my heart and reach his paws over my head and bury his face in mine and purr. He'll stay like that for a little while. Then he'll lick my cheek and go curl up at the foot of the bed. He's so much fun and filled with love and wisdom.

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