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Hot MIXX --

Who Said A City Girl Can't Be Country? --- There's a hot little ruff mix posted at www.myspace.com/motoroadeo --- It's delicious. It rocks. U can dance 2 it. It needs work, still, but it's just so much fun I decided to engage you in the process of getting it to where it needs to be... This is a tough song to mix, to create, because I want it to be the perfect blend of country meets city. Whew! Oh, to answer a frequently asked question, I record most everything in my home on a Protools LE rig off a Toshiba laptop. Yep. Those are live instruments you hear and some scratch loops and drops on the City Girl track.

Patrick and I record our projects because we don't wait around for someone else to do it for us...we're on a learning curve, sure!

With operating ALL this software to record...there's alot to learn...so much to learn in the art of making music and recording it, writing it.... But, the great thing is YOU can do that...you don't have to wait around for a record deal, for some big producer to work magic. Sure, I'd love to work with, oh, Linda Perry! my favorite chick producer, or Jack White! Or, by golly, Tony Brown! Though for now, this is A Sashalicious production with all the learning curves included...it's all in the curves anyway....vavavavroom! Maybe that's my sound....

lean, roll on the throttle, scrape the pipes a bit....you get the idea. xo

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