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Rolling Around, Serving It UP!

Yeah, this year, I am going to be rolling around on my chopper and SERVING IT UP, the music, the books, the merch. The dream comes together 2008! The vision is full on and upstoppable. The wheels are going to carry this vision worldwide.

The band motoroadeoMC is going to blow yer mind, grab your heart and soul and deliver you into that bad ass space...wild and free on the open road.

The book Chrome Cowgirl's Guide to the Motorcycle Life! is a shut up and ride read. It'll light a fire in your fingertips and you'll be revving your life full gust. Wide open, friends.... This book is quirky, inspirational, in-yer-face fun, and will be a dog-earred sum beech book you'll carry in your saddlebags and share with friends when they need a bit o uplifting and humor.

The Chrome Cowgirl merch is sexy, and on top of the saddle beautiful for all sizes, shapes and mindspace. In development now...to be launched this year.

There's more stuff on the horizon JUST FOR YOU's ALL. My amazing friends, family, fans, --- You are my heart...so I'm creating great stuff to enhance your journey....rev it up....

Yeah, I'm ROLLING AROUND and SERVING IT UP just 4 u.

Peace, love and tire burn branding....


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Anonymous said...

It would be nice to see a DVD too!