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Be Your Own Truth.

I'm reading Maya Angelou: A Glorious Celebration. That we all are: a Glorious Celebration. The book speaks about being your own truth. Maya Angelou is the example of owning and sharing her full human experience on this earth plain. She is full of life. Full of herself which she shares generously with the world. Maya Angelou is a river of divine energy, a body of water ever flowing with knowledge and life experience. Her mentors, strong family, were also rich with life and immersed themselves completely in the river of truth.

There was no grandeur upbringing for this Matriarch of Divine Feminine here on Earth. The deep soul that she presents was crafted through a myriad of heartache and joy. She is the true definition of a survivor that not only struggled to protect her existence on earth, but also fought to protect her essence, her truth by simply owning her truth. Every bit of it.

When you own your own truth you can BEcome. Be. Come. You invite the wellspring of your truth to live and evolve. It's always there. Ready to flow and pulse and lead you to great experience, ready to carve through any obstacle. You don't have to go find it. You just have to let it flow through your every cell and stop damning it up. To own your own truth is to immediately release your river of divine purpose and allow your human curiosity a place to roam and explore.
Imagine what it's like to walk across a dam and on one side it is empty and on the other side is this pulsing, magnificence of energy, cool and refreshing truth, complex minerals, a strong reserve to nurture all you need for your body, mind and soul. . . a complete source of inspiration to live more fully. If you open the locks that keep the living waters from flowing, a rush of YOU, your truth will begin to fill your temple.

Access the tools of wisdom, nurture the deep seed of adventure, free the wheel that wishes to roll full circle in this life. This is not something you have to "get in the right mind set" or "go find where the truth might be." It's there like the blood pulsing through your veins. It's there like the sight you are using to read this. It's there like the breath you just exhaled.

It's called YOU. And to know your truth is LOVE. To embrace your gifts is LIFE. To allow your GIFTS a place to BE. This is TRUTH. Share it. In the sharing is the BE coming, forth.

Be the Glorious Celebration of You.


EXERCISE OF THE DAY: 50 slow jumping jacks. Open wide and sparkle like a star, close and reach high, the tips of your fingers like the flame of a candle. Breath deep and appreciate.

SPIRITUAL DISH OF THE DAY: From Maya Angelou - A Glorious Celebration
"Throughout her life, as in her work, Maya Angelo has affirmed and celebrated the threads that bind us one to another. She believes in us, the human family, with our rainbow of emotions, our complex imaginations. She believes in the boundless capacity of our spirits and the hope and possibility in each and every breath that we take. She wants the best from us and from herself, the best for us and for herself, knowing that we struggle, sometimes falter, stumble, lose our way."

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