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Palin: Hometown Girl or Seductress???

Very interesting blog from the shadow master: Debbie Ford.


Dean "D-Day" said...

Sorry, but this article looks like a partisan political slam-job masquerading as some type of psychoanalysis piece. And Debbie Ford seems to be nothing more than an author and a coach who has no more right to practice psychoanalysis than you or me.

Can't we just stick to the facts and the candidates' real backgrounds and records?

S a s h a said...

Debbie Ford brought to light the things that urked me to my core. And I couldn't figure out what they were. Everyone is entitled to whatever they wish to think or believe. Of course. That's the beauty of freedom. For me, this is what I'm feeling these days. Ford is speaking the things that no one wants to say. Our amazing country, and the world, is in DIRE straits. I'm speaking up in whatever way I can down the road here. Thanks so much for your feedback, my friend. We can agree to disagree. xoS

Dean "D-Day" said...

I agree that our great country has been headed down the wrong road for a while now. I'm also starting to see that neither McCain or Obama has what it takes to set our country back on the path that our country's forefathers had intended.

As far as "agree to disagree"...
It's all good. I still love ya. ;)