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The Art of Life

Marianne Williamson is a joyful Spiritual teacher. I just picked up her "Age of Miracles" -- I try to read everything she authors. There is so much to learn in this book at whatever age/stage.

To know your truth is the art of life. There are so many colors and styles of application to show on your canvas we just have to show our true colors. Show our true styles...whatever that may be.
Start with a vision of your most heartfelt truth about your beautiful authentic self. The real you that may be buried, or hidden, or forgotten.
Remember what it was like to be that carefree child and the feeling of being lost in imagination...there were so many colors and brush styles and things upon the canvas back then. The sky was the canvas and that sky was inside of us. The awe and wonder of everything was how it felt to explore our talents, and likes and dislikes.
The have to dos and honey dos and opinions and mindsets and character flaws of others leaving imprints on our canvas inspired different colors and different styles that may not necessarily have been ours to begin with! We abandoned the vision because of outside ourselves influences and poor life choices. And the journey to return to love and truth begins the moment when we separate ourselves from the art of our truth! I say, art, because it is a work of art to truthfully be ourselves. It's so fantastic and moving. And it takes alot of imagination and application to get there.
From Marianne Williamson's The Age of Miracles:
"But whatever it is you choose to think, your subconscious mind takes it very seriously and your experience will reflect your thinking. Our very cells respond to the thoughts we think--with every word, silent or spoken, we participate in the body's functioning. We participate in the functioning of the universe itself. If our consciousness grows lighter, then so does everything within and around us. This means, of course, that with every thought, you can start to re-create your life"
Now, isn't that stunning to read. We are master artists and the creative within, is the Divine, our Lord, and those who you follow to be your Source inspiration.
Time is so precious and our canvases await the true visions to be imprinted upon them by the very imagination that dreamt us into creation. We are soul and our souls have a mission, a purpose and our souls have gifts manifested through our physical (body/mind). Treasure the notion of YOU. And discover your ART of LIFE and begin painting your truth once again.
Exercise of the day: Jump Rope...with a high knee lift skipping action. Do this with the imagination of a child, lost in the moment, as if showing friends and family just how many times you can skip rope without stopping, and then if you trip up, keep on going.
Spiritual Dish of the Day: "This is not the time to stop working on ourselves; it's the time when we've finally accumulated enough clues to help crack the case and solve the mystery of why and how we've kept ourselves bound for so long. It's not the time to give up and say, 'This is just how I am. It's too late to change.' Quite the opposite --it's time to take a stand, once and for all, for your own potential." -- Marianne Williamson, The Age of Miracles.
Photo: Central Park; The Flags. "Surrounded by Creative Energy."
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Dean "D-Day" said...

I'd rather be hated for who I am...
Than loved for who I am not.