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I've Got The Music In Me.

Bound and determined. Is that what it takes? I've got an itch I need to scratch. It's musical. It's a need to get my songs and motoroadeoMC magic out to the world. I'm on a mission. It feels really good. I'm filled with inspiration. Filled with this vision. I've got the music in me...

There is power in faith. I'm faithfilled. Just doing and enjoying each moment of doing...of the process. I used to get frustrated and sometimes cry about my dreams seeming so difficult to achieve. But not any more. Because I enjoy the process, now. The art of doing. The art of being fully in the moment and engaging myself in the activity of now. Right now.

Right now, I'm communicating to the world. What motorvates me to do this? Because I just love so much that I want to share my existence. I want to know about your existence. You inspire me to create. I inspire myself to create. The act of living is inspirational. I like to share things I learn and I like to learn. I can only do that by making myself known to you. And likewise, you known to me.

I've got the music in me. Some interesting rhythm, I'll tell you. I do hear a song in everybody. It's been said that every person is a storybook. I say every person is a song, many songs, many melodies.

I want to share my songs with you. My melodies. Tonight I'm mixing...rough mixes. Preparing and grooming my music to be sent to a professional mix engineer, who is the finest mixer in the world out of NYC. He rides motorcycles, too.

Ziggy, my new guitar, and I are totally into one another. I've composed something with Patrick that is just so pretty, very Beatles sounding meets, me. I don't know what it will be yet. I love the chord changes. I've been studying the Eagles' music. There some dang gorgeous chord changes. I've realized that music which is truly pouring forth from the soul in its purest and truthful form will move other souls. It reaches the core in its truth. The type of melodies that the Eagles write, is like choregraphed physical movement, though it makes your spirit dance and moves you on a journey...that's where your mind is able to connect, because first your soul is swept away by the music, then your mind is able to fall into a place of awareness. Embracing and engaging your whole being with the sound that becomes a taste that becomes a scent that becomes something you sware you can touch -- while your mind paints pictures to see.

I've got the music in me. Like you do, too. The key right now is getting the music completed and into the world for all to enjoy and feel inspired.

I encourage you all to pursue your deep dreams that are in you, yearning to come forth.

With love and artistic passion,
your friend,

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KT Did said...

You are so lucky you can play! I tried and failed at all my attempts to play an instrument. If you got it... flaunt it as they say! The only thing I have is singing underneath my mask when I ride... even then that scares the cars next to me :) Good luck to you in the pursuit of musical happiness. There is nothing more content and complete than singing and listening to some great music! Rawk On Girl!