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Vibrational Harmony and the Vibration of a Motorcycle.

Riding a motorcycle is music to my soul, ears, eyes, heart, mind. The motorcycle is a source of powerful inspiration. Hopping on that two wheeled freedom machine is to align oneself with the greater good that is called divine.

The great DIVINE is a vibrational harmony. Everything vibrates with energy...everything is a song...a melody and one can hope that the the song is in harmony with the highest evolution of oneself - completely aligned to divine purpose and talent.

The vibration of a motorcycle is more than just a chuga-chugga, it is to live out loud. Yet, the core of the rider enters into a divine stillness -- a silence, a oneness with the wind. With divine vibration.

The rider will tingle with the sensation of adventure, of unpredictable moments strung together like notes on a music staff. Riding is like composing a symphony in tandem with the ever changing landscape one rides through that so affects the very CORE of one's nature. That we are all one.

So the vibration of the prairie: still, stark and vast -- opens up our soul to the same wide open truth: that we are exposed to the elements of life and it teaches us how to weather the storms without maybe physical shelter, but divine shelter. The desert: hot, dry, demanding and usually in control of those who enter her. You must honor the desert because she's not going to adjust anything for your comfort. You need to dig deep within yourself to find the tools to survive in her element. Discomfort as a means of perserverence and moving forward through extreme challenge. The urban jungle: Learning to get along with the driving personalities of others, staying focused on your own lane, lest someone or yourself will drift to the right or left and find yourself on the shoulder for awhile tending to a collision. This is the wild Interstellar John Coltrane rhythm, yes, where it seems like no one is on the same musical path or harmony, but indeed we are, we just need to learn to ride the rhythm at our own intensity.

The vibration of the engine as it rumbles through the canyons echoing off the stoic rocks that have been there as long as your soul has been created to remind you of your strength and your power of your force of your solid divinity. And then you vibrate with a bass tone with those rocks because those rocks are like the paternal representation of the divine; while the lovely scented forests of Yosemite reveal the perfume of Mother Earth....soft and everlasting...yet fragile and able to become ash and return to the divine without the physical.

Eventually, during a trip, we begin to hum, like OHM. And so we connect with the OHM of the engine....the tires rolling along the pavement OHM, the wind whipping through our helmets, OHM, the whoosh of life all around us breathing and expanding and contracting and leading us along. The vibration of all the senses in tune with the vibration of the divine....because the motorcycle allows us to travel through the stillness and be silent, and be still and know...that we
are one vibration on our freedom machines, with the freedom of the divine: the single purpose, to know thyself, to be gentle to thyself and to simply BE and allow the journey to unfold, moment by moment, note by note, movement by movement to be:

A symphony of vibrational unity: Divine, RIDER, Motorcycle.

with love and divine song,
Author of the new book Chrome Cowgirl's Guide to the Motorcycle Life by MBI Publishing.


Dean "D-Day" said...

Explained beautifully my dear. We "soul riders" on our eternal journey to discover ourselves.

Motorcycle Zen.
Gotta love it!

agirlwithacomputer said...

I love the way it feels to hop on a bike (preferably a Harley Davidson) and take over the open road. The rumbling seat, the purr of the engine and the wind blowing my hair off my face as the sun kisses my cheeks. There is nothing like the feeling of freedom a bike can give you, and the gas prices have made this feeling a reality for millions more Americans. The amount of bikers on the road today have made it more necessary than every to wear your motorcycle helmets. People really do not pay attention to bikes and a helmet can save their life when a motorist is careless and causes an accident. I know I love my hair blowing in the wind and hate the thought of helmet head when I get off the bike…but a helmet head is better than a pavement head…eh? I have found a great website www.ironhorsehelmets.com, that offers Mohawk helmets, helmet hair, and just some really cool helmet bling. This can help in getting a lot of people more interested in wearing their motorcycle helmet, and kids love them and it is a law for them to wear a helmet when riding with you….so get matching Mohawk helmets or add some helmet hair or bling to your existing helmets and set a good example for motorcycle safety and maybe even save your life.

Stefan said...

Heh, while I can dig your Motorcycle Zen, I still prefer the turbine-like hum of my Honda CBR 1100 over any jittery old hog.. Whether ol' rumbler or modern crotch rocket, the true Zen is in the fusion of man and machine.. the iron and steel construct as an extension of your body and reflexes. OHM to that! ;)