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Who Said A City Girl Can't Be Country?

I'm in the thick of mixing this song. Holy cow. What a challenge. I have alot going on in the song admittedly. It's like I have a blank canvas and now I have to choose from a hundred colors to paint the picture, but not muddy it all up. And then what is the consistent color that is the foundation for it all.

I have all the tracks I want and now it's a matter of painting the picture. I have white out the canvas on this song so many times, for all kinds of reasons ranging from my learning curve producing my own music, to what the song musically represents, to achieving that perfect blend of Nashville meets NYC.

Blending, mixing, carving, crafting. Today, I'm closer than ever with this song. My energies are going to crafting this song today. Blending and sculpting it. It's an artsty redneck symphony which is complicated.

I don't want to muddy it up. It needs to be a masterpiece. Later on I'll post a mix. Tell me what you think.


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