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Nashville Center Stage in Debate.

It's a blustry day after several perfect fall days with temps around 75 degrees. The winds of truth, I hope, are the winds breathing down the river that laces through Davidson County where Nashville is the front and center attention around the globe of the presidential debates.

All I can say, is everyone, take heart. Truly investigate which political candidate truly has your values at interest. This is a personal choice, but it needs to be a choice, too, for the nation. Don't select a candidate just because he's white, or because you think it's time a female get into the second-in-command office, or because you think it's time for a dark-skinned person. The point is, it's time for radical change and change that is going to be long term.

I have voted republican and I have voted democrat. I choose the candidate that seems best with all the info I have gathered. I am a registered democrat, and I want to vote democrat -- seeking all the information I possibly can and still gathering info.

There are folks I know who will not vote at all. That's their contribution. There is no lesser of the evils, they see evil on both sides of the political fence. They don't want to be responsible for choosing a candidate that sucks so bad and takes our country down even further. Misinformed? I don't know. I think FEAR for the first time in it's immense intensity has gripped the nation over choosing a candidate. FEAR of the wrong choice. FEAR of believing the wrong information. IN addition to political fear, there is overwhelming FEAR in America over basic loss of living necessities. Look around. The FEAR is permeating the energy airwaves.

How can we EASE FEAR over making the wrong selection? By being informed. Truly being informed. Becoming our OWN investigative journalists and seeking the truth. Keeping notes about what each candidate is promising and to understand really how the government works. How does it operate?

http://www.house.gov/house/Tying_it_all.shtml - House of Representatives.

http://www.senate.gov/legislative/common/briefing/Senate_legislative_process.htm - Senate

Also, you can read lots more at both sites about the roles of our VP and President. I offer up this information, because alot of people have no idea and it's important to learn about it. I'll remind myself by revisiting so that I can understand what's going on in the legislative process.

Best wishes on your investigative goals to learn about the candidates which are best aligned to your personal goals, and the wellbeing of our fine country and with that the unity of the world.

Check out: www.votesmart.org for additional information on all candidates.



Dean "D-Day" said...

Great advice Sasha. We must be vigilant to learn all that we can and be involved in the political process. To separate yourself from the process is a shame. And not voting is a slap in the face to all of those who fought so valiantly for that right.

I have run for political office before and I vote in every single election: national and local. For if I don't voice my opinions by exercising my rights then I have nobody to blame for the outcome - except myself.

WooleyBugger said...

I'm still - as of yet - undecided which way to vote. Your posting here hits the fear part right on the head. If people don't vote it's like being part of the other political party ... what's that parties name?
( If you choose your own shoes, live with the choice you made. If you can't decide and don't choose but are given shoes to wear, don't complain about the fit )