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Life Isn't Fair...

"Life isn't fair," moaned John McCain, when asked why Obama has been rising as the Wall Street crisis has dominated attention on FoxNews, according to the Boston Globe article today. How dare he say such a thing when I'm watching a blue collar working mother with little kids bouncing in the backseat of a beatup car that barely passed state inspection on emissions, as she pumps exactly two dollars of gas in her car.
"Life Isn't fair," I tell you, John McCain.
How dare McCain proclaim the statement in selfpity when the unemployment rate is soaring and people are losing their homes or can't even pay rent and are being kicked out of their homes now with horrible credit so that they cannot even secure a place! Living in the basement of a friend's home, or taking up residence in a spare bedroom at the in-laws with their three kids, and some families are in shelters.
"Life isn't fair..." Dude, how do you whine while indulging delicious eggs benedict, wiping your pouting face with fancy table linens, while the family down the street from me is trying to ration a friggin' box of Cheerios for their three kids. Or how about the single, struggling waitress trying to better herself taking classes at the local community college, while working 60 hour shifts in a restaurant, still unable to afford health care because so many business don't offer it anymore! What about the beautiful lady who lost her job from the company downsizing and now her health benefits because she can't afford COBRA anymore and is now diagnosed with ovarian cancer?
The American dream for many hardworking, goodhearted people is CRUSHED these days because of inept government and corporations screwing over the American citizen. Credit card companies are loan sharking borrowers to the death of their financial wellbeing. No regulations, eh? Most people have to live on credit cards these days. Do you really think a minimum wage of LESS than eight lousy bucks is enough to live on? So what is that, like two gallons of gas? You have to work an hour to afford two gallons of gas. So if you wanted to fill up your gas tank on minimum wage, you'd have to work at least an eight hour shift?
Energy costs are skyrocketing. What the heck is going to happen this year to families already painfully struggling to make ends meet. How will they heat their homes? "Life Isn't FAIR!"
I think it's time for the Stop Crushing the American Dream rally on Washington. It's time to rise up and have our voices be heard during election time before it's too late.
Oh, here's an interesting tidbit I'll share:
"Ya'll ready for a negro for president?" - yeah, that's what I was asked the other day by a McCain supporter whose leading reason to support McCain is because he's white. My blood boiled. Frightening to think that there are people here in the South who refuse to vote for a man because of his skin color.
"Life isn't fair..." read more:
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