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A Day to Love.

Happy Valentine's! Day
Today, reflect upon the word love and what it means to YOU. To me, it means to connect and heal. To be compassionate and honest. To protect and to give. To receive and to be thankful. To encourage and to be innocent.
This means to take care of our Earth. To tenderly care for her as a precious child, to revere her as a guardian of our lives. All respect all her inhabitants, all of nature, all the creatures, the bugs, the birds, the humans. To be equal...in that equality to honor the soul of another, the soul of this precious universe in which we occupy breath and space.
Love is to be aware. To be aware that we are spirits from an entirely highly intelligent dimension. That are minds are merely tools to interact our bodies with the earth experience and that our minds must completely be fed positive, encouraging messages. That are bodies operate on the strength and power of all things good entering into it from healthy food and drink, to the messages we receive, the people with whom we associate, etc. Love is to be strong in our weaknesses. To be very gentle in our power.
Love is to gaze upon another and see past the pain and ego, reaching deeper to know their soul and communicating with the soul of another...the highest intellect because then everything else pulls higher and uplifts the entire Earth energy. Love is to gaze upon nature and see it vibrant with energy, pulsing with intellect. Thus the higher intellect which is love, that operates our very existence.
Be not passive with Love. Love is the life force deep. Be active in Love towards all things, all people, and to Mother Earth. Thankful to GOD, in the name of Jesus, or whomever your spiritual inspiration may be.

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